General Science 500+ Questions With Answers

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The word science comes from the Latin word Scientia which means knowledge. The science as a subject has come to mean the systematic, consistent and excellent study of the physical word including everything that can be seen, observed or detected in nature by the man and society and the knowledge that grows out of such study.

Q.1- What is the Working principle of Atom Bomb?

Ans – Nuclear Fission Reaction

Q.2- Which metal is Best Conductor of Electricity?

Ans – Silver

Q.3- Energy Possessed by an object Due To Motion is called?

Ans – Kinetic Energy

Q.4- What is the Chemical Name of Rat Poison?

Ans – Zinc Phosphide

Q.5- Optical Fibre In Communication works on?

Ans – Total Internal Reflection

Q.6- In Atomic Nucleus what is present inside?

Ans – Proton & Neutron

Q.7- Photovoltaic Cells are also called as?

Ans – Solar Cells

Q.8- Shape Of Eye Lens is Controlled by Muscles?

Ans – Cilliary Muscles

Q.9- The Gland which is called as Master Gland?

Ans – Pituitary Gland

Q.10- Which Instrument is used for Measuring High Temperature ?

Ans – Pyrometer

Q.11- Which substance is used for Delay the Setting Time Of Cement?

Ans – Gypsum

Q.12- Instrument is used to convert AC to DC?

Ans -Rectifier

Q.13- Why the Face Of Moon is always is Same Side As Earth?

Ans – Because the period of rotation of moon is nearly equal to the period of rotation of earth

Q.14- What is Humidity?

Ans – The amount of water vapour present in air

Q.15- Why the ECHO is not heared At Moon?

Ans – Due to Absence Of Atmosphere

Q.16- Plants gets water through the root by which Processor?

Ans – Capillarity Action

Q.17- Which Purpose Electric Transformer is used

Ans – Changing the Voltage

Q.18- Alchohol is used as Thermometric Liquid?

Ans – To Measure Very Low Temperature

Q.19- By which phenomenon during Sunrise and Sunset Sun appears Red in colour?

Ans – Due to Scattering Of Light

Q.20- Why the Soap Foam and Bubbles shows different Colours?

Ans – Interference Of Light

Q.21- Why Sleeping under the trees at Night is harmful but not During Day Time?

Ans – Trees release oxygen during day time and carbon dioxide at night

Q.22- Why the Blood do not Clot while flowing in the Bloody long Vessel?

Ans – Heparin

Q.23- Chemical which is used for Fruit Ripening?

Ans – Calcium Carbide

Q.24- Wick of an Oil Lamp Rises Up due to which process?

Ans – Capillary Action

Q.25- Splitting of Light into Seven different colours is called?

Ans – Dispersion Of Light

Q.26- What is Tincture Of Iodine?

Ans – Solution of iodine in alcohol

Q.27- Which Instrument is used to measure the Rate of Growth Of Plant?

Ans – Auxanometer

Q.28- Matter which supports the sound is called?

Ans – Medium

Q.29- What is the value of One Horse Power?

Ans – 746 watts

Q.30- Name the scientist who Discovered Atomic Nucleus?

Ans – Rutherford

Q.31- Compact Disc(CD) in audio player uses which study concer Radiation?

Ans – Laser Beam

Q.32- On which Principle working of Rocket works?

Ans – Conservation of Linear Momentum

Q.33- Minamata disease is caused by consumption of which Metal?

Ans – Mercury

Q.34- The name of sound which can not travel through?

Ans – Vacuum

Q.35- Temperature at which water has least volume and high dennsity?

Ans – 4℃

Q.36-Which Gas is used in the Refrigerator?

Ans – Freon

Q.37- Sparkling of Diamond is based on which Principle?

Ans – Total Internal Reflection

Q.38- What is the Working Principle of SONAR?

Ans – Echo

Q.39- Which gas was involved in Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

Ans – Methyl Isocyanate

Q.40- Which Metal is extracted from Sea Water?

Ans – Magnesium

Q.41- Sublimation is the process of conversation of a solid directly into?

Ans – Vapour

Q.42- Which Device Converts Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy?

Ans – Motor

Q.43- Energy On Sun is generated by which process?

Ans – Nuclear Fusion

Q.44- The liquid non-metal at room temperature are?

Ans – Bromine

Q.45- SI unit of Electrical potential difference is?

Ans – Volt

Q.46- Name the Instrument used to Convert DC to AC?

Ans – Inverter

Q.47- Name the Primary Colours in photography?

Ans – Red, Blue & Green

Q.48- Chemically Heavy water is called as?

Ans – Deuterium Oxide

Q.49- How the Pitch of the sound is measured?

Ans – By measured its Frequency

Q.50- The Scientist who Invented the Blood Group?

Ans – Landsteiner

Q.51- Name the Scientist who is regarded as Father of Atomic Energy In India?

Ans – Homi J Bhaba

Q.52- What is the Speed Of The Light?

Ans – 3 *108 m/s

Q.53- What is the Value Of One Dyne?

Ans – 10-5 N

Q.54- Which is the Fourth State Of Matter?

Ans – Plasma

Q.55- Cinnamon is obtained from part of a plant?

Ans – Bark

Q.56- Why Graphite is used in the Nuclear Reactors?

