Choose the Word Opposite in Meaning – Antonyms Exercise (215 MCQ with Answers)

Antonyms Eduhyme Opposite Meaning Exercise

Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of a given word. The study of antonyms will not only help you choose the most appropriate word as you write; it will also sharpen your overall sense of language.

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Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided?

1. Withdraw

a. reduce
b. need
c. advance
d. want

Correct Answer – c.
Explanation – to withdraw means to remove or retreat; to advance is the opposite of retreat

2. Secret

a. friendly
b. covert
c. hidden
d. overt

Correct Answer – d.
Explanation – secret means hidden or covert; overt means open to view

3. Heartfelt

a. loving
b. insincere
c. unhealthy
d. humorous

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – heartfelt means expressing genuine feeling, or sincere, so insincere is its opposite

4. Impartial

a. hostile
b. biased
c. dislike
d. worried

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – impartial means to be without prejudice or bias, therefore biased is the opposite

5. Luminous

a. clear
b. dim
c. brittle
d. clever

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – luminous means radiating or reflecting light, or glowing; dim means dark or dull

6. Awe

a. borrow
b. shallow
c. low
d. contempt

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – awe means a sense of deep respect or veneration; contempt means a lack of respect, or disdain

7. Pit

a. group
b. peak
c. select
d. marry

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a pit is a hole and a peak is the top of a hill or mountain

8. Rotund

a. round
b. unimportant
c. thin
d. dull

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – rotund means rounded or plump, therefore thin is the opposite

9. Talent

a. ungrateful
b. silent
c. show
d. inability

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – a talent is a special creative or artistic ability, therefore inability is the opposite

10. Common

a. strange
b. uneasy
c. quick
d. fast

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – common means ordinary or familiar; strange means unfamiliar

11. Brazen

a. bashful
b. boisterous
c. noisy
d. heated

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – brazen means to be defiant or insolent; bashful means to be shy or timid

12. Expect

a. attend
b. regret
c. despair
d. loathe

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to expect is to wait for or to look forward to; to despair is to lose all hope

13. Malodorous

a. acrid
b. pungent
c. fragrant
d. delicious

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – malodorous means to have a bad smell; fragrant means smelling sweet or delicate

14. Expound

a. besmirch
b. confuse
c. confine
d. condemn

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to expound means to explain; to confuse, or confound, is the opposite of expound

15. Pique

a. value
b. gully
c. smooth
d. soothe

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to pique means to excite or irritate; to soothe means to calm

16. Abate

a. free
b. augment
c. provoke
d. wane

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to abate means to reduce in degree or intensity; to augment means to increase

17. Dearth

a. lack
b. poverty
c. abundance
d. foreign

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – dearth means an inadequate supply or lack of something; abundance means an ample quantity, or wealth

18. Peaked

a. tired
b. arrogant
c. pointy
d. ruddy

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to be peaked is to appear pale or wan; to be ruddy is to have a healthy, red complexion

19. Abridge

a. shorten
b. extend
c. stress
d. easy

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to abridge means to shorten and to extend means to lengthen

20. Kindle

a. smother
b. detest
c. enemy
d. discourage

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to kindle means to start burning or ignite; to smother means to stifle or suppress

21. Meager

a. kind
b. generous
c. thoughtful
d. copious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – meager means lacking in quality or quantity; copious means present in large quantity, or abundant

22. Philistine

a. novice
b. intellectual
c. pious
d. debutante

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – philistine is used disparagingly to describe a person guided by material rather than intellectual values; an intellectual is a person who engages in creative use of his or her intellect

23. Zenith

a. worst
b. apex
c. nadir
d. past

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – zenith means the highest point or the apex; nadir means the lowest point

24. Germane

a. irrelevant
b. indifferent
c. impartial
d. improvident

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – germane means to be appropriate or relevant, therefore irrelevant is the opposite

25. Irascible

a. determined
b. placid
c. reasonable
d. pliant

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – irascible means easily angered; placid means calm or serene

26. Approbate

a. ingratitude
b. condemn
c. dissatisfaction
d. master

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to approbate means to approve or sanction; to condemn means to declare wrong or to convict

27. Supercilious

a. unimportant
b. relevant
c. serious
d. meek

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – supercilious means coolly or patronizingly haughty; meek means enduring injury with patience and without resentment

