50+ House-Related Words You Should Know

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Our homes are more than just physical structures; they are the places where we build our lives, create memories, and seek refuge from the outside world. To truly appreciate the importance of our dwellings, we must explore the rich vocabulary associated with houses.

In this article, we will explore the diverse range of house-related words, unveiling the language that describes the heart of our lives – our homes.

House words in this article include:

Armchair , Bathtub , Bed, Bench, Bookcase , Brick, Broom, Can opener, Carpet, Chair , Chimney, China, Clothespin , Couch, Cradle , Dresser, Fan, Faucet, Fence, Fireplace, Footstool, Frame , Freezer, Furniture , Garbage can, Garden, Gate, Grandfather clock, Home, House, Hut, Igloo , Key, Kitchen, Lamp, Lawn, Lawn mower, Living room, Log cabin, Mat, Microwave oven, Mirror, Mobile, Oven, Oven mitt, Pillow , Quilt, Roof, Room , Rug, Shelf, Shower, Sink, Soap, Sofa , Sponge, Stool , Stove, Table, Toaster, Toilet, Trash can, Vacuum cleaner, Wall , Wastebasket, Welcome mat, Window and Yard

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Armchair An armchair is a chair with arms.
2 Bathtub You take a bath in a bathtub.
3 Bed People sleep in beds.
4 Bench A few people can sit on a bench.
5 Bookcase Books are stored in bookcases.
6 Brick This fireplace is made out of bricks.
7 Broom You can sweep the floor with a broom.
8 Can opener  A can opener is a device that opens cans.
9 Carpet A carpet is a floor covering made of woven yarn or thick fabric.
10 Chair A chair is a piece of furniture that people sit on.
11 Chimney A chimney is a structure in which you can build a fire.
12 China China is well-made pottery that was first made in China.
13 Clothespin Clothespins are used to hang wet laundry on a clothes line to dry.
14 Couch A couch is a big, soft piece of furniture that many people can sit on.
15 Cradle A cradle is a small bed for a baby.
16 Dresser A dresser is a piece of furniture in which you can store things.
17 Fan A fan is a machine that makes a breeze.
18 Faucet You can turn water flow on or off at a faucet.
19 Fence A fence is a type of barrier.
20 Fireplace You can make a fire in a fireplace to keep you warm.
21 Footstool A footstool is a small piece of furniture.
22 Frame People put pictures and photos in frames to protect them and make them look nice.
23 Freezer A freezer keeps things icy.
24 Furniture Tables, chairs, sofas, and beds are furniture.
25 Garbage can  Garbage cans hold garbage.
26 Garden Plants grow in a garden.
27 Gate A gate is a door in a fence.
28 Grandfather clock
A grandfather clock is a large, free-standing pendulum clock.
29 Home Home is where you live.
30 House Some people live in houses.
31 Hut A hut is a small, simple shelter.
32 Igloo An igloo is a house made out of blocks of ice. Brr! kettle A kettle is a pot in which you boil water.
33 Key We use keys to lock and unlock doors.
34 Kitchen People prepare and store food in a kitchen.
35 Lamp A lamp gives out light.
36 Lawn A lawn is a place outside where grass grows.
37 Lawn mower  You can cut the grass with a lawn mower.
38 Living room A living room is a large room in an apartment or house.
39 Log cabin A log cabin is a house made of logs.
40 Mat You can wipe your shoes on a floor mat.
41 Microwave oven Microwave ovens heat up food quickly.
42 Mirror You can see your reflection in a mirror.
43 Mobile A mobile is a hanging sculpture.
44 Oven Ovens get very hot. You can bake food in an oven.
45 Oven mitt An oven mitt protects your hand when you put things in or out of an oven.
46 Pillow A pillow is a soft cushion that you can rest upon.
47 Quilt Quilts keep you warm at night.
48 Roof The roof is the top covering of a building.
49 Room A room is a part of a building that is separated off by walls.
50 Rug A rug is a floor covering made of woven yarn or thick fabric.
51 Shelf A shelf is a small platform on which things can be placed.
52 Shower When you shower, you wash your body in a stream of falling water.
53 Sink We can wash our hands at a sink.
54 Soap Soap and water help clean things.
55 Sofa A sofa is a large, soft piece of furniture that many people can sit on.
56 Sponge Sponges are absorbent objects used to clean things.
57 Stool A stool is a seat with neither arms nor a back.
58 Stove You can cook food on a stove.
59 Table A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top and legs.
60 Toaster A toaster is a machine that heats up slices of bread, making toast.
61 Toilet Toilets are in bathrooms.
62 Trash can  A trash can holds garbage.
63 Vacuum cleaner  A vacuum cleaner is a device used to clean rugs and floors.
64 Wall A wall is a side of a building or a room or a fence.
65 Wastebasket People throw trash in a wastebasket.
66 Welcome mat  You can wipe your shoes on a welcome mat.
67 Window A window is a glass-covered opening in a wall or vehicle. You can see out a window.
68 Yard A yard is a small outside area.


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