Ans – Moderator

Q.57- At which temperatures Value of Celsius and Fahrenheit are equal in thermometers?

Ans – -40 degree

Q.58- Which Gas Contributes largely to the Greenhouse Effect?

Ans – Carbon Dioxide (76%)

Q.59- Who is the father of hydrogen Bomb?

Ans – Edward Teller

Q.60- Image formed on the Retina of Human Eye

Ans – Real & Inverted

Q.61- Why the leaves of a Tree Or Plant are Green colour?

Ans – Due to Presence of Chlorophyll

Q.62- Where is Satish Dhawan Space Centre is situated?

Ans – Sriharikota

Q.63- Name the scientist who proves that sun is at the Centre Of Solar System?

Ans – Copernicus

Q.64- What is the main Constituent Of Natural Gas?

Ans – Methane

Q.65- Why the Grass Appears Green In Colour?

Ans – It Reflects Green Colour

Q.66- Why the Colour Of Cow Milk appears Yellow Colour?

Ans – Riboflavin (Beta Carotene)

Q.67- Number Of Protons in an atom is called its?

Ans – Atomic Number

Q.68- Name the Metal present in Haemoglobin?

Ans – Iron

Q.69- By which force Cream is Separetes from Milk?

Ans – Centrifugal Force

Q.70- Technique of producing a(3D) Image?

Ans – Holography

Q.71- Which vitamin is produced in the body by Ultraviolet Rays?

Ans – Vitamin D

Q.72- Which instrument is used to measure Atmospheric Humidity?

Ans – Hygrometer

Q.73- In Biology Catalyst is known as?

Ans – Enzyme

Q.74- Phenomenon Of Mirage is based on which Principal?

Ans – Total Internal Reflection

Q.75- Which Instrument is used to detect the direction and the magnitude of a current?

Ans – Galvanometer

Q.76- What is the unit of Luminous Intensity?

Ans – Candela

Q.77- Which type of reaction is Rusting of Iron?

Ans – Chemical Reaction (Oxidation)

Q.78- Twinkling of Stars is based upon which Principle?

Ans – Refraction

Q.79- Which Acid is used in the Body to Help Digestion?

Ans – Hydrochloric Acid

Q.80- Name the gas which is called as Laughing Gas?

Ans – Nitrous Oxide

Q.81- What is the Equation of Ohm’s law?

Ans – V = IR

Q.82- What is the value of 1 kWh?

Ans – 3.6 x 106 Joule

Q.83- Who is the father of Atom Bomb?

Ans – Robert Oppenheimer

Q.84- Who is The most abundant element in the universe?

Ans – Hydrogen

Q.85- Fire-Fighting clothes are made up of which material?

Ans – Asbestos

Q.86- What is the main source of Naphthalene?

Ans – Coaltar

Q.87- What is the The SI unit of Pressure?

Ans – Pascal

Q.88- Most abundant element on earth’s crust is?

Ans – Oxygen

Q.89- Name the metals which forms an Amalgam with other metals?

Ans – Mercury

Q.90- What is the chemical formula for Water?

Ans – H2O

Q.91- Name the Gas which is filled in the Electric Bulb?

Ans – Argon and Nitrogen

Q92- What is the common name of Washing Soda?

Ans – Sodium carbonate

Q.93-What is the unit of One Watt-Hour?

Ans – 3600 Joule

Q.94- Why the taste of Curd is sour?

Ans – Lactic acid

Q.95-Concentrated Sulphuric Acid stored in which vessel?

Ans – Glass vessel

Q.96- What is the the SI unit of Force?

Ans – Newton

Q.97- Green plants are ___________ in nature?

Ans – Autotrophs

Q.98- What is the function of Walls of Large Intestine?

Ans – Absorbs water

Q.99- Process of Turning milk into curd is?

Ans – chemical change

Q.100- Removal of Wool from sheep is called?

Ans – Shearing

Q.101-What is the SI Unit of Temperature?

Ans – Kelvin

Q.102- The scientist who invented Periodic Table?

Ans – Mendeleev

Q.103- What is the main constituent of Biogas?

Ans – Methane

Q.104- How does Outer Space appear for an astronaut?

Ans – Black

Q.105- Ohm is the unit of which quantity?

Ans – Resistance

Q.106- The e.m. for potential difference measured in volt is called?

Ans – Voltage

Q.107 – Name the principal which is used in Hydraulic Brakes in automobiles?

Ans – Pascal Law

Q.108- Which Radiation is used in Digital Sound Recording?

Ans – Laser

Q.109- On which date National Science Day is celebrated in India?

Ans – 28 Feburary

Q110- Nuclear Fission Reaction is start by impact of which Substance?

Ans – Neutron

Q.111- Where Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is situated?

Ans – Trombay (Mumbai)

Q.112- Cryogenic Engines are used in which technology?

Ans – Rocket technology

Q.113- On which principle does Rocket wor communication?

Ans – Total Internal reflection

Q.114- Name the Isotope of carbon formed in atmosphere due to Cosmic rays?

Ans – C14

Q.115- Halophytes are plants which grow in?

Ans – Salt water

Q.116- What is Heavy water which is used in nulear reaction?