28. Improvident

a. cautious
b. fortunate
c. proven
d. intelligent

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – improvident means lacking prudent foresight, or careless; cautious means to be wary or to exercise forethought

29. Demur

a. embrace
b. crude
c. boisterous
d. falter

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to demur means to delay or hesitate; to embrace means to accept readily or gladly; demure means coy

30. Fatuous

a. crafty
b. frugal
c. sensible
d. inane

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – fatuous means inanely foolish; sensible is its nearest opposite

31. Quiescent

a. lackadaisical
b. active
c. dull
d. prescient

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – quiescent means marked by inactivity or repose, therefore active is the opposite

32. Sartorial

a. cheerful
b. sincere
c. inelegant
d. homespun

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – sartorial means of or relating to tailored clothes; homespun means homemade

33. Sapient

a. hunched
b. strong
c. simple
d. simian

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – sapient means possessing great wisdom, or sage; one meaning of simple is deficient in intelligence

34. Matutinal

a. paternal
b. crepuscular
c. maritime
d. marsupial

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – matutinal means of or relating to the morning; crepuscular means relating to or resembling twilight

35. Impecunious

a. wealthy
b. cautious
c. hungry
d. tardy

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – impecunious means having little or no money, therefore wealthy is the opposite

36. Detain is most opposite to

a. release
b. silence
c. forget
d. prosper

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to detain means to hold or keep back; to release means to let go

37. Famous is most opposite to

a. boring
b. poor
c. obscure
d. untalented

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – famous means widely known; obscure means little known

38. Colossal is most opposite to

a. easy
b. tiny
c. graceful
d. roof

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – colossal means incredibly large, therefore tiny is the opposite

39. Fluid is most opposite to

a. solid
b. liquid
c. afraid
d. decent

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a fluid is a substance that flows; a solid does not flow

40. continue is most opposite to

a. curve
b. argue
c. carry
d. pause

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to continue means to act without interruption; to pause means to stop temporarily

41. Labor is most opposite to

a. amuse
b. cat
c. rest
d. strive

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to labor means to work; to rest means to cease working

42. Brawny is most opposite to

a. swift
b. weak
c. strong
d. pale

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – brawny means muscled or strong, therefore weak is the opposite

43. Fickle is most opposite to

a. steady
b. kind
c. please
d. finagle

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – fickle means to lack steadiness, therefore steady is the opposite

44. Inept is most opposite to

a. clumsy
b. infer
c. competent
d. foolish

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – inept means to lack competence, therefore competent is the opposite

45. Pivotal is most opposite to

a. turning
b. wavy
c. unimportant
d. clear

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – pivotal means very important, or crucial, therefore unimportant is the opposite

46. Cursed is most opposite to

a. swore
b. pious
c. unfortunate
d. lucky

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – cursed means to be the subject of misfortune, or to be unlucky, therefore lucky is the opposite

47. Candid is most opposite to

a. unkind
b. blunt
c. valid
d. dishonest

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – candid means to be frank, or honest, therefore dishonest is the opposite

48. Flaunt is most opposite to

a. regard
b. sink
c. hide
d. propose

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to flaunt means to display showily, or to show off, therefore hide is the opposite

49. Heal is most opposite to

a. sew
b. foot
c. good
d. maim

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to heal means to restore to health; to maim means to injure

50. Pacify is most opposite to

a. excite
b. land
c. coddle
d. unhand

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to pacify means to soothe, or calm, therefore excite is the opposite

51. Sullen is most opposite to

a. dirty
b. cheerful
c. clean
d. risen

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – sullen means showing a disagreeable mood, or lacking cheer, therefore cheerful is the opposite

52. assure is most opposite to

a. alarm
b. reassure
c. quiet
d. unsure

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to assure means to make sure by removing doubt or worry; alarm means to give warning or to arouse fear

53. Fallacious is most opposite to

a. perfect
b. truthful
c. accidental
d. disarming

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – fallacious means tending to deceive; truthful means disposed to tell the truth

54. Gumption is most opposite to

a. seriousness
b. apathy
c. levity
d. despair

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – gumption means initiative, or drive; apathy means a lack of interest or concern

