50+ Containers and Devices Related Words You Should Remember

Containers and Devices Eduhyme

In our modern world, containers and devices play a pivotal role in our daily lives, offering convenience, organization, and efficiency. Whether it’s the containers that hold our food or the devices that connect us to the digital realm, a rich vocabulary surrounds these essential elements.

In this article, we’ll explore a diverse range of words related to containers and devices, uncovering the language that makes our lives more manageable and interconnected.

Containers words in this article include:

Backpack, Bag , Barrel , Basket , Bottle, Box, Container, Bucket , Cage , Can , Carton, Cork , Egg carton, Envelope, Jar, Lid, Oilcan, Package, Pail, Sack , Spray can, Suitcase, Trunk, Tube, Urn, Vase , Vat, Water bottle and Watering can

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Backpack A backpack is a sack that is worn on the back and is used to carry things.
2 Bag You can put things in a bag.
3 Barrel A barrel is a large, wooden container.
4 Basket You can carry things in a basket.
5 Bottle A bottle is a container with a narrow neck and mouth.
6 Box A box can hold things.
7 Container A container can hold things.
8 Bucket A bucket is a container with a handle.
9 Cage Some people keep birds in cages.
10 Can Some food and drinks come in cans?
11 Carton Some liquids (like milk and orange juice) are packaged in cartons.
12 Cork A cork is used as a bottle stopper. It is made from tree bark.
13 Egg carton  An egg carton holds eggs and keep them from breaking.
14 Envelope An envelope holds a letter.
15 Jar Jars are containers with a large opening and a lid.
16 Lid A lid is a top for a pan or other container.
17 Oilcan An oilcan is a container for oil.
18 Package A package is a wrapped box that contains something.
19 Pail A pail is a container with a handle.
20 Sack A sack is a container. You can put things in a sack.
21 Spray can  A fine mist of liquid comes out of a spray can.
22 Suitcase When you travel, you carry your clothing in a suitcase.
23 Trunk A trunk is a very large traveling case.
24 Tube Some pastes and gels (like toothpaste) come in tubes.
25 Urn An urn is a large vase.
26 Vase Vases are holders for flowers.
27 Vat A vat is a large tub that holds liquids.
28 Water bottle  A water bottle holds water.
29 Watering can  You can water plants with a watering can.

Devices words in this article include:

Abacus, Aileron, Airplane, Bulb , Camera, Can opener, Device , Engine, Engine, Fan, Flashlight, Freezer, Funnel , Gyroscope , Incandescent light bulb, Inventor, Iron, Joystick, Lock, Magnifying glass, Microscope, Microwave oven, Mirror, Padlock, Pliers, Radar, Refrigerator, Remote control, Rocket, Safety pin, Scale, Sewing machine, Sonar, Telephone, Telescope , Television , Thermometer , Toaster, Vacuum cleaner and Yoke

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Abacus An abacus is a ancient device that is used for arithmetic calculations.
2 Aileron Ailerons are the outer flaps on the rear surface of the wings of an airpane. Ailerons are used to keep the airplane from rolling from side to side.
3 Airplane Airplanes fly in the sky.
4 Bulb A light bulb turns electricity into light.
5 Camera You can take pictures with a camera.
6 Can opener A can opener is a device that opens cans.
7 Device A device is a piece of equipment that does a job. For example, a can opener is a device that opens cans.
8 Engine The engine of a train pulls the railroad cars along the track.
9 Engine The engines of an airplane propel it through the air.
10 Fan A fan is a machine that makes a breeze.
11 Flashlight A flashlight helps you find your way in the dark.
12 Freezer A freezer keeps things icy.
13 Funnel A funnel is a device that lets you pour things from one container to another.
14 Gyroscope A gyroscope is a spinning wheel set in a movable frame. When the wheel spins, it is very hard to move the gyroscope – it essentially stays in its original orientation.
15 Incandescent light bulb  An incandescent light bulb turns electricity into light as an electric current causes a filament to glow in an air-free enclosure.
16 Inventor An inventor designs and creates new, useful things.
17 Iron
Irons press the wrinkles out of clothes.
18 Joystick A joystick is used to play some computer games.
19 Lock You can lock and unlock a lock with a key.
20 Magnifying glass A magnifying glass is a lens that makes things look larger than they really are.
21 Microscope A microscope lets you see very tiny things.
22 Microwave oven  Microwave ovens heat up food quickly.
23 Mirror You can see your reflection in a mirror.
24 Padlock You can lock and unlock a padlock with a key.
25 Pliers Pliers are tools that hold things.
26 Radar Radar is a device that uses reflected radio waves to located objects at a distance. Radar is short for “radio detection and ranging.” radio A radio lets you hear broadcast music and talk shows.
27 Refrigerator A refrigerator is a machine that keeps food cold.
28 Remote control  A remote control lets you operate a machine from far away.
29 Rocket A rocket is a machine that propels itself into space.
30 Safety pin  A safety pin is a type of pin that is used to fasten clothes and diapers.
31 Scale A scale is a machine for weighing things.
32 Sewing machine A sewing machine sews stitches very quickly and easily. The sewing machine was invented in 1846 by Elias Howe.
33 Sonar In sonar (also called echolocation), a highpitched sound (usually clicks) is sent out. The sound bounces off the object and some returns. The returning echo is interpreted to determine the object’s shape, direction, distance, and texture. Dolphins (and other toothed whales) and some bats use sonar to navigate and find prey.
34 Telephone You can talk with people who are far away by using a telephone
35 Telescope A telescope is a optical device that makes faraway objects appear closer and larger, allowing us to see distant objects in space.
36 Television A television is a machine that receives pictures and sounds. People watch and listen to shows on television.
37 Thermometer A thermometer is used for telling what the temperature is.
38 Toaster A toaster is a machine that heats up slices of bread, making toast.
39 Vacuum cleaner A vacuum cleaner is a device used to clean rugs and floors.
40 Yoke A yoke is a device that holds two working animals (like oxen) together.


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