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Are you looking for a comprehensive list of verbs in the English language? Here you will find many common verbs list with their meanings.

One of the most important parts of a sentence when using the English language-or any language for that matter, is the verb. These words are used to tell the listener or reader what action is being performed by the subject of the sentence.

A verb is a type of word that describes an action or a state of being, like wiggle, walk, run, jump, be, do, have, or think. This is a list of the 69 most common verbs in English. If you are learning English it would be useful to learn these popular verbs first.


S.No. Word Meaning
1 Act When you act, you do something or perform a role.
2 Bake You bake food in the oven, making breads, cakes, and cookies.
3 Break When you break something, it is separated into two or more pieces or is cracked. Broken things are often unusable.
4 Chop When something is chopped, it is cut into smaller pieces.
5 Clap When you clap your hands together they make a noise.
6 Crawl Babies crawl to move around.
7 Cry Sometimes people cry when they’re sad or upset.
8 Dance When you move your body rhythmically, you are dancing.
9 Drink People need to drink water every day.
10 Earn You can earn money by working.
11 Eat We eat when we are hungry.
12 Fall If you lose your balance, you can slip and fall.
13 Fly When something flies, it goes through the air without falling. Many animals, like flies, butterflies and birds, can fly. People can fly in airplanes and helicopters.
14 Give When you let someone have something, you are giving it to them.
15 Go When you go, you are moving.
16 Have If you have something, you are in possession of it or it is a characteristic of yours.
17 Hear We hear things with our ears. Our ears give us a sense of hearing.
18 Juggle It takes good coordination to juggle.
19 Jump When you jump, you go up and down.
20 Kneel When you kneel, your knees are on the floor.
21 Knit Sweaters and socks are made by knitting.
22 Laugh People laugh at funny things, like jokes.
23 Learn When you learn, you find out something new.
24 Move When you move, you are not still.
25 Nod When you nod your head, you move it up and down.
26 Play When you play, you are having fun.
27 Pull When you pull something, you make it move by tugging at it.
28 Push When you push something, you make it move by pressing against it.
29 Read People read newspapers, books, magazines, the Internet, and other things.
30 Ride When you take a ride, you travel on something else, like a bicycle, a horse, or other means of transportation.
31 Run Running is faster than walking.
32 Scream When you scream, you talk in a very loud, emotional voice.
33 See We see with our eyes. Our eyes give us a sense of sight.
34 Sew You can sew using a needle and thread. Clothes are made by sewing.
35 Shower When you shower, you wash your body in a stream of falling water.
36 Shrug When you shrug, you raise your shoulders in order to show that you don’t know, aren’t interested in, or have doubts about something.
37 Sit When you sit you rest your legs.
38 Ski When you ski, you glide over snow or water.
39 Sleep We need to sleep every night.
40 Slip If you lose your balance, you can slip.
41 Smell We smell odors with our nose.
42 Smile People usually smile when they’re happy.
43 Speak People speak in many different languages.
44 Splash When a liquid splashes, parts of it scatter around. Children like to splash around in a pool.
45 Splatter When you splatter something, parts of it are scattered around. Paint can splatter when you are doing art work.
46 Split When something is split, it is divided into two pieces.
47 Stand When you stand, you are on your feet.
48 Sweep You can sweep the floor with a broom.
49 Swim When you swim, you move around in the water.
50 Talk People talk in many different languages
51 Teach When you teach someone, they learn something.
52 Think You can think of amazing things.
53 Throw When you throw something, you use your arm to send it through the air.
54 Tickle Tickling someone can make them laugh.
55 Touch When two things touch, they are in physical contact with each other.
56 Twist When you twist you pivot your body.
57 Understand When you understand something, you know it very well or you know how it works.
58 Unzip When you unzip something, you open a zipper.
59 Use When you use something you do something with it.
60 Vote When you vote, you are expressing your choice for something or someone, along with other people as part of a group decision.
61 Walk To walk is to move on foot. Walking is slower than running.
62 Wave This girl is waving to her friends.
63 Weep Sometimes people weep when they’re sad.
64 Wiggle When you wiggle you twist and move all over.
65 Work When you work, you do a task.
66 Write When you write, you put words on paper.
67 Yawn Sometimes people yawn when they’re tired.
68 Yell When you yell, you shout in a very loud voice.
69 Zip When you zip something up, you close a zipper.

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