55. Ecstasy is most opposite to

a. hate
b. agony
c. languor
d. fatigue

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – ecstasy means a state of rapturous delight; agony means intense pain of mind or body

56. Astute is most opposite to

a. distraught
b. careful
c. generous
d. gullible

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – astute means shrewd or showing acute mental vision; gullible means easily duped or cheated

57. Winsome is most opposite to

a. dour
b. attractive
c. mysterious
d. clever

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – winsome means cheerful and engaging; dour means gloomy or sullen

58. Droll is most opposite to

a. forget
b. charm
c. sedate
d. absurd

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – droll means to have a humorous or odd quality; sedate means unruffled or serious

59. Enigmatic is most opposite to

a. healthy
b. watchful
c. disastrous
d. obvious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – enigmatic means mysterious or obscure, therefore obvious is the opposite

60. Obtuse is most opposite to

a. slim
b. acute
c. opaque
d. thick

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – obtuse means insensitive or stupid; acute means marked by keen perception or shrewd

61. Obsequious is most opposite to

a. clear
b. clever
c. domineering
d. dandified

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – obsequious means subservient or fawning; domineering means exercising overbearing control

62. Doleful is most opposite to

a. empty
b. rich
c. witty
d. vivacious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – doleful means full of grief or cheerless; vivacious means full of life and spirit

63. Wanton is most opposite to

a. merciful
b. repast
c. brilliant
d. vicious

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of wanton is malicious or merciless, therefore merciful is the opposite

64. Banal is most opposite to

a. sincere
b. wealthy
c. extraordinary
d. trustworthy

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – banal means trite or commonplace, therefore extraordinary is the opposite

65. Lugubrious is most opposite to

a. quick
b. cheerful
c. salubrious
d. dry

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – lugubrious means mournful, or dismal, therefore cheerful is the opposite

66. Perspicacious is most opposite to

a. calm
b. easy
c. dull
d. winsome

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – perspicacious means keen or astute, therefore dull is the opposite

67. Élan is most opposite to

a. inelegance
b. stupidity
c. obscure
d. despair

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – elan means vigorous spirit or enthusiasm; despair means an utter loss of hope

68. Recondite is most opposite to

a. manifest
b. flexible
c. provident
d. sociable

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – recondite means difficult for one of ordinary understanding to comprehend; manifest means easily understood or recognized

69. Gainsay is most opposite to

a. regret
b. own
c. prudent
d. prude

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to gainsay means to deny; one meaning of to own is to admit

70. Effluvium is most opposite to

a. land
b. essential
c. fragrance
d. solid

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – effluvium means an offensive smell; fragrance means a sweet or delicate odor

71. Parsimony is most opposite to

a. generosity
b. sinfulness
c. verbosity
d. tenderness

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – parsimony means thrift or stinginess, therefore generosity is the opposite

72. Truculent is most opposite to

a. faltering
b. gentle
c. facile
d. submissive

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – truculent means cruel or savage, therefore gentle is the opposite

73. Spurious is most opposite to

a. disingenuous
b. thoughtless
c. placid
d. genuine

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – spurious means lacking genuine qualities, or false, therefore genuine is the opposite

74. Welter is most opposite to

a. order
b. freeze
c. patron
d. sustain

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – welter means a state of wild disorder, or turmoil, therefore order is the opposite

75. Eclat is most opposite to

a. apathy
b. dullness
c. silence
d. disinterest

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – eclat means a dazzling effect, or brilliance, therefore dullness is the opposite

76. Gracious

a. cordial
b. rude
c. furious
d. tactile

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – gracious means to be pleasant in a social situation, or cordial; rude means to be unpleasant

77. Valor

a. cowardice
b. false
c. drop
d. heavy

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – valor means strength of mind or spirit, or courage; cowardice means lack of courage

78. Severe

a. lenient
b. cautious
c. join
d. one

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of severe is strict; lenient means mild or indulgent

79. Imaginative

a. playful
b. written
c. small
d. dull

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – imaginative means having imagination; dull means lacking imagination

80. Knowing

a. wasteful
b. dense
c. clumsy
d. fast

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – knowing means having information or knowledge; dense means dull or stupid

