Common Spoken Responses – Solve The Exercise

Spoken Responses

This exercise tests your knowledge of some common spoken responses. In each case, choose the most appropriate word in bold to complete the second sentence in each sentence pair. In one case, either word is possible.

1. “How are you?”
“I’m very fine / well, thanks.”

2. “How are you?”
“I’m a bit under the clouds / weather today.”

3. “How are you feeling?”
“To tell you the truth / honesty, I’m not feeling so good at the moment.”

4. (In a shop) “Can I help you?”
“No thanks. I’m just looking / watching.”

5. “My pet hamster died last night.”
“Oh dear, I am sorry / apologetic.”

6. “Aaachoooooo!”
Love / Bless you!”

7. “What are you going to get me for my birthday?”
“Aha! Wait and look / see.”

8. “I’m sorry I broke your pen.”
“Oh, don’t worry / fear about it. I was going to get a new one anyway.”

9. “I’ve just won £10,000 on the lottery.”
“No way! You’re pulling my arm / leg!”

10. “Have a nice weekend.”
“The same to / for you.”

11. “Hello, John.”
“Sue, hi. Come in. Make yourself at house / home.”

12. “Please don’t tell anyone what I’ve just told you.”
“Don’t worry. My teeth / lips are sealed.”

13. “I’ve just passed my driving test.”
“Oh, felicitations / congratulations.”

14. “Things aren’t going too well at work or at home.”
“Oh dear. Well, try to keep your nose / chin up. Things could be worse.”

15. “We need your decision as soon as possible.”
“All right. Let me sleep / dream on it. I’ll give you an answer in the morning.”

16. “Can I borrow your car tonight?”
“I’d rather / prefer you didn’t.”

17. “Can I borrow your car tonight?”
“No way! Not a possibility / chance!”

18. “Would you like to come to the cinema tonight?”
“I’d want / love to, thanks.”

19. “Would you like to come to the cinema tonight?”
“I can’t. I’m up to my eyeballs / nostrils in work.”

20. “I’m taking my Citizenship test tomorrow.”
“Good chance / luck. I’ll be keeping my legs / fingers crossed for you.”

21. “It’s my birthday today.”
“Oh, really? Many happy returns / repeats.”

22. “I think the weather’s going to be good this weekend.”
“Yes, touch metal / wood.”

23. “What was the name of that restaurant we went to last week?”
“It’s on the tip of my nose / tongue. I’ll remember it in a minute.”

24. “Mike, could you take a photograph of us?”
“OK, pass me your camera. Right, say cheese / chips everyone!”

25. “I’m afraid I haven’t got any coffee left. Is tea all right?”
“Sure. Any port / harbour in a storm.”

26. “Can I borrow your mobile to make a quick call.”
“Of course, by my friend / guest.”

27. “These cakes you’ve made look delicious, Anne. Can I have one?”
“Yes, serve / help yourself.”

28. “I failed my driving test again.”
“Oh bad / tough luck!”

29. “How did you know I had an interview last week?”
“A little insect / bird told me.”

30. “I’m off to bed. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight. Sweet sleep / dreams.”

31. (On the phone) “Is Alice there, please?”
“Yes, hold up / on, I’ll just get her for you.”

32. (On the phone) “Is Alice there, please?”
“I’m afraid she isn’t. Can I take a message / note?”

33. “Did you enjoy the party last night?”
“Yes, it was fun / funny.”

34. “Why did you accept the job? The pay is terrible.”
“Yes, but I need some money desperately, and beggars / scroungers can’t be choosers.”

35. “I don’t believe it! You’ve broken my favourite cup!”
“All right, keep your hair / head on! I’ll get you another one.”

36. “Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?”
“No, I just watched TV. I really must get a life / living.”

37. (In a restaurant, at the end of a meal) “That was delicious. Let me pay the bill.”
“No, let’s go Dutch / German and split it.”

38. “Goodbye.”
“Goodbye. Take care / caution.”

39. “I need some help cooking dinner. And the grass needs cutting. Oh, and the car needs a wash.”
“Hold on! I’ve only got one pair of hands / feet!”

40. “I’ve got some amazing news to tell you.”
“Really? Well, go on. I’m all ears / eyes.”

Correct Answers:

  1. well (we can say I’m fine, but not I’m very fine)
  2. weather (the speaker is not feeling very well)
  3. truth
  4. looking
  5. sorry
  6. Bless (the usual response when somebody sneezes)
  7. see
  8. worry
  9. leg (= you’re joking)
  10. to (we can also say you too)
  11. home
  12. lips
  13. congratulations
  14. chin
  15. sleep
  16. rather (= a polite way of saying no)
  17. chance (= a very informal / impolite way of saying no)
  18. love
  19. eyeballs
  20. luck / fingers
  21. returns (we can also say Happy birthday)
  22. wood (= an expression we use when we hope that something will or won’t happen)
  23. tongue
  24. cheese (we say say cheese when we are taking a photograph and we want someone to smile)
  25. port
  26. guest
  27. help
  28. bad or tough (we can also say tough luck)
  29. bird
  30. dreams
  31. on
  32. message
  33. fun
  34. beggars
  35. hair
  36. life (sometimes used as an imperative when we think that someone is very boring: “Get a life!”)
  37. Dutch
  38. care (we can also say look after yourself. If we want someone to write / phone / text / email us, we might also say keep in touch)
  39. hands
  40. ears
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