Ans – Deuterium Oxide

Q.117- Name the Particles which are supposed to travel faster than Speed Of Light?

Ans – Tachyons

Q.118- The deficiency of mineral causes Anaemia?

Ans – Iron

Q.119- Which Mirror is used by dentist to examine the teeth of patients?

Ans – Concave mirror

Q.120- Name the Enzyme which converts glucose and fructose into alcohol?

Ans – Zymase

Q.121- German Silver is a mixture of which Element?

Ans – Copper, nickel and zinc

Q.122- Where is Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located?

Ans – Thiruvananthapuram

Q.123- The main element which is present LPG?

Ans – Butane

Q.124- What is the chemical name of Vitamin E?

Ans – Alpha tocopherol

Q.125- What is the chemical name of Marsh Gas?

Ans – Methane

Q.126- What is the solvent of Gold?

Ans – Aquaregia (also called as Royal Water)

Q.127- The setting of plaster of Paris can be catalyzed by adding which substance?

Ans – Sodium chloride

Q128- Headquarter of DRDO located?

Ans – New delhi

Q.129- Name the scientist who speculated that Our Universe is Expanding?

Ans – Edwin Hubble

Q.130- Name the metal which is used in Ancient Times?

Ans – Copper

Q.131- One Nautical Mile is eqca to how many meters?

Ans – 1852

Q.132- Nitric Acid is manufactured by which process?

Ans – Ostwald process

Q.133- Name the scientist who given The Law Of Floatation?

Ans – Archemedes

Q.134- Name the apparatus which is used to measure the intensity of Light?

Ans – Lux meter

Q.135- The working principal of Optical fibre?

Ans – Total Internal reflection

Q.136- The important metal used with iron to make it Rust free ?

Ans – Chromium

Q.137- The bromine compound which is used in photographic films are?

Ans – Silver Bromide.

Q.138- Name the scientist who invented Radar?

Ans – Robert Watson

Q.139- Hubble telescope found a new moon of which planet?

Ans – Neptune

Q.140- Core of transformer is made up of which material?

Ans – Soft iron

Q.141- Which Planet is called as Blue planet of Green planet?

Ans – Earth

Q.142- What is the full form of DNA?

Ans – Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Q.143- The light from the sun reaches the earth in how much time?

Ans – 8.20 minutes

Q.144- Endoscopy used for examining the internal organs of body is based on which principal?

Ans – Total Internal Reflection

Q.145- Fermi is a unit of which quantity?

Ans – Length

Q.146- Name The used to fill the tyres of aircraft?

Ans – Nitrogen

Q.147- Dynamo is a machine which is used to Convert?

Ans – Mechanical energy to electrical energy

Q.148- Which device is used for the measurement of Radioactivity?

Ans – G.M counter

Q.149- Name the only lustrous non-metal?

Ans – Iodine

Q.150- Blood present in the average human body?

Ans – 4.7 to 5.5 liters

Q.151- Why Mica is used in electrical appliances such as electric iron?

Ans – Because Mica is good conductor of heat but bad conductor of electricity

Q.152- Which type of Laser is used in Laser Printers?

Ans – Semiconductor laser

Q.153- The Orange Colour of carrot is due to present of which substance?

Ans – Carotene

Q.154- Why it is easier to swim in the sea than in river?

Ans – Because sea water is salty

Q.155- Name the Metal which is used with Iron to produce Stains Steel?

Ans – Chromium

Q.156- LPG is a mixture of which substance ?

Ans – Propane and Butane

Q.157- Name the process by which cooking oil is converted into Vegetable Ghee?

Ans – Hydrogenation

Q158- What are the three basic components of an Atom?

Ans – Protons neutron and Electrons

Q.159- Name the ore of Lead?

Ans – Galena

Q.160- Which metals are commonly used for Electroplating?

Ans – Chromium, Copper and Nickel

Q.161- Name the Lightest Metal in our Periodic Table?

Ans – Lithium

Q.162- What is the percent of nitrogen presence atmosphere?

Ans – 78%

Q.163- Columba Livia is the scientific name of?

Ans – Pigeon

Q.164- The shape of the outer Part of the Ear?

Ans – Funnel

Q.165- Part of body contain Maximum Iron?

Ans – Blood

Q.166- Why the Small insects such as the water can walk on water?

Ans – Surface tension

Q.167- Why Bleaching powder is used in drinking water?

Ans – Disinfectant

Q.168- Most abundant metal in earth’s crust?

Ans – Aluminium

Q.169- What is the approximate height of a Geostatiohary Satellite?

Ans – 35786 kms

Q.170- Name the scientist who awarded two Nobel Prizes?

Ans – Marie Curie

Q.171- According to Kepler, What is the the path of planets revolving around sun?

Ans – Elliptical

Q.172- Electric Motor converts Electric energy into which energy?

Ans – Mechanical energy

Q.173- What is the pH value of the Human Blood?

Ans – 7.4

Q.174- How much percent of Silver is present German Silver?

Ans – Zero

Q.175- Bio-Fertilizers convert Nitrogen into which element?

Ans – Ammonia

Q.176- Who is known as the father of Periodic Table?

Ans – Mendeleev

Q.177- X-Rays travel in ……?

Ans – Straight Line

Q.178- Which wave is used in SONAR?

