Choose the Word Closest in Meaning – Synonyms Exercise (225 MCQ with Answers)

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Synonyms are words that are similar to another word or have a related similar meaning. They can be lifesavers when you want to avoid repeating the same word over and over. Sometimes the word you have in mind might not be the most appropriate word, which is why finding the right synonym can come in handy.

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Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided?

1. Remote

A. automatic
b. distant
c. savage
d. mean

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – remote means faraway, or distant

2. Detest

a. argue
b. hate
c. discover
d. reveal

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to detest means to feel intense or violent dislike, or to hate

3. Gracious

a. pretty
b. clever
c. pleasant
d. present

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – gracious means to be pleasant or considerate in social interactions

4. Predict

a. foretell
b. decide
c. prevent
d. discover

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to predict means to declare in advance or to foretell

5. Kin

a. exult
b. twist
c. friend
d. relative

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – kin means people with common ancestors, or relatives

6. Pensive

a. oppressed
b. caged
c. thoughtful
d. happy

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – pensive means moodily or dreamily thoughtful

7. Banish

a. exile
b. hate
c. fade
d. clean

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to banish means to drive out from home or country, or to exile

8. Fraud

a. malcontent
b. argument
c. imposter
d. clown

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a fraud is someone who is not what he or she pretends to be, or an imposter

9. Saccharine

a. leave
b. sweet
c. arid
d. quit

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – saccharine means overly sweet

10. Drag

a. sleepy
b. crush
c. proud
d. pull

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to drag is to pull, or to cause movement in a direction with applied force

11. Jovial

a. incredulous
b. merry
c. revolting
d. dizzy

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – jovial means good humored or merry

12. Indifferent

a. neutral
b. unkind
c. precious
d. mean

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to be indifferent is to be marked by impartiality or to be neutral

13. Simulate

a. excite
b. imitate
c. trick
d. apelike

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to simulate is to assume the outward appearance of, or to imitate

14. Charisma

a. ghost
b. force
c. charm
d. courage

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – charisma is magnetic charm or appeal

15. Apportion

a. divide
b. decide
c. cut
d. squabble

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to apportion is to divide and share out

16. Generic

a. general
b. cheap
c. fresh
d. elderly

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – generic means having the characteristic of a whole group, or general

17. Qualm

a. distress
b. impunity
c. persevere
d. scruple

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – a qualm is a feeling of uneasiness about a moral issue, or a scruple

18. Wary

a. calm
b. curved
c. confused
d. cautious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – wary means to be attentive especially to danger, or to be cautious

19. Distort

a. wrong
b. evil
c. deform
d. harm

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to distort means to twist out of a normal state, or to deform

20. Sumptuous

a. delirious
b. gorgeous
c. perilous
d. luxurious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – sumptuous means excessively costly, rich, or luxurious

21. Reel

a. whirl
b. fish
c. hit
d. mistake

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of reel is to move round and round, or to whirl

22. Inscrutable

a. difficult
b. mysterious
c. inflexible
d. wary

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – inscrutable means not easily interpreted or understood, or mysterious

23. Appall

a. delirious
b. covered
c. dismay
d. confuse

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to appall is to overcome with shock, or to dismay

24. Upright

a. honorable
b. horizontal
c. humble
d. supine

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – upright can mean either honorable or vertical; horizontal and supine are both antonyms of upright

25. Reverie

a. palimpsest
b. phantom
c. daydream
d. curio

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a reverie means the state of being lost in thought, or a daydream

26. Loot

a. destruction
b. waste
c. spoils
d. cavort

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – loot means goods seized in war, or spoils

27. Loquacious

a. talkative
b. thirsty
c. beautiful
d. complicated

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – loquacious means excessively talkative, or garrulous

28. Chimera

a. chimney
b. protest
c. illusion
d. panache

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a chimera is a fabrication of the mind, or an illusion

