80+ Clothing and Grooming-Related Words

Clothing and Grooming Eduhyme

Our clothing and grooming choices are not just about covering our bodies or maintaining personal hygiene; they are also powerful forms of self-expression. The rich vocabulary surrounding clothing and grooming allows us to articulate our style, individuality, and cultural identity.

In this article, we will explore a wide array of words related to clothing and grooming, unveiling the language that shapes our personal presentation and aesthetic preferences.

Clothing and Grooming words in this article include:

Apron, Backpack, Bathing suit, Beads, Blouse, Boots, Bow, Bracelet , Braid, Button, Cane, Cap , Cape, Change purse, Clothes, Clothes hanger, Clothespin, Coat, Costume , Crown, Dress, Earmuffs, Earring, Eyeglasses, Glasses, Glove , Gown , Hairbrush, Hanger, Helmet, Ice skate, Iron, Jacket, Jeans, Jewel, Jewelry, Kimono, Knitting, Lace, Laundry, Laundry basket, Loafers, Lorgnettes, Mitten , Mortar board, Necklace, Necktie, Nightgown , Overalls, Overcoat , Pajamas, Pants , Pin, Purse, Raincoat, Safety pin, Sandals, Scarf , Sew, Sewing machine, Shirt , Shoe , Shorts, Silk, Skirt, Slipper, Sneaker, Sock, Spectacles, Suit, Suitcase, Sunglasses, Swimsuit, Tie, T-shirt, Tutu, Umbrella, Undershirt, Underwear, Uniform, Vest, Wallet , Watch, Wig , Yarn and Zipper

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Apron An apron protects clothing from getting dirty.
2 Backpack A backpack is a sack that is worn on the back and is used to carry things.
3 Bathing suit  A bathing suit is a garment you wear while swimming.
4 Beads Beads are small objects with a hole through them so that they can be strung together to make jewelry or other things.
5 Blouse A blouse is a shirt, a type of garment worn on the upper part of the body.
6 Boots Boots are a type of shoe. Boots cover the feet and part of the lower legs.
7 Bow A bow is loops of ribbon or sting that are tied together.
8 Bracelet A bracelet is jewelry you wear on your wrist.
9 Braid A braid is three or more strands that are woven together into a rope-like shape.
10 Button A button is used to fasten clothes.
11 Cane A cane is a walking stick.
12 Cap A cap is a type of hat.
13 Cape A cape is a flowing piece of clothing that hangs loose on your shoulders.
14 Change purse  Coins are carried in a change purse.
15 Clothes People wear clothes.
16 Clothes hanger  We hang up clothes on clothes hangers.
17 Clothespin Clothespins are used to hang wet laundry on a clothes line to dry.
18 Coat A coat helps you keep warm when it is cold.
19 Costume People wear costumes to pretend they are someone or something else.
20 Crown A crown is a fancy hat worn by kings and queens
21 Dress A dress is a piece of clothing with a top and a skirt.
22 Earmuffs Keep your ears warm.
23 Earring Earrings are jewelry for the ears.
24 Eyeglasses Eyeglasses help some people see more clearly.
25 Glasses Glasses help some people see more clearly.
26 Glove We wear gloves to protect our hands.
27 Gown A gown is a fancy dress.
28 Hairbrush A hairbrush is used to brush and untangle hair.
29 Hanger We hang up clothes on hangers hat some hats protect you from the sun. Some hats are just for fun!
30 Helmet A helmet protects your head.
31 Ice skate  When you wear ice skates, you can glide across ice.
32 Iron Irons press the wrinkles out of clothes.
33 Jacket A jacket is a short coat.
34 Jeans Jeans are pants made from denim fabric.
35 Jewel Jewels sparkle and shine.
36 Jewelry Rings, pins, earrings and necklaces are jewelry.
37 Kimono A kimono is a beautiful gown worn by Japanese women.
38 Knitting Sweaters and socks are made by knitting.
39 Lace Lace is a very delicate fabric.
40 Laundry Doing the laundry means washing and drying clothes.
41 Laundry basket  Laundry is put in laundry baskets.
42 Loafers Loafers are a type of slip-on shoe.
43 Lorgnettes Lorgnettes are glasses (or opera glasses, which are small binoculars) that are mounted on a handle. This type of glasses was used a long time ago.
44 Mitten Mittens keep your hands warm.
45 Mortar board A mortar board is a square hat that is worn by people when they graduate from school.
46 Necklace A necklace is jewelry for your neck.
47 Necktie A necktie is a narrow band of fabric tied around the neck.
48 Nightgown A nightgown is a long, loose garment worn to bed.
49 Overalls Overalls are baggy pants with shoulder straps and a piece of fabric covering the chest.
50 Overcoat An overcoat will keep you warm when it is cold.
51 Pajamas Some people wear pajamas to bed at night.
52 Pants Pants are clothes that cover the legs and up to the waist.
53 Pin A pin is a small, sharp piece of metal used in sewing.
54 Purse A purse is a small bag in which some girls and women carry their money and other things.
55 Raincoat A raincoat keeps you dry when it rains.
56 Safety pin A safety pin is a type of pin that is used to fasten clothes and diapers.
57 Sandals Sandals are open shoes worn in warm weather.
58 Scarf A scarf is a piece of cloth that people wear around their neck or on their head.
59 Sew You can sew using a needle and thread. Clothes are made by sewing.
60 Sewing machine A sewing machine sews stitches very quickly and easily. The sewing machine was invented in 1846 by Elias Howe.
61 Shirt Some shirts have short sleeves, some have long sleeves, and some have no sleeves at all.
62 Shoe People wear shoes on their feet.
63 Shorts Shorts are pants that reach above or around the knees.
64 Silk Silk is a delicate thread that is used to make fine fabric. Silk is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm moth.
65 Skirt A skirt is a piece of clothing that is worn on the lower part of the body.
66 Slipper A slipper is a casual shoe worn around the house.
67 Sneaker A sneaker is a type of shoe used for many sports.
68 Sock We wear socks under our shoes.
69 Spectacles Spectacles is another word for glasses.
70 Suit A suit is a set of matching clothes.
71 Suitcase When you travel, you carry your clothing in a suitcase.
72 Sunglasses Sunglasses help to protect your eyes from too much sunlight.
73 Swimsuit A swimsuit is a garment you wear while swimming.
74 Tie A tie is a narrow band of fabric tied around the neck.
75 T-shirt A t-shirt is a simple shirt without buttons or a collar.
76 Tutu Ballerinas sometimes wear tutus when they dance.
77 Umbrella An umbrella protects you from the rain.
78 Undershirt An undershirt is a shirt that is sometimes worn under clothes.
79 Underwear People wear underwear under their clothes.
80 Uniform A uniform is a special outfit worn by members of a group.
81 Vest A vest is a sleeveless piece of clothing that is usually worn over a shirt.
82 Wallet People carry money in a wallet.
83 Watch A watch is a small clock you can take with you to tell time.
84 Wig A wig is fake hair.
85 Yarn Sweaters are made out of yarn.
86 Zipper You can open and close a zipper.


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