81. Animosity

a. love
b. plantlike
c. barren
d. tiny

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – animosity means resentment or hostility, therefore love is the opposite

82. Exact

a. join
b. sympathetic
c. incorrect
d. whole

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – exact means in complete accordance with fact, or correct, therefore incorrect is the opposite

83. Extravagant

a. unknown
b. homebody
c. punctual
d. moderate

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – extravagant means lacking in restraint and moderation, therefore moderate is the opposite

84. Stamina

a. weakness
b. clear
c. decisive
d. calmness

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – stamina means strength or endurance, therefore weakness is the opposite

85. Rough

a. tumble
b. sleek
c. fast
d. distant

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – rough means having an uneven, coarse surface; sleek means having a smooth, bright surface

86. Garner

a. unravel
b. mar
c. squander
d. tarnish

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to garner means to gather or to store; to squander means to cause to disperse or to scatter

87. Prodigal

a. thrifty
b. secondary
c. distant
d. squalid

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – prodigal means wasteful or extravagant; thrifty means thriving by industry and frugality

88. Tacit

a. grand
b. dictated
c. illicit
d. messy

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – tacit means unspoken, or implied; dictated means spoken

89. Repudiate

a. argue
b. soften
c. slander
d. admit

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to repudiate means to reject or deny, therefore to admit is the opposite

90. Pristine

a. free
b. sullied
c. wide
d. thorough

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – pristine means unspoiled or pure; sullied means spoiled or tarnished

91. Concede

a. sit
b. withstand
c. dismiss
d. elaborate

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to concede means to yield; to withstand means to successfully resist

92. Placate

a. appease
b. strip
c. tremendous
d. enrage

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to placate means to soothe or calm; to enrage means to anger

93. Popular

a. empty
b. uncommon
c. famous
d. feisty

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – popular means frequently encountered or accepted, or common, therefore uncommon is the opposite

94. Felicitous

a. morbid
b. boorish
c. inopportune
d. delightful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – felicitous means very well-suited or apt; inopportune means inconvenient or not well-suited

95. Austere

a. lavish
b. unfavorable
c. light
d. devout

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – austere means simple and unadorned; lavish means produced or expended in abundance

96. Insipid

a. cold
b. brave
c. exciting
d. bashful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – insipid means lacking in qualities that interest or excite, therefore exciting is the opposite

97. Wastrel

a. sober
b. spendthrift
c. mute
d. miser

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – a wastrel is someone who spends foolishly or self-indulgently; a miser is someone who hoards his or her wealth

98. Temperate

a. Celsius
b. inordinate
c. lukewarm
d. safely

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – temperate means moderate; inordinate means excessive or immoderate

99. Nebulous

a. cloudy
b. dim
c. distinct
d. desirable

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – nebulous means vague or indistinct, therefore distinct is the opposite

100. Adroit

a. clumsy
b. left
c. diplomatic
d. unpersuasive

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – adroit means skillful in the use of the hands, therefore clumsy is the opposite

101. Mite

a. weakness
b. tend
c. bulk
d. drive

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – mite means a very small or insignificant part; bulk means the main or greater part

102. Supernal

a. nocturnal
b. special
c. despicable
d. hellish

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – supernal means coming from on high, or heavenly; infernal is a synonym for hellish

103. Reprobate

a. sage
b. elevated
c. possess
d. dismiss

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – reprobate means morally debased or depraved; one meaning of elevated is to be on a moral or intellectual high plane

104. Specious

a. genuine
b. logical
c. common
d. deliberate

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – specious means having a false look of truth or genuineness, therefore genuine is the opposite

105. Effete

a. conquer
b. proper
c. prosperous
d. civilized

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – effete means weak or decadent; one meaning of proper is virtuous or respectable

106. Rabble

a. order
b. clear
c. open
d. union

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – a rabble is a disorderly or disorganized crowd of people; a union is a group of individuals joined in an organized manner

107. Protean

a. unformed
b. unchanging
c. elaborate
d. selective

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – protean means showing great diversity or variability, or versatile, therefore unchanging is the opposite

108. Vertiginous

a. horizontal
b. litigious
c. constant
d. lowly

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – vertiginous means inclined to frequent change, or inconstant, therefore constant is the opposite