29. Temerity

a. audacity
b. fearfulness
c. shyness
d. stupidity

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – temerity means unreasonable contempt for danger or recklessness, or audacity

30. Educe

a. demand
b. elicit
c. ideal
d. unlawful

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to educe means to develop something potential or latent; to elicit means to draw out something hidden or latent

31. Nabob

a. bigwig
b. doubter
c. frolic
d. converse

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a nabob is a person of great wealth or importance, or a bigwig

32. Pall

a. light
b. satiate
c. carry
d. horror

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to pall can mean to deprive of pleasure in something by satiating

33. Sacrosanct

a. prayer
b. sanctuary
c. pious
d. sacred

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – sacrosanct means the most sacred, or holy

34. Louche

a. gauche
b. fine
c. brilliant
d. indecent

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – louche means not reputable, or indecent

35. Stentorian

a. violent
b. misbegotten
c. loud
d. stealthy

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – stentorian means loud and is usually used to imply a voice of great power and range

36. Modest most nearly means

a. attractive
b. clever
c. current
d. humble

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – modest means to be free of conceit or pretension, or humble

37. Custom most nearly means

a. dessert
b. habit
c. ethic
d. deliver

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a custom means a long-established practice, or a habit

38. Prolong most nearly means

a. extend
b. inquire
c. relax
d. wait

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to prolong means to lengthen in time, or to extend

39. Hustle most nearly means

a. dance
b. hurry
c. busy
d. clean

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to hustle means to hurry

40. Solemn most nearly means

a. amusing
b. harmful
c. speech
d. serious

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – solemn means marked by grave sobriety, or serious

41. Imply most nearly means

a. suggest
b. stab
c. thick
d. destroy

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to imply means to express indirectly, or to suggest

42. Ramble most nearly means

a. knot
b. confuse
c. wander
d. wonder

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to ramble means to move aimlessly from place to place, or to wander

43. Beneficial most nearly means

a. help
b. advantageous
c. charity
d. wise

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – beneficial means causing benefit, or advantageous

44. Flare most nearly means

a. judicial
b. temper
c. style
d. blaze

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – flare means a fire or blaze used to signal; flair means talent or style

45. Negligent most nearly means

a. pajamas
b. morbid
c. careless
d. dark

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – negligent means marked by neglect, or careless

46. Aloof most nearly means

a. above
b. tidy
c. clever
d. reserved

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – aloof means distant in feeling, or reserved

47. Resolve most nearly means

a. turn
b. puzzle
c. decide
d. want

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – one meaning of resolve is to decide, often to stop from doing something

48. Congregate most nearly means

a. worship
b. gather
c. disturb
d. hurry

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to congregate means to gather in a group

49. Utter most nearly means

a. express
b. defer
c. borrow
d. laugh

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to utter means to express in words

50. Fearless most nearly means

a. powerful
b. cowardly
c. brave
d. careful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – fearless means lacking fear, or brave

51. Negligible most nearly means

a. insignificant
b. arguable
c. careless
d. dark

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – negligible means so small or insignificant as to deserve little attention

52. Placid most nearly means

a. calm
b. lazy
c. solemn
d. devious

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – placid means free of disturbance, or calm

53. Rake most nearly means

a. thin
b. scoundrel
c. gentleman
d. shovel

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a rake is a dissolute person, or a scoundrel

54. Dupe most nearly means

a. rancher
b. trick
c. simpleton
d. drug

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to dupe means to deceive or to trick

55. Stigma most nearly means

a. stain
b. trial
c. difficulty
d. holiness

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – stigma means a mark of shame or discredit, or a stain

56. Reside most nearly means

a. remain
b. home
c. dwell
d. sediment

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to reside means to occupy a place as one’s home, or to dwell

57. Covetous most nearly means

a. quiet
b. sneaky
c. lurking
d. greedy

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – covetous means having an inordinate desire for wealth, or greedy

