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Bird words in this article include:

Albatross, Arctic tern, Bald eagle, Beak, Biped, Bird, Blackbird, Bluebird, Blue jay, Bones, Cage, Canada goose, Canary, Cardinal, Carnivore, Cassowary, Chick, Chicken, Claw, Cockatoo, Crane, Crow, Cuckoo, Dodo, Dove, Duck, Duckling, Eagle, Egret, Emperor penguin, Emu, Endangered species, Extinct, Feather, Flamingo, Fly, Food web, Goldfish, Goose, Gosling, Great horned owl, Groundhog, Gull, Guppy, Habitat, Harpy eagle, Hawk, Hen, Heron, Hummingbird, Jay, Junco, Kakapo, Kiwi, Kookaburra, Macaroni penguin, Macaw, Mallard, Meadowlark, Moa, Mockingbird, Nene, Nest, Nightingale, Nocturnal, Nuthatch, Oriole, Oropendola, Ostrich, Owl, Parrot, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Peregrine falcon, Pets, Pigeon, Prairie chicken, Puffin, Quail, Quetzal, Rainbow lorikeet, Rhea, Roadrunner, Robin, Rockhopper penguin, Sea gull, Snow goose, Snowy owl, Sparrow, Spotted owl, Swan, Tern, Toucan, Turkey, Umbrella bird, Vulture, Woodpecker, Xenops