109. Parvenu

a. wallflower
b. highway
c. melody
d. plan

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a parvenu is an upstart or a social climber; a wallflower is someone who refrains from socializing

110. Lapidarian

a. square
b. secular
c. pasture
d. inelegant

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – lapidarian means having elegance or precision and comes from the word lapidary, which means a cutter or engraver of precious stones, therefore inelegant is the opposite

111. Tragic

a. boring
b. mysterious
c. comic
d. incredulous

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – tragic means regrettably serious or sorrowful; comic means humorous

112. Able

a. willful
b. inept
c. careful
d. feasible

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – able means having skill or ability; inept means lacking skill

113. Tireless

a. exhausted
b. unfailing
c. broke
d. driving

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – tireless means filled with energy; exhausted means depleted of energy

114. Wean

a. flourish
b. flush
c. strengthen
d. addict

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to wean means to detach from a dependence; to addict means to make dependent

115. Haste

a. delay
b. frugal
c. debauchery
d. solemnity

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – haste means hurry; delay means postponement or procrastination

116. Malice

a. goodwill
b. bitterness
c. coddle
d. distress

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – malice means a desire to see another suffer; goodwill means desire to see another benefit

117. Permanent

a. loose
b. fierce
c. fleeting
d. unhappy

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – permanent means lasting; fleeting means passing quickly or temporary

118. Attain

a. crave
b. lose
c. harbor
d. credit

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to attain means to achieve or to gain, therefore to lose is the most dissimilar

119. Taint

a. cheer
b. worry
c. clear
d. purify

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to taint means to contaminate or corrupt; to purify means to make pure

120. Belittle

a. plain
b. detract
c. magnify
d. torment

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to belittle means to make seem little or less; to magnify means to enlarge

121. Tedious

a. unwavering
b. frightening
c. horrible
d. pleasurable

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – tedious means boring; pleasurable means enjoyable or delightful

122. License

a. restriction
b. allow
c. join
d. gather

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of a license is permission; restriction means limitation

123. Frivolous

a. pious
b. inexpensive
c. serious
d. contemptuous

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – frivolous means lacking seriousness, therefore serious is the most dissimilar

124. Plain

a. meadow
b. ugly
c. lovely
d. unadorned

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – plain means lacking in beauty; lovely means beautiful

125. Denounce

a. covet
b. condemn
c. blame
d. deplore

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of to denounce is to speak out against; to covet means to wish for enviously

126. Contrary

a. urbane
b. agreeable
c. unpleasant
d. despicable

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – contrary means unwilling to accept control or advice; agreeable means ready or willing to agree

127. Glower

a. prairie
b. smile
c. raise
d. throw

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – glower means a sullen brooding look, therefore smile is the most dissimilar

128. Exacting

a. upright
b. lenient
c. sober
d. general

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – exacting means severe; lenient means indulgent

129. Curtail

a. remain
b. detain
c. placate
d. prolong

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to curtail means to cut short; to prolong means to lengthen or extend

130. Eminent

a. imminent
b. obscure
c. retire
d. unsure

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – eminent means prominent, or famous; obscure means not prominent, or unknown

131. Abdicate

a. deny
b. usurp
c. blame
d. renounce

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to abdicate means to renounce power or high office; to usurp means seize power or high office

132. Indolent

a. industrious
b. complimentary
c. native
d. smooth

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – indolent means lazy; industrious means hardworking

133. Fortuitous

a. undefended
b. gratuitous
c. deliberate
d. impoverished

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – fortuitous means occurring by chance, or accidental; deliberate means resulting from careful consideration, or voluntary

134. Disparage

a. hesitate
b. settle
c. trouble
d. applaud

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to disparage means to speak slightingly about; to applaud means to express approval

135. Dubious

a. reliable
b. pleasing
c. rhythmic
d. careful

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – dubious means questionable or unreliable, therefore reliable is the most dissimilar

136. Interdict

a. continue
b. abstain
c. wallow
d. sanction

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to interdict means to forbid; to sanction means to approve

137. Mendacious

a. bashful
b. capacious
c. veracious
d. quiet

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – mendacious means dishonest; veracious means truthful or honest

138. Lassitude

a. release
b. demure
c. fatigue
d. vigor

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – lassitude means weariness; vigor means strength or force