58. Abide most nearly means

a. endure
b. hate
c. attendance
d. live

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to abide means to endure without yielding, or to withstand

59. Shrewd most nearly means

a. intractable
b. mean
c. astute
d. intelligent

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – shrewd means marked by clever awareness, or astute

60. Fetter most nearly means

a. rancid
b. praise
c. hamper
d. persist

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to fetter means to hamper, or to restrain

61. Flagrant most nearly means

a. vibrant
b. glaring
c. vicious
d. pleasant

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – flagrant means obviously wrong or immoral; glaring means painfully obvious

62. Mitigate most nearly means

a. relieve
b. blend
c. defend
d. confuse

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – mitigate means to make less severe or painful, or to relieve

63. Rail most nearly means

a. scold
b. push
c. try
d. punish

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to rail means to scold in harsh, abusive language

64. Meld most nearly means

a. character
b. distinction
c. blend
d. firmness

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to meld means to merge or to blend

65. Rally most nearly means

a. demonstrate
b. muster
c. course
d. truly

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to rally means to arouse for action, or to muster

66. Abject most nearly means

a. indigent
b. desire
c. despondent
d. extreme

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – abject means cast down in spirit, or utterly hopeless; despondent means having lost all hope

67. Bespoke most nearly means

a. gentle
b. quiet
c. tailored
d. handsome

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – bespoke means custom-made; tailored also means custom made

68. Diffident most nearly means

a. apathetic
b. shy
c. arrogant
d. quarrelsome

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – diffident means shy or lacking in confidence

69. Proffer most nearly means

a. mendicant
b. wastrel
c. predict
d. tender

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to proffer means to put something forward for acceptance, or to tender

70. Mordant most nearly means

a. dead
b. gruesome
c. fetid
d. caustic

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – mordant means biting or caustic in means or speech

71. Churlish most nearly means

a. childish
b. boorish
c. tempestuous
d. disorderly

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – churlish means resembling an ill-bred or vulgar person, or boorish

72. Antediluvian most nearly means

a. antiquated
b. parched
c. nonsectarian
d. nonsensical

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – antediluvian means so ancient that it could have come before the time of the flood and Noah’s ark, or antiquated

73. Picayune most nearly means

a. petty
b. spicy
c. paltry
d. southern

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – picayune means trivial or of little value; paltry means trivial or meager

74. Smite most nearly means

a. flee
b. speck
c. dirt
d. strike

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – smite means to strike heavily especially with the hand

75. Winnow most nearly means

a. carve
b. wind
c. weed
d. carry

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to winnow means to sift or get rid of, like weed, it is often used with “out’’

76. Deplete

a. decorate
b. beg
c. exhaust
d. hurry

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – deplete means to reduce or deprive or something essential; exhaust means to empty completely

77. Voluntary

a. willing
b. charity
c. prisoner
d. careless

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – voluntary means done by one’s own will, or willing

78. Refute

a. garbage
b. deny
c. offer
d. difficult

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to refute means to prove wrong, or to deny the truth of

79. Cheat

a. stingy
b. argue
c. freckle
d. defraud

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to cheat means to influence by means of trickery, or to defraud

80. Miserable

a. cruel
b. wrong
c. unhappy
d. miss

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – miserable means in a state of distress or unhappiness

81. Vintage

a. classic
b. alcoholic
c. disease
d. spoiled

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – vintage means of old and enduring interest, or classic

82. Tart

a. law
b. acid
c. angry
d. desirable

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – tart means pleasantly sharp or acid to the taste

83. Corner

a. display
b. trap
c. paint
d. hurry

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to corner means to drive into a corner, or to trap

84. Zest

a. gusto
b. cram
c. worry
d. trial

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of zest is keen enjoyment, or gusto

85. haggle

a. tired
b. climb
c. decrease
d. bargain

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to haggle means to negotiate over terms or price, or to bargain

