American Spelling Vs British English – List of Common Words

American Spelling and British English Words Common Eduhyme

American spelling is a variant of English spelling that is used primarily in the United States. It differs from other forms of English spelling, particularly British English, in a number of ways. For example, American spelling often drops the letter “u” from words like “colour” and “honour” that are spelled with a “u” in British English. It also tends to use “z” instead of “s” in words like “realize” and “organize”.

Some words end in our in Britain but in or in America: color, labor, neighbor. Some words end in tre in Britain but in ter in America: center, liter.

Some verbs can end either with ize or with ise in Britain but only with ize in America: apologize, organize, realize. In Britain there is doubling of l in an unstressed syllable. In some American words there is no doubling: marvelous, signaled, councilor.

Despite these differences, American spelling is still widely recognized and used around the world, particularly in academic and business contexts.

Here are some words with different spellings.

1 analyse analyze
2 apologize/apologise apologize
3 axe axe/ax
4 behaviour behavior
5 catalogue catalog/catalogue
6 centre center
7 cheque (money) check
8 colour color
9 councillor councilor
10 counsellor counselor
11 defence defense/defence
12 dialogue dialog/dialogue
13 favour favor
14 grey gray/grey
15 honour honor
16 humour humor
17 jail/gaol jail
18 jeweller jeweler
19 kerb (edge of pavement) curb
20 labelled labeled
21 labour labor
22 litre liter
23 metre (= 100 cm) meter
24 marvellous marvelous
25 neighbour neighbor
26 organize/organise organize
27 practise (verb), practice (noun) practice (verb and noun)
28 pyjamas pajamas
29 plough plow
30 realize/realise realize
31 signalled signaled
32 theatre theater
33 through through, thru (informal)
34 skilful skillful
35 travelling traveling
36 tyre (on a wheel) tire


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