139. Verdant

a. dishonest
b. suspicious
c. moldy
d. arid

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – one meaning of verdant is green, especially with plant life; arid means dry, or lacking enough rainfall for agriculture

140. Ductile

a. unfeeling
b. arrogant
c. precious
d. rigid

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – one meaning of ductile is easily led or influenced; one meaning of rigid is inflexible, set in opinion

141. Asperity

a. moistness
b. amenity
c. sour
d. generosity

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – asperity means roughness of surface or manner; amenity means pleasantness or smoothness of manner

142. Epicurean

a. ascetic
b. slovenly
c. imprecision
d. providential

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – epicurean means having sensitive and self-indulgent taste especially in food and wine; ascetic means practicing self-denial and austerity

143. Traduce

a. deduce
b. laud
c. presuppose
d. converge

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to traduce means to expose to shame or blame; to laud means to praise or extol

144. Bridle

a. heckle
b. dissuade
c. vent
d. persist

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to bridle means to restrain or keep under control; to vent means to relieve by means of an outlet

145. Spare

a. rotund
b. pacify
c. impolite
d. impose

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of spare is lean; rotund means round or fleshy

146. Proclivity

a. calm
b. antipathy
c. desire
d. dearth

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – proclivity means inclination or predisposition; antipathy means settled aversion or dislike

147. Vituperation

a. alacrity
b. alertness
c. reparation
d. acclaim

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – vituperation means bitter condemnation; acclaim means praise

148. Gambol

a. trudge
b. hedge
c. crone
d. misplace

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to gambol means to skip about in play; to trudge means to march steadily and laboriously

149. Quixotic

a. simple
b. staid
c. passe
d. unpredictable

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – quixotic means foolishly impractical and marked by extravagantly romantic ideals; staid means sedate and marked by prim self-restraint

150. Lachrymose

a. quick
b. loquacious
c. blithe
d. plentiful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – lachrymose means given to weeping, or morose; blithe means of a happy or lighthearted character, or merry

151. Prudent is most dissimilar to

a. simple
b. rapid
c. foolish
d. verbose

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – prudent means marked by wisdom or good judgment; foolish means marked by a lack of good sense or prudence

152. Forced is most dissimilar to

a. quick
b. solid
c. trusting
d. natural

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – forced means produced with effort; natural means uncultivated or spontaneous

153. Acquaint is most dissimilar to

a. alienate
b. luxurious
c. bleach
d. stall

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to acquaint means to get to know or to become friendly; to alienate means to cause unfriendliness or hostility

154. Expansive is most dissimilar to

a. generous
b. honest
c. narrow
d. troublesome

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – expansive means sizeable or extensive; narrow means restricted

155. Benign is most dissimilar to

a. malignant
b. converse
c. cautious
d. malicious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – one meaning of benign is of a gentle disposition; malicious means marked by mischievous impulse

156. Foster is most dissimilar to

a. discourage
b. believe
c. heal
d. brag

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to foster means to encourage; to discourage means to deprive of courage or confidence

157. Ample is most dissimilar to

a. complete
b. insufficient
c. quiet
d. supple

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – ample means more than adequate in size, scope, or capacity, or sufficient, therefore, insufficient is the most dissimilar

158. Deviant is most dissimilar to

a. winding
b. careful
c. normal
d. sad

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – deviant means departing from the established norm, or abnormal, therefore normal is the most dissimilar

159. Abolish is most dissimilar to

a. vote
b. punish
c. avoid
d. establish

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to abolish means to do away with entirely; to establish means to bring into existence

160. Forsake is most dissimilar to

a. craft
b. embrace
c. shun
d. infer

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to forsake means to renounce; one meaning of to embrace is to welcome or include

161. Tractable is most dissimilar to

a. invisible
b. stubborn
c. unadvisable
d. special

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – tractable means easily handled or managed; stubborn means difficult to handle or manage

162. Dexterous is most dissimilar to

a. clumsy
b. saline
c. cunning
d. precious

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – dexterous means skillful with the hands; clumsy means lacking dexterity, nimbleness, or grace

163. Aerate is most dissimilar to

a. argue
b. placate
c. suffocate
d. destroy

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to aerate means to supply with oxygen; to suffocate means to deprive of oxygen