Ans – Ultrasonic Wave

Q.179- Kidney Stones are composed of substance?

Ans – Calcium Oxalate

Q.180- What happens in an Oxidation Reaction?

Ans – Loss Of Electrons

Q.181- The Scientist who discovered Electron?

Ans – JJ Thomson

Q.182- Power Of Lens is measured in which unit?

Ans – Dioptere

Q.183- Which part of Rice is edible?

Ans – Endosperm

Q.184- Maximum Proportion of Inert Gas is present in air?

Ans – Argon

Q.185- Colloidal solution formed between two liquids is called?

Ans – Emulsion

Q.186- Which organ of body is affected by Pneumonia Disease?

Ans – Lungs

Q.187- Speed of the wind is measured by which Instrument?

Ans – Anemometer

Q.188- In Nuclear Reactors Graphite is used for which purpose?

Ans – Moderator

Q.189- Why the shape of water drop is Spherical in shape?

Ans – Surface Tension

Q.190- Which wave is commonly used in the Night Vision Devices?

Ans – Infra Red Waves

Q.191- Which materials is used to manufacture Electric Switches?

Ans – Bakelite

Q.192- Scientist who invented the Optical Fiber?

Ans – Narinder Kapany

Q.193- Which Instrument is used to measure the Depth Of Sea?

Ans – Fathometer

Q.194- Metal is used in Galvanization Process?

Ans – Zinc

Q.195- Name the scientist who Discovered Neutron?

Ans – Chadwick

Q.196- In which state Indian Astronomical Observatory is located?

Ans – Jammu & Kashmir

Q.197- The other name of Disease Tetanus?

Ans – Lock jaw

Q.198- Mach number is a unit to measure which Quantity?

Ans – Speed

Q.199- What is Other name of Glass?

Ans – Super Cooled Liquid

Q.200- The technique used to determine the age of fossils of animals and plants?

Ans – Carbon dating

Q.201- Why White Cloths are Cooler as compare to Black Cloths?

Ans – They reflects the whole light

Q.202-Voltage range for household purpose?

Ans – 220- 230 volt

Q.203- Dolphins and Whales breathe through which organ?

Ans – Blow Holes (nostril)

Q.204- Why does a Black Board Appears Black in Colour?

Ans – It absorbs all the colours

Q.205- What is the use of Venturimeter?

Ans – To measure rate of flow of fluids

Q.206- Which ray is used in CT Scan?

Ans – X-Ray

Q.207- Which element present in all acids?

Ans – Hydrogen

Q.208- Photocell converts Light Energy into energy?

Ans – Electrical Energy

Q.209- Name the Strongest Force in nature?

Ans – Nuclear Force

Q-210- Total internal reflection phenomenon occur when light passes from?

Ans – Denser to Rarer medium

Q.211- One Astronomical Unit is the average distance between?

Ans – Earth and Sun

Q.212- Chemical formula of heavy water is?

Ans – D2O

Q.213- What is the the working principle of a Washing Machine?

Ans – Centrifugation

Q.214- Which type of glass is used for making Lens

Ans – Flint Glass

Q.215- Name the fourth State Of Matter?

Ans – Plasma

Q.216- Twinkling of stars is based on principle?

Ans – Refraction

Q.217- Which device is used to measures strength of Electric Current?

Ans – Ammeter

Q.218- What is the voltage in Vehicle Battery?

Ans – 12 V

Q.219- The frequency of household electric current in India is?

Ans – 50 Hertz

Q.220- What is the Speed Of Light?

Ans – 300000 km

Q.221- Which Gas is released from Paddy Fields & Marshy Ass?

Ans – Methane

Q.222- The Sun is seen before the actual Sun Rise?

Ans – Refraction Of Light

Q.223- What is Effect on Hole of Ring Of Metal when Heated?

Ans – Expands

Q.224- Which Instrument is used to determine the Purity of Milk?

Ans – Lactometer

Q.225- If the reading of Barometer is fall Slowly then it is indication of..?

Ans – Rain

Q.226- Name the scientist given Laws Of Electrolysis?

Ans – Faraday

Q.227- Name a common name of sodium bicarbonate is?

Ans – Baking Soda

Q.228- Which metal is called king of metals?

Ans – Gold

Q.229- Ultra purification of a metal is done by?

Ans – Zone Melting

Q.230- What is the value of One bar?

Ans – 100000 Pascal

Q.231- Electric bulb was invented by?

Ans – Thomas Alva Edison

Q.232- Scientist introduced the Concept Of Inertia

Ans – Galileo

Q.233- Name the India’s first Nuclear Reactor?

Ans – Apsara

Q.234- Why Two Thin Shirts can keep us warmer than a single shirt in winters?

Ans – Layer of air act as an insulating medium

Q.235- Name the Experiment which proves light is Transverse in Nature?

Ans – Polarization

Q.236- Brass is made of which Element?

Ans – Copper & Zinc

Q.237- Radio activity was invented by?

Ans – Henry Becquerel

Q.238- What is the working Principle Of Rocket?

Ans – Conservation of momen

Q.239- What is the Study of Moon is called……?

Ans – Selenology

Q.240- How the fuse is connected in an electric circuit?

