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The topics in IELTS Speaking Exam are always about something familiar to you, such as “What you do”, “How are you? etc.

You should not speak too quickly or too slowly. It is also important to have good intonation and stress. You will not get a high score if you are too hesitant and have too many pauses when you speak, although a few pauses to collect your thoughts are fine.

Try not to speak too quickly, either. Rapid speech often indicates a lack of cohesion in what you are saying and severely affects the rhythm and flow of your speech.

Below is the list of few IELTS Speaking Questions by Mark Allen in Education and Learning category:

Question – Do you work or are you a student?

Answer – Presently I am a student. I have been studying at Beijing University for three years. I will graduate in one year.

Question – What subject are you studying?

Answer – I am studying Accounting. Along with Accounting, I am also majoring in Business Finance.

Question – Why did you choose to study that?

Answer – My father has a business and I want to work with him. I plan to take over company finances.

Note: It’s practical and useful in getting a job because many companies are interested in hiring students with a background in international business.

I’ver always liked reading, especially novels, history, literature. That’s why I chose Humanities.

I didn’t choose my major, I just went with the flow. I was taking maths courses left and right and I found myself majoring in Applied Maths with a Computer Science option.

It was the easiest decision ever. I chose it because I have passion for it.

Question – Do you like your university?

Answer – It’s OK. I am not thrilled with it but I am getting the education that I wanted.

Note: I’m in university and it’s awesome! I’ve never had so much fun or learned so much about a topic, or most importantly, learned so much about myself. I’ve met so many great and diverse people and been in situations that I never thought I’d ever be in. I wouldn’t trade my years at university in for anything.

I went to Northeastern in Boston: not a good choice for me – big commuter school, not a big “campus” atmosphere. I transferred and ended up at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. It was great, mainly because of my program in the communications school and because there were things going on around campus.

It’s the best school we have in… This school’s history goes back many months, but everything is nice and kept in good condition in addition to some new things. Plus the teachers are cool and so is the current principal. Everything is cool there.

Question – Is there anything you don’t like about your studies?

Answer – Basically studying, just joking. Some of my studies I just have to take for the credits and that gets a little tedious sometimes.

Question – Which subject do you like the most?

Answer – I like Math. For some reason math comes easy to me. It could be because my father was a math teacher.

Note: Right now my favorite subject is Physics. I have an absolutely amazing Prof. and I love the class. I am learning so much!

Question – Which subject do you think will be most useful to you after you leave university?

Answer – I suppose my English class will be the most useful since I am planning on studying further in Australia. Probably 90% of what I’ve learned I will never use though.

Question – Do you often get together with your classmates after classes?

Answer – I get together with my classmates as much as I can after class. Getting together with them really helps to relieve the pressure for me.

Question – What was your favorite subject in high school?

Answer – Well, I think my favorite subject in high school was art. One reason was I sat next to the prettiest girl in the class.

Note: History was always enjoyable for me. Math was highly dependent on the teacher, but I typically enjoyed physics and chemistry. Really, It was teachers more than the subject that made a subjectg unpleasant.

I like science because I think it is very interesting to learn about new things that we hadn’t even thought of before.

Science (e.g. Biology). It tells about how life works and it’s useful, too. I like biology because that is the study of living organisms, which really fascinates me.

Question – Which school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?

Answer – Any subject having to do with communication would be the most useful when you graduate from school. Geography is also a subject that is nice to know, if you are going to travel. You would want to know what country you are in and which country is north and which is south.

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