9 Words to Elevate Your IELTS Band to 9

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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized English proficiency test that assesses candidates on their language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Achieving a Band 9 score, the highest level on the IELTS scale, requires a comprehensive understanding and command of the English language. Among the various aspects of language mastery, vocabulary plays a crucial role in demonstrating your linguistic prowess.

In this article, we present nine powerful words that will help you stand out and achieve that elusive Band 9 on the IELTS.

1. On Par:

The phrase “on par” is used to describe something that is equal or equivalent to something else. Incorporating this term in your writing or speaking will showcase your ability to use idiomatic expressions effectively. For instance, “The technological advancements in this era are on par with science fiction.”

2. Contrary:

The word “contrary” is vital when presenting arguments or discussing opposing viewpoints. Demonstrating an understanding of this term signifies your ability to discuss complex issues in a balanced and insightful manner. For example, “Contrary to popular belief, technology can also have adverse effects on society.”

3. Volatile:

The word “volatile” is employed to describe a situation or substance that is unstable and likely to change rapidly. By using this term correctly, you can exhibit your grasp of nuanced vocabulary, as well as your capability to express ideas concisely. For example, “The financial markets can be highly volatile during times of economic uncertainty.”

4. Parallel:

The term “parallel” refers to things or situations that are similar or occurring at the same time. Skillfully incorporating this word into your responses will demonstrate your ability to make comparisons and draw connections in your essays or speech. For instance, “The author draws a parallel between the protagonist’s journey and the challenges of real-life migration.”

5. Plateau:

“Plateau” is used to describe a point where progress or development has halted, and there is little or no change. Including this word in your writing will reveal your capacity to utilize advanced vocabulary when discussing trends or progressions. For example, “After years of rapid growth, the economy has reached a plateau, with no significant improvement in recent times.”

6. Pique:

The term “pique” means to stimulate curiosity or interest. By skillfully employing this word in your responses, you demonstrate your ability to use less common verbs and accurately convey the intended meaning. For example, “The intriguing opening of the novel piqued the reader’s interest from the very first page.”

7. Hinder:

“Hinder” is utilized to indicate an obstruction or barrier that prevents progress or development. When integrated into your writing, it showcases your capacity to use verbs with precision, adding depth to your language skills. For instance, “Lack of funding can hinder the implementation of essential social programs.”

8. Embrace:

“Embrace” signifies accepting or welcoming something wholeheartedly. Demonstrating your proficiency with this word illustrates your ability to use positive language and express ideas with clarity and conviction. For example, “Countries around the world must come together to embrace sustainable practices to combat climate change.”

9. Retain:

The word “retain” means to keep or hold onto something. By incorporating this term into your writing or speaking, you display your ability to use academic vocabulary to discuss various topics professionally. For instance, “It is crucial for companies to retain skilled employees to ensure long-term success.”


In conclusion, achieving a Band 9 on the IELTS requires more than just a good grasp of grammar and sentence structure. Demonstrating a wide-ranging vocabulary and the ability to use words precisely and idiomatically are essential components of language proficiency.

By incorporating these nine words – on par, contrary, volatile, parallel, plateau, pique, hinder, embrace, and retain – into your responses, you can showcase your linguistic skills and increase your chances of obtaining that coveted Band 9 on the IELTS. Remember to practice using these words in context to enhance your language proficiency further. Good luck on your IELTS journey!

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