164. Venerable is most dissimilar to

a. impervious
b. constant
c. sophomoric
d. infirm

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – venerable means impressive by reason of age; sophomoric means poorly informed and immature

165. Rancor is most dissimilar to

a. ritual
b. argument
c. collect
d. accord

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – rancor means bitter ill-will; one meaning of accord is balanced interrelationship, or harmony

166. Daunt is most dissimilar to

a. calm
b. believe
c. inspirit
d. dispel

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to daunt means to lessen the courage of; to inspirit means to give vigor or courage

167. Paucity is most dissimilar to

a. excess
b. certainty
c. timidity
d. beauty

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – paucity means smallness of number; excess means ample quantity

168. Heedless is most dissimilar to

a. heartless
b. attentive
c. speedy
d. unaware

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – heedless means inconsiderate or thoughtless; attentive means heedful or mindful of the comfort of others

169. Abound is most dissimilar to

a. rest
b. discourage
c. bless
d. dwindle

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to abound means to be present in great numbers; to dwindle means to become steadily less

170. Confederate is most dissimilar to

a. enemy
b. confuse
c. wander
d. cluster

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a confederate is an ally or accomplice; an enemy is an opponent

171. Resplendent is most dissimilar to

a. illuminated
b. disarming
c. dowdy
d. delightful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – resplendent means characterized by glowing splendor; dowdy means not neat or attractive in appearance, or shabby

172. Onerous is most dissimilar to

a. permissive
b. easy
c. unforgiving
d. public

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – onerous means burdensome or troublesome, therefore easy is the most dissimilar

173. Sagacity is most dissimilar to

a. incredulity
b. belligerence
c. stupidity
d. tolerance

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – sagacity means wisdom; stupidity means a lack of wisdom

174. Dilettante is most dissimilar to

a. puritan
b. professional
c. aesthete
d. conniver

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a dilettante is a person having a superficial interest in an art or branch or knowledge; a professional is a person who engages in a pursuit as a profession

175. Unalloyed is most dissimilar to

a. dismayed
b. impure
c. circumspect
d. disastrous

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – unalloyed means pure, therefore impure is the most dissimilar

176. Banner is most dissimilar to

a. forgettable
b. casual
c. unrestrained
d. unwitting

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – banner means distinguished from all others in excellence, or unforgettable, therefore forgettable is the most dissimilar

177. Discalced is most dissimilar to

a. calculated
b. measured
c. inclined
d. shod

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – discalced means barefoot; shod means wearing shoes

178. Scurrilous is most dissimilar to

a. honest
b. decent
c. peaceful
d. satisfactory

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – scurrilous means given to using foul language, or crass; decent means conforming to standards of propriet

179. Pulchritudinous is most dissimilar to

a. pacifist
b. rare
c. smooth
d. unsightly

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – pulchritudinous means marked by physical beauty; unsightly means not pleasing to the sight, or ugly

180. Dyspeptic is most dissimilar to

a. trusting
b. functional
c. euphoric
d. talented

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – dyspeptic means showing a sour disposition; euphoric means marked by feeling or well-being

181. Reliction is most dissimilar to

a. dedication
b. demolition
c. flood
d. problem

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – reliction means the gradual recession of water leaving the land dry; flood means the rising and overflow of a body of water onto dry land

182. Villenage is most dissimilar to

a. nobility
b. lineage
c. directness
d. dullness

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – villenage means the peasant or commoner class; nobility means the noble class, or gentry

183. Craven is most dissimilar to

a. stalwart
b. release
c. distinguished
d. comfortable

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – craven means cowardly; stalwart means marked by outstanding strength or vigor

184. Prolix is most dissimilar to

a. brief
b. exquisite
c. reasonable
d. distinct

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – prolix means unduly prolonged, therefore brief is the most dissimilar

185. Lambent is most dissimilar to

a. praise
b. present
c. dull
d. rough

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – lambent means softly bright or radiant; dull means lacking in brightness or shine

186. Subsequent

a. aloof
b. previous
c. following
d. dismissive

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – subsequent means following in time or order; previous means going before in time or order

187. Abrupt

a. continue
b. laudable
c. anticipated
d. careless

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – abrupt means occurring without warning, or sudden; anticipated means expected