86. impel

a. force
b. block
c. hinder
d. discredit

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to impel means to drive forward using strong moral pressure, or to force

87. throng

a. garment
b. bell
c. mass
d. weight

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a throng is a large number of assembled people, or a mass

88. imperial

a. bratty
b. oppressive
c. regal
d. beautiful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – imperial means befitting or suggesting an emperor; regal means befitting or suggesting a king

89. diffuse

a. difficult
b. scatter
c. incomprehensible
d. unplug

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to diffuse means to break up or spread out, or to scatter

90. hinder

a. lose
b. loose
c. despair
d. check

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to hinder means to hold back; one meaning of to check means to slow or bring to a stop

91. latent

a. dormant
b. recent
c. effeminate
d. desirable

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – latent means capable of becoming but not currently visible, or dormant

92. wretched

a. twisted
b. forced
c. miserable
d. increased

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – wretched means extremely distressed, or miserable

93. irksome

a. outrageous
b. fearsome
c. impoverished
d. annoying

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – irksome means tedious or annoying

94. regulate

a. even
b. police
c. flow
d. position

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to regulate means to bring under the control of law; to police means to control or keep order

95. Warrant

a. justify
b. burrow
c. hide
d. integrity

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to protract means to prolong in time or space, or to delay

96. Protract

a. hire
b. fold
c. delay
d. corner

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to protract means to prolong in time or space, or to delay

97. Lax

a. ensure
b. slack
c. servant
d. strive

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – lax means in a relaxed state, or slack

98. Rigor

a. austerity
b. rope
c. fix
d. excess

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – rigor means severity of life, or austerity

99. discrete

a. leave
b. diminish
c. squander
d. distinct

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – discrete means individually distinct

100. Lissome

a. slow
b. honest
c. supple
d. dull

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – lissome means supple or flexible

101. Misprize

a. despise
b. devalue
c. erroneous
d. covet

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to misprize means to hold in contempt, or to despise

102. Impugn

a. imply
b. fret
c. assail
d. recalcitrant

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to impugn means to attack verbally as false or lacking integrity; to assail means to attack

103. Supervene

a. intervene
b. overreach
c. displace
d. follow

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to supervene means to follow as an unexpected development

104. Exigent

a. urgent
b. treatise
c. miser
d. expedient

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – exigent means demanding immediate attention, or urgent

105. Fervid

a. delightful
b. difficult
c. obstinate
d. ardent

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – fervid means ardent or passionate

106. Ersatz

a. chaotic
b. artificial
c. impromptu
d. vague

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – ersatz means a usually artificial or inferior substitute

107. Redolent

a. ubiquitous
b. odorous
c. shy
d. bellicose

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – redolent means aromatic or full of a specific scent, or odorous

108. Turpitude

a. lethargy
b. honor
c. belligerence
d. depravity

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – turpitude means wickedness, or depravity

109. Propinquity

a. habit
b. nearness
c. capacity
d. tendency

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – propinquity means nearness in place or time

110. Vociferous

a. numerous
b. bountiful
c. strident
d. garrulous

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – vociferous means loud and insistent, often in presentation of demands or requests; strident also means loud and insistent

111. Wrath

a. knot
b. anger
c. crime
d. smoke

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – wrath means strong, vengeful anger

112. Plethora

a. trouble
b. foolish
c. wealth
d. love

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – abundance means an ample quantity, or wealth

113. Calamity

a. potion
b. silence
c. shellfish
d. disaster

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – a calamity is an extraordinarily grave event, or disaster

114. Pompous

a. arrogant
b. supportive
c. busy
d. gaudy

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – pompous means self-important, or arrogant

115. Prevalent

a. wind
b. servile
c. widespread
d. rare

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – prevalent means generally accepted, or widespread

116. Wince

a. flinch
b. cheer
c. crush
d. solitary

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to wince means to shrink back involuntarily, or to flinch

