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The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers in a business or professional context. The test is widely used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of job candidates, employees, and students.

The TOEIC test consists of two parts: the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test. The TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is a paper-and-pencil test that consists of multiple-choice questions, while the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test is a computer-based test that consists of spoken and written responses to prompts.

The test is designed to measure a wide range of English language skills, including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking ability, and writing ability. Overall, the TOEIC is a widely recognized and respected English language proficiency test that is used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of non-native speakers.

Q&A Topic: Cliches

Cliches are phrases, expressions, or ideas that have become overused and have lost their original meaning or impact. They are often considered to be unoriginal or predictable because they have been used so frequently in language or literature.

Some examples of cliches include “time flies,” “easy as pie,” and “cool as a cucumber.” While they may be familiar and easily understood, they can also be seen as lacking in creativity or thoughtfulness.

Here are some questions that can help you to clear the TOEIC exam:

Q1 She’s got the kind of job that seems to keep her occupied all the time — 24-___________.

(a) 4
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 7

Answer: (d) 7

Q2 ___________, I couldn’t agree with you more.

(a) Totally
(b) Clearly
(c) Finally
(d) Absolutely

Answer: (d) Absolutely

Q3 I really think we should talk about the subject we wanted to in the first place and ___________ the issue.

(a) advice
(b) speak
(c) address
(d) talk

Answer: (c) address

Q4 It’s difficult to say exactly how many people are involved but I would say ___________ 50.

(a) around
(b) across
(c) through
(d) into

Answer: (a) around

Q5 It was one of those sights that you never forget it was___________.

(a) fine
(b) awesome
(c) interesting
(d) clear

Answer: (b) awesome

Q6 We don’t know precisely how much it will cost but I could give a ___________ figure of 6 million dollars.

(a) ball field
(b) ball place
(c) ball park
(d) ball game

Answer: (c) ball park

Q7 I agree with what you say, but ___________.

(a) wholly
(b) basically
(c) quickly
(d) simply

Answer: (b) basically

Q8 You fill in those forms on a weekly___________.

(a) stand
(b) base
(c) size
(d) basis

Answer: (d) basis

Q9 I hope you will be patient and ___________ with me a minute.

(a) stay
(b) hold
(c) bear
(d) maintain

Answer: (c) bear

Q10 It’s difficult to see how to get out of this situation because we’re between a rock and a ___________ place.

(a) difficult
(b) hard
(c) soft
(d) firm

Answer: (b) hard

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