Ans – Series With Live

Q.241- Hydraulic brakes in automobile work on which principle?

Ans – Pascals principle

Q.242- Sodium is stored inn which liquid?

Ans – Kerosene.

Q.243- Transformer is an electrical device which is used to……?

Ans – Stepup & Stepdown the AC voltage.

Q.245- Fuse wire is made of an alloy of which element?

Ans – Tin and Lead.

Q.246- What is the frequency of direct current?

Ans – Zero.

Q.247- What is used as anti freezer to depressed the freezing point of water inn automobile?

Ans – Ethylene glycol.

Q.248- Spring balance works on which principle?

Ans – Hooke’s Law.

Q.249- Which phenomenon is responsible for the echo of sound wave?

Ans – Reflection.

Q.250- Why Water is used in a hot water bag ?

Ans – Because Water Has High Specific Heat.

Q.251- The most abundant inert gaseous element present in the atmosphere?

Ans – Argon

Q.252- What is the working principle of washing machine?

Ans – Centrifugation.

Q.253- Colour of earth wire in domestic circuit is?

Ans – Green

Q.254- What is the unit of Astronomical Distance?

Ans – Parsec.

Q.255- Cooling by a desert cooler is based on which principle?

Ans – Evaporative Cooling.

Q.256- For which purpose Diodes are generally used for?

Ans – Rectification.

Q.257- The redness in atmosphere at Sunrise and Sunset is due to which phenomenon?

Ans – Scattering Of Light.

Q.258- The Phenomenon of change in direction of light when it passes from one medium to another is called….?

Ans – Refraction Of Light.

Q.259- Which radio active isotope used for the treatment of cancer?

Ans – Cobalt 60.

Q.260- Why the choke in a fluorescent lamp is used?

Ans – Decrease The Current Flow.

Q.261- Which colour of light deviates least through the Prism?

Ans – Red.

Q.262- Major portion of The earth’s curst is mainly constituted by?

Ans – Oxygen and silicon .

Q.263- Tesla is a unit of which quantity?

Ans – Magnetic Induction or Magnetic Flux Density.

Q.264- Which reaction taking place in nuclear reactors?

Ans – Fission.

Q.265- What is used inn non – stick coating for cooking utensils?

Ans – Teflon.

Q.266- In a Filament type light bulb most of the electric power consumed appears as?

Ans – Infra-Red Rays.

Q.267- Atoms of the same element having same atomic number and different mass number are known as?

Ans – Isotopes

Q.268- Ohm’s law is valid for which type of material

Ans – Conductor.

Q.269- The longest period of the periodic table is?

Ans – Sixth period

Q.270- Why Steel is more Elastic than rubber?

Ans – Because it is deformed very easily.

Q.271- In radio-communication, the signals emitted by transmitting antenna are reflected by which layer of atmosphere?

Ans – Lonosphere.

Q.272- Why the Outside surface of cooking utensile are generally left black?

Ans – Because black surface is a good absorber of heat.

Q.273- Photon is the fundamental unit of which Quantity?

Ans – Light.

Q.274- Vegetables are cooked in lesser time by adding a pinch of salt while cooking because…..?

Ans – Boiling point of water increases.

Q.275- What is the unit of relative density?

Ans – It has no unit.

Q.276- One nanometer is equal to Meters?

Ans – 10^(-9)

Q.277- The group of solar cells joined together in a definite pattern is called…..?

Ans – Solar call panel.

Q.288- The reverse effect of X-Ray emission is

Ans – Photoelectric Effect.

Q.289- Quality of a musical note depends on……….?

Ans -Harmonics present.

Q.290- Why the copper wires are generally used for electrical power transmission instead of iron wire?

Ans – Copper is a better conductor of electricity than iron.

Q.291- On a cold day the metallic cap of a pen becomes much colder than its plastic body, though both are at the same temperature?

Ans – Because metals are good conductors of heat.

Q.292- Electromagnet is constructed by material?

Ans – Soft Iron.

Q.293- Which mirror used in motor vehicles near the driver’s seat?

Ans – Convex Mirror.

Q.294- The filament of an electric bulb is made of

Ans -Tungsten.

Q.295- Where the value of g is maximum?

Ans – At poles

Q.296- Every hot object emits which radiation?

Ans – Infrared rays

Q.297- Name the force which makes a vehicle to stop when break is applied is called…?

Ans – Frictional force

Q.298- Flemings Left hand Rule is associated with the effect of…….?

Ans – Magnetic Field on current

Q.299- At which point where total mass of body is concentrated is known as?

Ans – Centre of mass

Q.300- What is the total number of basic S.I. units?

Ans – Seven(7).

Q.301- The colour of the ocean appears to be blue?

Ans – Due to Scattering of light

Q.302- Where electrical charges reside in a charged conductor?

Ans – Outer Surface Of The Body.

Q.303- In the visible spectrum which colour has the shortest wavelength

Ans – Violet.

Q.304- What is the unit of specific resistance ?

Ans – Ohm metre.

Q.305- Workers of glass and ceramic industry faces which health hazards?

Ans – Silicosis

Q.306- How the galvanometer can be converted to a voltmeter?

Ans – By Connecting a high resistance in series.

Q.307- If ice floating on water in vessel melts, the water level in the vessel will be……?