117. Superficial

a. gorgeous
b. shallow
c. intelligent
d. rich

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – superficial means to be concerned only with the surface or appearance, or shallow

118. Tangle

a. snarl
b. growl
c. dance
d. shiver

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a tangle is a twisted, knotted mass, or a snarl

119. Reform

a. punish
b. destroy
c. display
d. correct

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to reform means to change for the better, or to correct

120. Methodical

a. rhythmic
b. poetic
c. systematic
d. disrespectful

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – methodical means proceeding according to an order or system, or systematic

121. Spite

a. joy
b. beverage
c. wonder
d. malice

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – spite means petty ill will or hatred, or malice

122. Scale

a. climb
b. sail
c. swim
d. skate

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – one meaning of scale is to climb

123. Smudge

a. gloat
b. residue
c. blur
d. celebrate

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a smudge is a blurry spot or streak

124. Drizzle

a. curly
b. sprinkle
c. sear
d. drench

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – one meaning of to drizzle is to rain in very small drops, or to sprinkle

125. Mundane

a. dirty
b. commonplace
c. confused
d. extraordinary

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – mundane means ordinary, or commonplace

126. Pretension

a. stress
b. ambition
c. waste
d. strife

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – pretension means an effort to establish, or ambition

127. Affect

a. outcome
b. share
c. pompous
d. cultivate

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to affect means to make a display of using or liking something, or to cultivate

128. Herald

a. insignia
b. postpone
c. hail
d. regal

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to herald means to greet with enthusiasm, or to hail

129. Faculty

a. defective
b. school
c. gift
d. desire

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – one meaning of faculty is an ability or gift

130. Mirth

a. anger
b. glee
c. sarcasm
d. mistrust

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – mirth means gladness expressed with laughter, or glee

131. Drudgery

a. silliness
b. labor
c. evil
d. investigation

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – drudgery means uninspiring or menial labor

132. Prerequisite

a. necessary
b. course
c. difficult
d. tar

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – prerequisite means necessary for carrying out a function

133. Dire

a. questionable
b. forthright
c. traitor
d. urgent

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – dire means desperately urgent

134. Grapple

a. struggle
b. trap
c. laugh
d. intend

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to grapple means to come to grips with, or to struggle

135. Sundry

a. aged
b. supply
c. various
d. tremendous

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – sundry means an indeterminate number, or various

136. Supplant

a. grow
b. replace
c. undo
d. question

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to supplant means take the place of, or to replace

137. Venerate

a. ordain
b. breathe
c. polish
d. revere

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to venerate means to treat with reverential respect, or to revere

138. Conciliate

a. appease
b. disagree
c. revive
d. separate

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to conciliate means to gain goodwill with pleasing acts, or to appease

139. Exultant

a. afraid
b. jubilant
c. expectant
d. demanding

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – exultant means filled with or expressing great joy, or jubilant

140. Surreptitious

a. overbearing
b. clandestine
c. indirect
d. impious

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – surreptitious means done or acquired in stealth, or clandestine

141. Recalcitrant

a. hesitant
b. subdued
c. unruly
d. subtract

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – recalcitrant means defiant of authority, or unruly

142. Pretty

a. plain
b. confusing
c. ugly
d. terrible

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – one meaning of pretty is miserable or terrible, as in the expression “a pretty pickle’’

143. Coterie

a. various
b. flirtation
c. club
d. socialize

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a coterie is an intimate or exclusive group or people who share a common interest or purpose; a club is an association of people for a common purpose

144. Nefarious

a. infamous
b. macabre
c. evil
d. distinguished

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – nefarious means flagrantly wicked, or evil

145. Curry

a. flatter
b. spicy
c. squander
d. game

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to curry means to seek to gain favor, or to flatter

146. Preternatural

a. immature
b. extraordinary
c. removed
d. unearned

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – preternatural means exceeding what is natural, or extraordinary