188. Conserve

a. waste
b. silence
c. liberal
d. complicate

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to conserve means to keep safe or preserve, which is the opposite of to waste

189. Waive

a. retain
b. snub
c. imprison
d. display

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to waive means to give up voluntarily; to retain means to keep

190. Erode

a. compost
b. clarify
c. ignore
d. restore

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to erode means to wear away; to restore means to bring back to an original state

191. recall

a. rebate
b. demonstrate
c. forget
d. despise

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to recall means to remember, which is the opposite of to forget

192. Dormant

a. clever
b. active
c. dreamy
d. invisible

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – dormant means temporarily inactive, which is the opposite of active

193. Procrastinate

a. lengthen
b. soothe
c. hurry
d. demolish

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to procrastinate means to delay or put off, which is the opposite of to hurry

194. Docile

a. intelligent
b. unruly
c. unreachable
d. pale

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – docile means easily taught; unruly means not easily managed or disciplined

195. Impromptu

a. rehearsed
b. bizarre
c. foolish
d. disarming

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – impromptu means unplanned or unrehearsed; rehearsed means trained or practiced

196. Denigrate

a. blame
b. hide
c. query
d. uphold

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to denigrate means to deny the importance of something, or to belittle; to uphold means to support or to elevate

197. Bent

a. curved
b. disinclination
c. careful
d. lustrous

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a bent is a strong inclination or capacity; disinclination is a slight aversion

198. Solvent

a. soggy
b. confusing
c. broke
d. critical

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – one meaning of solvent is able to pay all debts; broke means penniless

199. Disconsolate

a. joyful
b. inhospitable
c. anguished
d. rude

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – disconsolate means cheerless or dejected, which is the opposite of joyful

200. Brusque

a. cold
b. opulent
c. gracious
d. suspect

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – brusque means blunt in manner or speech to the point of being ungracious; gracious means marked by charm and good taste

201. Callow

a. kind
b. urbane
c. sensitive
d. gentle

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – callow means unsophisticated; urbane means sophisticated

202. Countenance

a. force
b. genuine
c. deny
d. verify

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to countenance means to extend approval or sanction; to deny means to refuse to grant

203. Cachet

a. release
b. explanation
c. thinness
d. ignominy

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – cachet means prestige; ignominy means disgrace

204. evince

a. convince
b. hallow
c. hide
d. interpret

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to evince means to display clearly or reveal, which is the opposite of to hide

205. Vainglorious

a. horrible
b. fierce
c. greedy
d. modest

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – vainglorious means boastful, which is the opposite of modest

206. Iniquitous

a. virtuous
b. complacent
c. equal
d. virulent

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – iniquitous means wicked; virtuous means morally excellent

207. Obstreperous

a. short
b. tame
c. strict
d. distant

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – obstreperous means stubbornly resistant to control or unruly; tame means docile or submissive

208. Ebullient

a. aggressive
b. acrid
c. unjust
d. glum

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – ebullient means lively or enthusiastic; glum means dreary or gloomy

209. Halcyon

a. obtrusive
b. advanced
c. tempestuous
d. unscientific

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – halcyon means calm or peaceful; tempestuous means turbulent or stormy

210. Imprimatur

a. servant
b. teacher
c. disapproval
d. rustic

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – imprimatur means sanction or approval, therefore disapproval is the most dissimilar

211. Odium

a. fragrance
b. ease
c. admiration
d. trust

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – odium means hatred and condemnation; admiration means a feeling of delighted approval

212. Mephitic

a. honest
b. healthy
c. simple
d. rural

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – mephitic means relating to a foul, noxious exhalation from the earth; a mephitic environment would be unhealthy, so healthy is its opposite

213. Platitudinous

a. hilly
b. exhilarating
c. confounded
d. advantageous

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – platitudinous means full of or characterized by banal, trite remarks; exhilarating means refreshing or exciting

214. Facultative

a. compulsory
b. insipid
c. pending
d. decisive

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – facultative means optional; compulsory means mandatory, or not optional

215. Persiflage

a. coddle
b. admiration
c. silence
d. clarity

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – persiflage means frivolous talk; therefore silence is the most dissimilar

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