Ans – Does not change

Q.308- If a bar magnet is cut length wise into 3 parts, what will the total number of poles be?

Ans – 6

Q.309- The metal known as Quick silver?

Ans – Mercury

Q.310- Nucleus of an atom consist of ……?

Ans – Neutrons and protons

Q.311- One barrel of oil approximately equal to how much litre?

Ans – 159 litres

Q.312- Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean?

Ans – Fathometer

Q.313- Name the strongest force in the nature?

Ans – Nuclear force

Q.314- In which medium sound travels faster?

Ans – Solid

Q.315- Which does a liquid drop tend to assume a spherical shape?

Ans – To minimize surface tension

Q.316- The direction of a magnetic field within a magnet is …..?

Ans – From South to north

Q.317- Phenomenon of total internal reflection can occur when light pass from?

Ans – Denser to Rarer medium

Q.318- Number of neutrons in hydrogen is?

Ans – Zero

Q.319- Nuclear size are expressed in which unit?

Ans – Ferm

Q.320- The element present as an anti knocking agent in petrol?

Ans – Lead

Q.321- Fall in reading of barometer is an indication

Ans – Storm

Q.322- What type of lens is used to correct vision of a person suffering from myopia?

Ans – Concave lens

Q.323- Which material is used in electric heater?

Ans – Nichrome

Q.324- What found inn coffee, coca cola, redbull & pepsi is?

Ans – Caffeine

Q.325- Why are metals are good conductor of heat and electricity?

Ans – They contain free electrons

Q.326- Nuclear fission reaction is started by impact

Ans – Neutrons

Q.327- On which principle transformer works?

Ans – Mutual Induction

Q.328- Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircrafts?

Ans – Altimeter

Q.329- Intensity of any wave is proportional to……….?

Ans – Square of amplitude

Q.330- The process of improving the quality of rubber by heating is with sulphur is called?

Ans – Vulcanzation

Q.331- The ratio of Hydrochloric acid nitric acid in Aquaregia?

Ans – 3:1

Q.332- Heat is transmitted from higher temperature to lower temperature through the actual motion of the molecules is called?

Ans – Convection

Q.333- Coke used in a tube light is basically…..?

Ans – An Inductor

Q.334- Boiling point of water depends on……..?

Ans – Atmospheric pressure

Q.335- When a ship enters the sea from a river what will be the effect on ship?

Ans – It rises a little

Q.336- What is indicated by the colour of a star?

Ans – Temperature

Q.337- Hertz is the unit for measuring the…….?

Ans – Frequency of waves

Q.338- Fuse wire made of which type of material?

Ans – Low resistance and low melting point

Q.339- A bomb explodes on the moon we hear its sound on earth after how much time?

Ans – We cannot hear the sound of explosion

Q.340- 0k is equivalent to?

Ans – -273C

Q.341- Why the sun Sun appears red in colour at sunrise and sunset?

Ans – Because all other colours scatter away except red

Q.342- Conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy occurs in….?

Ans – Battery

Q.343- Which type of phosphorus is most reactive?

Ans – White phosphorus

Q.344- When iron rusts, its weight?

Ans – Increases

Q.345- LPG is mostly liquefied?

Ans – Butane

Q.346- Which pheomenon established the transverse nature of light?

Ans – Polarisation

Q.347- Which method will be employed to test the hardness of water?

Ans – Formation of lather with soap

Q.348- If electric resistance is to be decreased, then the number of resistances should be connected in?

Ans – Parallel

Q.349- A galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by connecting with…?

Ans – High resistance on series

Q.350- The mercury and sodium street lamps light up because of?

Ans – Atomic emission

Q.351- Name the largest bone in human body?

Ans – Femur.

Q.352- Name the smallest bone in human body?

Ans – Stepdius

Q.353- An electrochemical cell which is used as a source of direct electrical current at constant voltage under standard conditions is called?

Ans – Battery

Q.354- Name the largest vain in body??

Ans – Interior venacava

Q.355- Why blood do not clot inside the blood vessel?

Ans – Presence of haparin.

Q.356- Name the smallest bone in human body?

Ans – Stapes

Q.357- In human body which organ has maximum power regeneration?

Ans – Liver

Q.358- Which component of blood is responsible for clotting

Ans – Platelets

Q.359- Name the smallest endocrine gland in human body?

Ans – Pituitary gland.

Q.360- What is the total numbers of bone in human body?

Ans – 206

Q.361- What us the number of chromosomes in human cell.

Ans – 46 (23pairs)

Q.362- Which is the largest part of brain?

Ans – Cerebrum.

Q.363- Averege length of small intestine

Ans – 7mt.

Q.364- What is the average length of large intestine

Ans – 1.5 mt.

Q.365- Which tests helps in dignosis of cancer?

Ans – Biopsy

Q.366- Color of eye depends upon pigment present

Ans – Iris

Q.367- Name the largest white blood corpusole?

Ans – Monocyte

Q.368- Our bones and teeth are made of which element?

Ans – Tricalcium phosphate

Q.369- Transport of oxygen in human body by?

Ans – Blood.

Q.370- What is the life span of rbc?

Ans – 120 days

Q.371- Failure of which gland results in diabetes in human body?