147. Pernicious

a. noxious
b. illicit
c. open
d. undecided

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – pernicious means highly injurious or deadly, or noxious

148. Reprisal

a. accusation
b. loathe
c. retaliation
d. insinuation

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a reprisal is an act of vengeance, or a retaliation

149. Manifold

a. evident
b. contemporary
c. diverse
d. willing

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – manifold means marked by variety, or diverse

150. Factious

a. sham
b. unreliable
c. seditious
d. argumentative

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – factious means inclined to form factions; seditious means disposed to insurrection

151. Glare is most similar to

a. scowl
b. hide
c. display
d. summon

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to glare means to stare angrily; to scowl means to have an angry expression

152. Erratic is most similar to

a. enticing
b. frequent
c. difficult
d. irregular

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – erratic means lacking regularity, or irregular

153. Civil is most similar to

a. unkind
b. trite
c. public
d. questionable

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – one meaning of civil is involving the general public

154. Peer is most similar to

a. apple
b. connote
c. fellow
d. recluse

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a peer is a person belonging to the same group; a fellow is an equal in rank, or a member of the same group

155. Fiasco is most similar to

a. festival
b. disaster
c. happenstance
d. ceremony

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a fiasco is a complete failure, or a disaster

156. Chasm is most similar to

a. gorge
b. charm
c. bridle
d. criticize

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a chasm is a deep split in the earth, or a gorge

157. Expertise is most similar to

a. activity
b. courage
c. mastery
d. effort

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – expertise and mastery both mean special skills or knowledge

158. Outlandish is most similar to

a. distant
b. absurd
c. pastoral
d. belligerent

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – outlandish means extremely out of the ordinary; absurd means ridiculously unreasonable

159. Pine is most similar to

a. clean
b. hate
c. resolve
d. crave

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to pine means to long for, or to crave

160. Exploit is most similar to

a. answer
b. feat
c. accident
d. persuade

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – an exploit is a notable or heroic act; a feat is a courageous deed

161. Culmination is most similar to

a. realization
b. disaster
c. serendipity
d. persuasion

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – culmination means the act of reaching the highest point, or decisive action; realization means the act of bringing into concrete existence

162. feign is most similar to

a. jab
b. swoon
c. pretend
d. dread

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to feign means to assert as if true, or to pretend

163. Auspicious is most similar to

a. deceitful
b. foreboding
c. favorable
d. dangerous

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – auspicious means marked by favorable signs

164. Gambit is most similar to

a. frolic
b. ploy
c. testimony
d. sentence

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – one meaning of gambit is a calculated move; a ploy is a tactic

165. Voracious is most similar to

a. ravenous
b. violent
c. voluble
d. rambunctious

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – voracious and ravenous mean having a huge appetite

166. Facile is most similar to

a. ability
b. section
c. vindictive
d. glib

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – facile means easily achieved and often lacking sincerity; glib means marked by ease and lacking depth and substance

167. Eschew is most similar to

a. revert
b. accompany
c. admire
d. abstain

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to eschew means to avoid habitually, or to abstain

168. Abscond is most similar to

a. rob
b. obscure
c. flee
d. absolve

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to abscond means to depart secretly; to flee means to run away

169. Knack is most similar to

a. bruise
b. ability
c. keepsake
d. scoundrel

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a knack is a special ability

170. Apropos is most similar to

a. opportune
b. unexpected
c. misspoken
d. idea

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – apropos means being both relevant and appropriate; opportune means occurring at an appropriate time

171. Veritable is most similar to

a. deep
b. authentic
c. ancient
d. irascible

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – veritable means not false or imagined, or authentic

172. Unmitigated is most similar to

a. audacious
b. unpersuasive
c. utter
d. dense

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – unmitigated means offering little chance of change or relief, or absolute; utter means total or absolute

173. Epitome is most similar to

a. volume
b. essence
c. summit
d. deliverance

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – an epitome is a typical or ideal example; essence is the real or very basic nature of something

