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In this section, you will be able to learn and commit to memory, the English names for the furniture and geology related words which is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary and help you to understand what other people are talking about.

Furniture Words

Different types of furniture used in different rooms! Learn furniture names with their meanings to improve your vocabulary words about the house in English.

Whether you are out shopping for furniture or you simple want to talk about the furniture, knowing the correct English words for the different types of furniture will help you greatly when it comes to communication.

Furniture includes Armchair, Bed, Bench, Bookcase, Chair, Couch, Cradle, Cupboard, Dresser, Footstool, Furniture, Grandfather clock, Shelf, Sofa, Stool and Table.

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Armchair An armchair is a chair with arms.
2 Bed People sleep in beds.
3 Bench A few people can sit on a bench.
4 Bookcase Books are stored in bookcases.
5 Chair A chair is a piece of furniture that people sit on.
6 Couch A couch is a big, soft piece of furniture that many people can sit on.
7 Cradle A cradle is a small bed for a baby.
8 Cupboard Things are stored in cupboards.
9 Dresser A dresser is a piece of furniture in which you can store things.
10 Footstool A footstool is a small piece of furniture.
11 Furniture Tables, chairs, sofas, and beds are furniture.
12 Grandfather clock  A grandfather clock is a large, free-standing pendulum clock.
13 Shelf A shelf is a small platform on which things can be placed.
14 Sofa A sofa is a large, soft piece of furniture that many people can sit on.
15 Stool A stool is a seat with neither arms nor a back.
16 Table A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top and legs.

Geology Words

We have tried to give you a brief definition of all the geology related words used in this article. Geology is the scientific study of the structure of the Earth, the way in which it was formed, and how it has changed over time.

Hopefully the generated list of words for “geology” below suit your needs.

Atom, Crystal, Diamond, Emerald, Gem, Geyser, Geology, Glacier, Gold, Granite, Igneous, Impact crater, Iron, Lava, Limestone, Magnet, Marble, Metal, Metamorphic rock, Mineral, Pebble, Quartz, Rock, Ruby, Salt, Sand, Sedimentary rock, Silver, Soil, Solid, Stone, Streak, Tsunami, Volcano, Water, Well, Whirlwind, Wind and Windsock.

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Atom Everything is made up of tiny atoms.
2 Crystal Crystals are solids whose atoms form a very regular pattern.
3 Diamond A diamond is a very hard, shiny jewel.
4 Emerald An emerald is a hard, shiny, deep green jewel.
5 Gem Gems sparkle and shine.
6 Geyser A geyser is a natural hot spring that occasionally sprays water and steam above the ground.
7 Geology Geology is the study of the Earth’s structure, including rocks and minerals.
8 Glacier A glacier is a large, slowly-moving river of ice.
9 Gold Gold is a precious metal. Coins and jewelry are made from gold. The Sacajawea US dollar coin above looks like gold.
10 Granite Granite is a common type of igneous rock. Granite is formed in a slow cooling process.
11 Igneous rock when molten rock cools, igneous rock is formed.
12 Impact crater  Impact craters are the remains of collisions between an asteroid or meteorite and the Earth.
13 Iron Iron is a common metal that is used for many things, like train tracks, pots, and pipes.
14 Lava Lava is molten rock. It comes out of erupting volcanoes.
15 Limestone Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is made of the skeletons of tiny microorganisms.
16 Magnet A magnet attracts things made of iron.
17 Marble Marble is a beautiful metamorphic rock.
18 Metal A metal is an element that has a crystalline structure when it is solid form. Many metals are shiny and many conduct electricity. Some metals include iron, copper, silver, and gold.
19 Metamorphic rock  Metamorphic rocks are compacted by pressure and heat from deep inside the earth.
20 Mineral A mineral is a naturally occurring solid whose molecules form a regular pattern (usually forming crystals). Some common minerals include quartz, salt, diamond, and feldspar
21 Pebble A pebble is a small, smooth stone.
22 Quartz Quartz is a common crystalline mineral.
23 Rock A rock is a stone. The Earth’s crust is made of rock.
24 Ruby A ruby is a hard, shiny, red jewel.
25 Salt Salt is an important crystalline mineral that we use to season our food.
26 Sand Sand is a loose material composed of fine debris of rock and mineral particles.
27 Sedimentary rock  Sedimentary rock is rock that has formed from sediment and is where most fossils are found.
28 Silver Silver is a valuable metal; it is also the shiniest metal. Some coins and jewelry are made from silver.
29 Soil Plants grow in soil.
30 Solid A solid is a matter in which the molecules are very close together and cannot move around. Ice, quartz, and diamonds are solids.
31 Stone A stone is a rock.
32 Streak A streak is a long mark or stripe of color.
33 Tsunami A tsunami is a rare, giant series of waves caused by an underwater earthquake or other large-scale, underwater disturbance.
34 Volcano A volcano is a mountainous vent in the Earth’s crust. When a volcano erupts, it spews out lava, ashes, and hot gases from deep inside the Earth.
35 Water Water is a liquid that we drink and use to wash. Water covers over two thirds of the surface of the Earth, and much of our body is made of water.
36 Well A well is a deep hole in the ground from which you get water.

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