Ans – Pancreas.

Q.372- At very high altitude the RBC in human body will?

Ans – Increase in number.

Q.373- Blood is red in colour due to the presence

Ans – Hemoglobin

Q.374- In human universal donor has the blood group of?

Ans – 0

Q.375- Universal recipient has the blood group of

Ans – AB

Q.376- Bones are connected to which tissue

Ans – Ligaments

Q.377- Myopia and hypermetropia diseases connected with?

Ans – Eyes

Q.378- Which instrumental is used to measure blood pressure

Ans – Sphygmomanometer

Q.379- In human body where is Tibia bone found

Ans – Leg

Q.380- Which hormone is called emergency hormone in human body?

Ans – Adrenaline gland.

Q.381- Name the most commonly broken bone in human body?

Ans – Clavicle (collarbone)

Q.382- Image formed of which part of eye?

Ans – Retina

Q.383- In human body dialysis is used for which organ?

Ans – Kidney

Q.384- Main constituent of haemoglobin?

Ans – Iron

Q.385- In human eye the least distance of distinct vision?

Ans – 25 centimetre

Q.386- Isotope of Cobalt used in Detection of cancer?

Ans – Cobalt- 60

Q.387- ECG is used for diagnosis of elements of

Ans – Heart

Q.388- Which is the largest blood vessel in human body?

Ans – Aorta

Q.389- Which gland is associated with blood pressure?

Ans – Adrenal gland.

Q.390- Name the longest muscle in human body?

Ans – Sartorus muscle.

Q.391- Thalassaemia is hereditary Disease which affects?

Ans – Blood

Q.392- Name the largest joint in human body?

Ans – Knee

Q.393- Where is mandible bone is located?

Ans – Jaw

Q.394- In human body formation of red blood cells occur at?

Ans – Bone marrow

Q.395- Ozone layer is found in which layer?

Ans – Stratosphere

Q.396- How many basic tests can human sense?

Ans – 5 (sweet salty bitter Sour umami)

Q.397- What is what is the another name of human voice box?

Ans – Larynx

Q.398- Which gland is associated with diseases goiter?

Ans – Thyroid gland.

Q.399- DPT vaccine is helpful in prevent the disease

Ans – Diphtheria pertussis tetanus

Q.400- Which organ filters blood in human body?

Ans – Spleen

Q.401- What is called suicidal bags of cells?

Ans – Lysosomes

Q.402- Which part of cell is called powerhouse of cell?

Ans – Mitochondria..

Q.403- Which virus is related with AIDS

Ans – Retro virus

Q.404- Blood cancer is also called as?

Ans – Leukaemia

Q.405- Medulla oblongata a part of human?

Ans – Brain

Q.406- What is the average Heartbeat of human?

Ans – 72 per minute

Q.407- Pituitary gland situated in Human body?

Ans – The base of the brain.

Q.408- Heart made of which muscles?

Ans – Cardiac muscles

Q.409- What is the Unit of nervous system?

Ans – Neurone

Q.410- Which part of brain controls emotional reactions in our body?

Ans – Hypothalamus

Q.411- Which tissue in human where no cell occurs after birth is?

Ans – Nerves.

Q.412- ECG is the equipment used to detect the working of?

Ans – Heart

Q.413- Which blood corpuscles are popularly called soldiers of the body?

Ans – WBC

Q.414- The connective tissue that connects a muscle to the bone?

Ans – Tendon.

Q.415- Which is the largest gland in human body?

Ans – Liver

Q.416- Which organ of the human body secrets insulin?

Ans – Pancreas.

Q.417- Blood is which type of tissue

Ans – Connective tissue.

Q.418- Which organ of the body never rests?

Ans – Heart

Q.419- Name the male sex hormone?

Ans – Testosterone.

Q.420- What is the dental formula of adult human?

Ans – 2123/2123

Q.421- Red blood corpuscles are also called?

Ans – Erythrocyte.

Q.422- How many Chambers in human heart?

Ans – 4(2 Atria 2 ventricle).

Q.423- What is the important function of ears provide other than hearing?

Ans – Balance

Q.424- Animals and humans with spines are called?

Ans – Vertebrates.

Q.425- What is the word for a person born without skin and eye pigmentation?

Ans – Albino.

Q.426- How much blood is present in human body?

Ans – 4.4 to 5.5 litres

Q.427- Which part of human body affected from this is called glaucoma?

Ans – Eyes

Q.428- In human body which gland produce hormones?

Ans – Endocrine gland

Q.429- The blood pressure of a normal healthy man?

Ans – 120/80 mm hg

Q.430- Gland produces Tears in human body?

Ans – Lacrimal gland.

Q.431- In female phenomenon of releasing ovum from ovary is called?

Ans – Ovulation.

Q.432- Human heart beat rate is about?

Ans – 70-72 times/minute

Q.433- Which is the longest nerve in human body?

Ans – Sciatica

Q.434- Name the main organ of cardiovascular system?

Ans – Heart

Q.435- What is the other name of alimentary canal?

Ans – Digestive tract.

Q.436- If we lined up all the neurones in the brain end to end what is the stretch length?

Ans – 1000 kilometres.

Q.437- Name the scientist who discovered penicillin?

Ans – Alexander Fleming.

