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The topics in IELTS Speaking Exam are always about something familiar to you, such as “What you do”, “How are you? etc.

You should not speak too quickly or too slowly. It is also important to have good intonation and stress. You will not get a high score if you are too hesitant and have too many pauses when you speak, although a few pauses to collect your thoughts are fine.

Try not to speak too quickly, either. Rapid speech often indicates a lack of cohesion in what you are saying and severely affects the rhythm and flow of your speech.

Below is the list of few IELTS Speaking Questions by Mark Allen in Daily Routine and Leisure Time category:

Question – What part of your day do you like best?

Answer – My favorite part of the day is late afternoon, because the day’s work is coming to an end, I can go home, and I have the evening to look forward to, and the weather is generally pleasant and cool.

Note: Late night, when I can mess around here for a bit, play a computer game or two, then snuggle down and read a book or watch TV until I fall asleep. No worries, nothing to do, just relax and sleep. I love it.

I like the evening after I get off of work. I can then cook a good meal, work on my hobbies, and read as late as I want. I am not on a schedule then.

When I get up. No one else in the house is awake yet. That’s my quiet time when I can do what I want. For most people it would be in the evening when everyone else goes to bed, but for me I’m exhausted by then.

Question – What is the busiest part of the day for you?

Answer – From about 10 o’clock to noon. That is when I have to take care of my work and things are a bit hectic.

Question – When do you have free time?

Answer – I have free time during the evenings and on the weekends. I guess you could say that I have it pretty good, because a lot of people here in China don’t have so much free time.

Question – What’s your favorite way to relax?

Answer – I take a long hot shower and then I jump in bed with a good book and something to snack on. It is a little hard on my figure but then it just means that I have to do a few more exercises the next morning.

Note: I sit in a hot tub with bubble bath. Candles light the room and there is good music playing in the background. Perfect way to end the day.

I usually listen to music or just play around on the internet. I pretty much do anything that makes me forget about my school work.

Sometimes I like to drink alone and listen to music. They say you shouldn’t drink alone, but it s probably okay once in a while, and it is a very relaxing experience.

I love to go for a long walk… listen to jazz in my little radio, or some kind of nice music… and then go home, put on pyjamas, turn on the heat and have a little something that tastes really good and curl up and watch the Movie Channel, with all the old movies…

The best way I relax after work is to clean up my house! Even just tidying makes me feel so much more relaxed. I sort myself out by doing this and for me it works.

Question – Do you do things in your Leisure time with friends or family?

Answer – Mostly with my friends. I often go out to eat or go shopping with my friends, and sometimes we stay in and watch a movie or play games. Sometimes we just talk together.

Question – Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Answer – I love to read novels, go go-carting, hiking, watch movies and write. I have lots of different interests.

Note: I go to the gym a few days a week. It is a great way to let off stress. It also has a jacuzzi and a steam room so if I have extra time on the weekends, it is a great place to relax.

I like to knit and do other forms of needlework. I find it relaxing and creative.

I love taking my pictures and putting them into albums to catalog my family’s “stories”. It’s the way I express myself creativity, and it serves the purpose of capturing and enjoying our memories, and preserves them for future generations!

I have tons of hobbies, I knit, crochet, cross-stitch, latch-hook, draw, paint, write, play the violin, piano and video games, and the list keeps growing as I find other things to try. What I love about my hobbies is that they keep me sane, they’re great stress relievers too (It’s been proven, trust me), and it gives me a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of self-worth. We all need those little pick-me-ups at some point in our lives no matter how fortunate we are.

Question – How do you (usually) spend the weekend?

Answer – I sleep late, and watch movies, I go out with my friends, or I work on different projects I haven’t had time for during the week. Sometimes if I am really tired or stressed from the week I will just stay in bed all weekend.

Note: It depends what time of year it is, But most Saturdays I go grocery shopping in the morning and sometimes I go shopping after that for things I might need around the house. If not, then I work in the house and clean. On Sundays, it is wash day, I wash all the dirty clothes from the week.

I usually hang out with my sisters or just go shopping or study.

Saturday is mostly shopping and cleaning the house. Sunday I relax, play computer games and go to the movies.

Question – Which do you prefer, Saturday or Sunday?

Answer – Saturday, because I can go out in the evening and stay out late and I don’t have to worry about waking up early for work the next morning.

Question – Are weekends important to you?

Answer – Very, it’s some of the only time I can use for my hobbies or spend with my family. On the weekends I feel free to do exactly what I want.

Question – Should people be paid overtime for working at the weekend?

Answer – Definitely, working overtime is extra, and it takes away the relaxation time so many people need, so people should be compensated for it.

Question – Do you like shopping?

Answer – No, I actually don’t like shopping; I hate making decisions, and it irritates me to spend all that time looking for what I want. It irritates me even more if it’s too expensive on top of that!

Note: I hate shopping. I don’t see how women can find it enjoyable. I buy stuff I need from eBay, no people, no waiting in line to pay, no shop staff, no parking.

I absolutely love shopping! It’s like my drug. It makes me feel good. I love fashion so it’s cool to see what everyone is wearing, showing and buying.

Question – Are they many shops near where you live?

Answer – Yes, but only shops, which sell all kinds of curious things, no big shopping malls. I think there is going to be a shopping center opening up soon near Where I live and that should be nice.

Question – Who usually does the shopping in your home?

Answer – My mum does the shopping, and sometimes I go along too. Sometimes I have to go out and do the shopping and enjoy haggling with vendors. I look forward to it.

Question – Do you have a regular time to go shopping?

Answer – For some things, yes – for example, my mum goes food shopping twice a week, but I only go shopping for clothes when I feel like it.

Question – What things do you usually buy when you go shopping?

Answer – I buy way too much jewelry, and peculiar hats that I will never wear, and lots of scarves. It’s hard for me to make decisions on what to buy when it’s anything real big or costly.

Question – Do you prefer shopping in small shops or big supermarkets and department stores?

Answer – I prefer shopping in small shops because you can find more unusual things and they come cheaper, too. I like to get to know the owners and sometimes they will cater to me a bit.

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