174. Edict is most similar to

a. decree
b. vacate
c. correction
d. destiny

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – an edict is an official proclamation; a decree is an order with the force of the law

175. Extol is most similar to

a. praise
b. tax
c. burden
d. berate

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to extol means to praise highly

176. Abeyant is most similar to

a. false
b. disgusting
c. pending
d. novice

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – abeyant means in a period of temporary inactivity, or pending

177. Knell is most similar to

a. copse
b. hill
c. toll
d. rattle

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to knell means to sound in an ominous manner; to toll means to sound in long measured strokes; both words are used to describe the ringing of bells

178. Soporific is most similar to

a. juvenile
b. drunken
c. delightful
d. hypnotic

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – soporific means causing sleep; hypnotic means tending to produce sleep

179. iterate is most similar to

a. unsettled
b. repeat
c. impoverish
d. announce

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to iterate means to say or do again, or to repeat

180. Bulwark is most similar to

a. conundrum
b. festival
c. rampart
d. confuse

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a bulwark is a solid wall-like structure raised for defense, or a rampart

181. Pedantic is most similar to

a. pedestrian
b. arduous
c. fickle
d. consequential

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – pedantic means ostentatiously or narrowly learned, or unimaginative; one meaning of pedestrian is commonplace or unimaginative

182. Bumptious is most similar to

a. backward
b. arrogant
c. clumsy
d. rugged

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – bumptious means noisily self-assertive; arrogant means disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth

183. Expiation is most similar to

a. breathing
b. immigration
c. divergence
d. atonement

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – expiation means the act of making atonement; atonement means reparation for an offense or injury

184. Flagitious is most similar to

a. deliberate
b. fatiguing
c. villainous
d. habitual

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – flagitious means marked by outrageous crime or vice; villainous means having the characteristics of a deliberate criminal or scoundrel

185. Inveigle is most similar to

a. cajole
b. complexity
c. hoodwink
d. distress

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to inveigle means to win over with flattery; to cajole means to persuade with flattery

186. Heed

a. trek
b. consider
c. consolidate
d. bound

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to heed means to pay attention to, or to consider

187. Edge

a. diffuse
b. point
c. force
d. dissuade

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to edge means to force or move gradually (as in to edge off the road)

188. Elevate

a. lessen
b. mention
c. affix
d. hoist

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to elevate means to lift up, or raise; to hoist means to raise into position

189. Appoint

a. score
b. discuss
c. nominate
d. ensure

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to appoint means to name officially, often to a position; to nominate means to appoint or propose for office

190. Hoard

a. stockpile
b. burrow
c. mine
d. dessert

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to hoard means to gather a hidden supply; to stockpile means accumulate a reserve of something

191. Homogeneous

a. alike
b. strange
c. polite
d. alkaline

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – homogeneous means descended from the same ancestral type, or alike

192. Hub

a. counsel
b. elder
c. center
d. extension

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a hub is a center of activity

193. Tame

a. lost
b. evasive
c. pushy
d. submissive

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – tame means deficient in spirit or courage, or submissive

194. Irk

a. shrug
b. irritate
c. devour
d. avoid

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to irk means to annoy or irritate

195. Loom

a. disappear
b. cut
c. surface
d. teach

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to loom means to come into sight in enlarged or distorted form; to surface means to come to the surface or into view

196. Fitful

a. erratic
b. angry
c. tired
d. pronounced

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – fitful means having intermittent or irregular character; erratic means lacking regularity

197. Gaudy

a. massive
b. mindful
c. tasteful
d. flashy

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – gaudy means ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented; flashy means ostentatious or showy

198. Flaunt

a. conceal
b. parade
c. trust
d. fray

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to flaunt means to display ostentatiously or impudently; to parade means to exhibit ostentatiously