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Albatross The albatross is web-footed bird that can fly for a long period of time.
2 Arctic tern  The Arctic tern is a small bird that flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again each year.
3 Bald eagle  The bald eagle is a large bird of prey. It is the symbol of the USA.
4 Beak A beak is the hard, outer part of a some animal’s mouth. Birds, octopi, squid, and other animals have beaks. Some dinosaurs had them too.
5 Biped A biped is an animal that walks on two legs. People and birds are bipeds. Tyrannosaurus rex was a biped.
6 Bird
Birds have feathers and wings. Most birds can fly.
7 Blackbird Blackbirds are black!
8 Bluebird The bluebird is a beautiful song bird that is the symbol of many of the states in the USA.
9 Blue jay  The blue jay is a beautiful, noisy blue bird.
10 Bones Bones are hard, structural parts of the body of many animals, including birds.
11 Cage Some people keep birds in cages.
12 Canada goose  The Canada goose is a large North American bird that honks.
13 Canary Canaries sing very well.
14 Cardinal The Northern Cardinal is a bird with a short, wide bill. The male is bright red; the female is brownish-red
15 Carnivore Carnivores are organisms that eat meat. Many birds, like eagles, are carnivores.
16 Cassowary A huge, flightless bird from Australia with a helmet like crest on its head.
17 Chick A chick is a baby chicken. Some other baby birds are also called chicks.
18 Chicken A chicken is a farm animal.
19 Claw A claw is a hard, sharp, curved nail on the feet of some animals. Bears, cats, birds, dinosaurs, and many other animals have claws.
20 Cockatoo Cockatoos are birds that have a large, feathery crest and a hooked bill. They are from Australia and Indonesia.
21 Crane The crane is a wading bird with a long neck, a long bill, and long legs.
22 Crow A crow is a very smart black bird.
23 Cuckoo Cuckoos are birds whose call sounds like coo-coo.
24 Dodo The dodo is an extinct, flightless bird that lived on an island in the Indian Ocean near Africa.
25 Dove The dove is a bird that is a symbol of peace.
26 Duck Ducks are birds that have webbed feet and a flattened bill. They swim well and live near the water.
27 Duckling A duckling is a young duck.
28 Eagle The eagle is a large bird of prey. It has a hooked bill and sharp talons.
29 Egret The egret is a large wading bird.
30 Emperor penguin The emperor penguin is the largest penguin; it lives on ice packs in Antarctica
31 Emu The emu is a large Australian bird that cannot fly
32 Endangered species  Endangered species are types of animals or plants that may become extinct soon. Many birds species are endangered.
33 Extinct When a group of animals or plants goes extinct, they are gone forever. Some extinct animals include dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats, and dodo birds.
34 Feather Birds have feathers.
35 Flamingo The flamingo is a pink bird that eats shrimp.
36 Fly The fly is a small, flying insect.
37 Food web The food web (or food chain) is all of the interactions between predators and prey in which plants and animals obtain food.
38 Goldfish A goldfish is a type of carp that makes a nice pet.
39 Goose Geese are migrating birds that honk!
40 Gosling A gosling is a baby goose
41 Great horned owl  The great horned owl is a large bird of prey from North and South America.
42 Groundhog The groundhog is a rodent that is also called the woodchuck.
43 Gull
Gulls are birds that live near oceans and lakes.
44 Guppy Guppies are a type of small tropical fish.
45 Habitat A habitat is the natural place where a plant or an animal lives. For example, a toucan’s habitat is the rainforest.
46 Harpy eagle The harpy eagle is one of the largest eagles in the world. It lives in rainforests of Central America and South America
47 Hawk The hawk is a bird of prey, a raptor.
48 Hen A hen is a female chicken. Hens lay eggs.
49 Heron A large wading bird with distinctive plumage and a long, sharp bill.
50 Hummingbird Hummingbirds are tiny birds that drink flower nectar. They can hover in the air and even fly backwards.
51 Jay Jays are beautiful, noisy birds.
52 Junco This junco is a small songbird from North America
53 Kakapo The kakapo is a large, flightless, nocturnal, solitary parrot from New Zealand.
54 Kiwi The kiwi is a chicken-sized flightless bird from New Zealand. It is generally nocturnal (most active at night).
55 Kookaburra The kookaburra is an Australian bird whose call sounds like laughing.
56 Macaroni penguin  The macaroni penguin is a penguin from the Antarctic that has a yellow, feathery crest on its head.
57 Macaw Macaws are parrots from rainforests in the Americas.
58 Mallard The Mallard is a common wild duck.
59 Meadowlark The meadowlark is a brightly colored songbird that lives in meadows and grasslands.
60 Moa The moa were huge, extinct, flightless birds from New Zealand.
61 Mockingbird The mockingbird is a North American bird that can mimic the songs of many other birds.
62 Nene The Nene is Hawaii’s state bird. It is an endangered goose that lives on volcanic slopes.
63 Nest Some animals, like birds, make nests to hold their young – even some dinosaurs built nests for their eggs.
64 Nightingale The nightingale is a bird that sings beautiful songs
65 Nocturnal Nocturnal animals are more active at night. Owls are nocturnal birds
66 Nuthatch The nuthatch is a small perching bird that can climb down trees and opens nuts using its bill like a hatchet.
67 Oriole The oriole is a black and orange bird that eats fruit and nectar. It builds a hanging nest.
68 Oropendola The crested oropendola is a tropical black bird that makes long, pendulous nests.
69 Ostrich The ostrich is the largest bird. It can’t fly, but it runs very fast.
70 Owl Owls are birds of prey that have large eyes and very good eyesight. Most owls hunt at night.
71 Parrot The parrot is a beautiful bird that can imitate sounds very well.
72 Peacock The peacock is a beautiful bird from India. The male has a large train of feathers.
73 Pelican The pelican is fish-eating bird with a huge, pouched bill.
74 Penguin Penguins are birds that cannot fly but swim very well.
75 Peregrine falcon  The peregrine falcon is the fastest-flying bird. It prey upon other birds.
76 Pets Pets are animals that live with us, like parrots and canaries.
77 Pigeon There are a lot of pigeons in cities.
78 Prairie chicken  The prairie chicken is a bird that lives in grasslands of North America.
79 Puffin The puffin is an Arctic sea bird.
80 Quail A quail is a bird; it spends a lot of time on the ground.
81 Quetzal The quetzal is a beautiful rain forest bird with very long tail feathers.
82 Rainbow lorikeet  A small, colorful, brush-tongued parrot from Australia.
83 Rhea The rhea is a large, flightless bird from South America.
84 Roadrunner The roadrunner is a bird is a fast running bird that rarely flies.
85 Robin The robin is a common bird with red-colored feathers on its breast.
86 Rockhopper penguin  The rock hopper penguin is a small, aggressive, crested bird that cannot fly.
87 Sea gull  The sea gull is the common name for some birds that live near oceans and lakes.
88 Snow goose  The snow goose is a migratory bird from North America.
89 Snowy owl  The snowy owl is a white owl that lives in the North American tundra (a cold, snowy environment).
90 Sparrow The sparrow is a small, common songbird.
91 Spotted owl  The spotted owl is an owl from the Pacific coast of North America.
92 Swan Swans are long necked water birds.
93 Tern Terns are birds that are sometimes called sea swallows.
94 Toucan The toucan is a rain forest bird that has a big, colorful beak
95 Turkey Turkeys are large birds that nest on the ground.
96 Umbrella bird The Umbrella bird is a rain forest bird with a large tuft of feathers on its head.
97 Vulture The vulture is a big, bald-headed bird that eats dead animals.
98 Woodpecker The woodpecker is a bird that can peck holes in trees.
99 Xenops
Xenops is a rain forest bird from the Americas.

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