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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses a candidate’s proficiency in the English language, and one crucial aspect of the test is the ability to express opinions clearly and effectively in writing. Utilizing appropriate vocabulary to convey opinions is paramount for achieving a higher band score.

In this article, we will explore key words and phrases that can enhance your ability to articulate your opinion persuasively in the IELTS writing section.

Stating Your Opinion

When expressing your opinion in writing, it’s important to use a variety of phrases to avoid repetition and to sound more natural and engaging. Here are some useful phrases to help you convey your viewpoint effectively:

1. Introducing Your Opinion:

  • In my opinion,
  • According to me,
  • In my view,
  • To me,
  • From my point of view,
  • I think,

2. Expressing Belief or Conviction:

  • It seems to me that,
  • I believe,
  • From my perspective,
  • To my way of thinking,

3. Indicating Assumption or Speculation:

  • It appears that,
  • I suppose,
  • I realize,
  • I understand,
  • I imagine,
  • I feel.

Effective Usage of Opinion Phrases

Understanding when and how to use these opinion phrases is crucial for effectively incorporating them into your IELTS writing:

1. Introduce Arguments:

Begin your essay or paragraph with an introduction to your opinion using phrases like “In my opinion” or “According to me.”

2. Supporting Points:

Use phrases such as “I believe” or “From my perspective” to support your main arguments or points in the essay.

3. Contrasting Opinions:

If you need to contrast your opinion with another, use phrases like “To my way of thinking” or “From my point of view” to clearly express the differences.

4. Adding Nuance:

Utilize expressions like “I suppose” or “I realize” to add nuance to your opinion and demonstrate a thoughtful consideration of the topic.

5. Concluding Statements:

Summarize your opinion using a phrase like “In conclusion, I firmly believe that” to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Dos and Don’ts for Using Opinion Phrases


  • Vary Your Language: Avoid repetitive use of one particular phrase. Utilize a mix of these opinion expressions to enhance your language diversity.
  • Choose Appropriately: Select the most fitting phrase based on the context and the level of formality required in the writing task.
  • Practice and Familiarize: Familiarize yourself with these phrases through regular practice to use them confidently and effectively during the IELTS test.


  • Overuse Expressions: Avoid excessive use of opinion phrases, as it can make your writing sound forced and monotonous.
  • Misuse of Phrases: Ensure you understand the meaning and usage of each phrase before using it in your writing. Misuse can convey unintended messages.


Effectively expressing your opinion in IELTS writing is an essential skill for achieving a higher band score. The usage of appropriate opinion phrases adds depth and clarity to your arguments, making your writing more persuasive and engaging. Practice incorporating these phrases into your essays and familiarize yourself with their nuances to maximize their impact in your IELTS writing endeavors.

Remember, clarity, variety, and precision in expression are key elements to master for success in the IELTS writing module.

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