Q.438- In human body where is pharyrnx ocated?

Ans – Neck

Q.439- Which tube passes the food from pharyrnx to stomach?

Ans – Esophagus

Q.440- What is the helpful in preventing the blood of gums?

Ans – Ascorbic acid

Q.441- In human body which organ has minimum power of regeneration?

Ans – Neurones and Nerve cells

Q.442- Name the largest human cell?

Ans – Ovum

Q.443- What is called is as digestive bag of the cell?

Ans – Lysosome

Q.445- Name the largest lymphatic organ?

Ans – Spleen

Q.446- What is the composition of blood?

Ans – Plasma 60% and blood corpuscles 40%

Q.447- What is the purpose of valves in veins?

Ans – To prevent backflow of blood

Q.448- Name the bulkiest muscle in human body?

Ans – Gluteus maximus.

Q.449- Which cell produce antibodies in human body?

Ans – Lymphocytes.

Q.450- Which part of brain also known as little brain?

Ans – Cerebellum.

Q.451- The process of removal of urea from the blood by equipment when both kidneys failed to remove urea?

Ans – Dialysis

Q.452- Name the fifth state of matter?

Ans – Bose- Einstein condensation

Q.453- Which fuel is used in gas welding?

Ans – Acetylene

Q.454- What is the phenomenon of radioactivitý?,

Ans – Emission of Alpha ,Beta and Gama particles

Q.455- Which gas is used in cigarette lighter?

Ans – Butane

Q.456- Name given to German silver is because…?

Ans – It appearance is like silver

Q.457- Name the scientist who discovered electron

Ans – JJ Thomson

Q.458- The term brown air is used for?

Ans – Photochemical smog

Q.459- Atoms of elements having same atomic number but different mass number?

Ans – Isotopes

Q.460- Freon used as refrigerant is chemically known

Ans – Chlorofluoro hydrocarbon

Q.461- Who is known as father of modern chemistry?

Ans – Lavoisier

Q.462- What is the three state of matter?

Ans – Solid liquid & Gas

Q.463- In galvanization iron is coated with which metal?

Ans – Zinc

Q.464- Name given to German silver ss because __________?

Ans – It appearance is like silver

Q.465- Which fuel is used in gas welding?

Ans – Acetylene

Q.466- Who is known as father of modern chemistry?

Ans – Lavoisier

Q.467- What is the Purest form of Iron?

Ans – Wrought Iron

Q.468- Which element used as a bleaching agent?

Ans – Chlorine

Q.469- The chemical name of Chalk?

Ans – Calcium Carbonate.

Q.470- Which type of metal and their compounds are coloured?

Ans – Transitions metals

Q.471- Which chemical is used in nail polish remover?

Ans – Acetone

Q.472- What are the components responsible for acid rain?

Ans – Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides

Q.473- Which number is called as avagadro number?

Ans – 6.023 * 1023

Q.474- Name the chemical which is responsible for the stimulation of tear glands by the onion?

Ans – Sulpher (sulphide)

Q.475- Why sodium liquid is used for the heat transfer medium in nuclear reactor ?

Ans – Because sodium has high specific heat

Q.476- Effect temperature on conductivity metal?

Ans – It decreases

Q.477- What is the value of one electron ?

Ans – -1.6 * 10-19 coloumb

Q.478- The elements which are known as soft metals?

Ans – Potassium and Sodium

Q.479- Name the only non-metal which is good conductor of electricity?

Ans – Graphite

Q.480- The gas which causes the fading of the colour of Taj mahal?

Ans – Sulphur dioxide

Q.481- What is the formula of rust? .

Ans – Fe203.x H2O

Q.482- If elements shows both the property of metals and non metal it is called as ..?

Ans – Metalloids

Q.483- Compound which is used as a fixer in photographic film?

Ans – Sodium Thio Sulphate Or Thio

Q.484- What is the relation of velocity of light, frequency and wavelength?

Ans – C = frequency * wavelength

Q.485- which metal is used in mobile phone batteries

Ans – Lithium

Q.486- What is used in making pencils?

Ans – Graphite

Q.487- The Compound essential for bone?

Ans – Calcium phosphate.

Q.488- During fermentation of sugar, the compound which is always formed is?

Ans – Ethyl Alcohol

Q.489- Iodex, a pain relief balm, has the smell of?

Ans – Methyl salicylate

Q.490- LPG is also called as?

Ans – Domestic gas

Q.491- Element has maximum number of isotope?

Ans – Polonium

Q.492- What is used as anti freezer to depressed the freezing point of water in automobile?

Ans – Ethylene glycol

Q.493- Sodium is stored in which liquid?

Ans – Kerosene

Q.494- The common name of sodium bicarbonate

Ans – Baking soda

Q.495- Dry ice is the solid form of ___________ ?

Ans – Carbon dioxide

Q.496- If pH of solution is equal to 7 then it is ________?

Ans – Neutral

Q.497- If pH of solution is less than 7 then it is _______ ?

Ans – Acidic

Q.498- The hardest material in the body?

Ans – Enamel

Q.499- Who discovered the phenomenon of radioactivity ?

Ans – Henry Becquerezl

Q.500- The disease which affects the human immune system?

Ans – AIDS

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