199. Flex

a. bend
b. binge
c. rid
d. consume

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – to flex means to bend

200. Tantalize

a. pronounce
b. reign
c. equal
d. flirt

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to tantalize means to tease by presenting something desirable; to flirt means to behave amorously without serious intent

201. Dastardly

a. devastating
b. cowardly
c. clever
d. munificent

Correct Answer – b
Explanation dastardly means despicably mean or cowardly

202. Aficionado

a. novice
b. trickster
c. devotee
d. agent

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – an aficionado is a fan, or a devotee

203. Contiguous

a. catching
b. divided
c. adjoining
d. circumstantial

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – contiguous means touching along a boundary or point; adjoining means joining at a point or line

204. Swindler

a. charlatan
b. expert
c. divinity
d. debonair

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a swindler is a person who takes money or property through fraud or deceit; a charlatan is a person who pretends to have knowledge or ability, or a fraud

205. Rogue

a. knave
b. wander
c. buffoon
d. color

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a rogue is a dishonest person; a knave is a tricky deceitful person

206. Apologist

a. liar
b. defender
c. failure
d. admirer

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – an apologist is a person who writes or speaks in defense of a cause, or a defender

207. Proxy

a. spasm
b. closeness
c. delegate
d. court

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a proxy is a person who has the power to act for another, or a delegate

208. Buffet

a. protect
b. barricade
c. armoire
d. strike

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to buffet means to strike repeatedly

209. Travesty

a. confusion
b. mockery
c. disaster
d. speculation

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a travesty is a distorted or grossly inferior imitation; a mockery is an insincere or contemptible imitation

210. Bristle

a. aloof
b. seethe
c. wave
d. doubt

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – to bristle is to take on an aggressive or angry appearance; to seethe means to experience violent internal agitation

211. Admonish

a. laud
b. decorate
c. caution
d. admire

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to admonish means to express warning in a gentle manner, or to caution

212. Wheedle

a. retreat
b. deceive
c. plead
d. question

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – to wheedle means to influence using soft words or flattery; to plead means to entreat or appeal earnestly

213. Aplomb

a. mine
b. clumsiness
c. complication
d. poise

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – aplomb means complete composure or self-assurance, or poise

214. Aver

a. dissipate
b. create
c. hate
d. state

Correct Answer – d
Explanation – to aver means to declare positively, or to state

215. Mien

a. carriage
b. average
c. vicious
d. disguise

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – mien means appearance or demeanor; carriage means manner of holding one’s body, or posture

216. Paroxysm

a. conundrum
b. fit
c. contraction
d. spite

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – a paroxysm is an attack or convulsion, or a fit

217. Aegis

a. superstition
b. reference
c. sponsorship
d. archive

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – aegis means protection, or sponsorship

218. Sepulture

a. burial
b. parasite
c. verse
d. sermon

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – sepulture means burial

219. Harridan

a. governor
b. vessel
c. witch
d. lawyer

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – a harridan is a shrew, or a witch

220. Apothegm

a. medicine
b. adage
c. speculation
d. resistance

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – an apothegm is a short, pithy saying; an adage is a saying that embodies a common observation

221. Grandiloquence

a. respect
b. bluster
c. denial
d. solemnity

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – grandiloquence means lofty or pompous eloquence; one meaning of bluster is loudly boastful speech

222. Fulmination

a. explosion
b. recession
c. achievement
d. blessing

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a fulmination is a sudden or loud noise, or an explosion

223. Pococurante

a. native
b. hot
c. blasé
d. hidden

Correct Answer – c
Explanation – pococurante means indifferent or nonchalant; blasé means apathetic to pleasure

224. Escarpment

a. warning
b. cliff
c. campsite
d. tomb

Correct Answer – b
Explanation – an escarpment is a long cliff or a steep slope

225. Plutocrat

a. banker
b. priest
c. judge
d. astronomer

Correct Answer – a
Explanation – a plutocrat is one who rules by virtue of wealth; a banker is one who engages in the business of finance

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