450 TOEFL Essential Words To Remember

TOEFL Vocabulary Words Essential Eduhyme

Developing solid TOEFL vocabulary skills can be one of the most challenging parts of studying for the exam, but it’s also one of the most important.

Many TOEFL questions either ask you the definition of a word outright or require you to have knowledge of certain words in order to answer a question correctly. With so many words in the English language, which are the ones you need to know?

Building vocabulary is one of the hardest jobs to prepare for any English test. If you will take the TOEFL test in months, but you didn’t develop any TOEFL vocabulary yet, the first of first is to get a proven vocabulary and work on it immediately. The below listed TOEFL word vocab list is an excellent candidate to own TOEFL words quickly.

We’ve done the hard work for you and determined the 450 most essential TOEFL words to know. They’re all listed below, along with a Synonym and sample sentence (Example) for each.

S.No. Word Synonym Example
1 Abroad Overseas, internationally We always go abroad in the summer
2 Abrupt Sudden Our conversation came to an abrupt end when George burst into the room.
3 Acceptable Permissible They are standards that provide a basis for consistent and acceptable minimal levels of quality, performance, safety, and reliability
4 Acclaim Praise The film, which will be released in the UK later this year, has already won considerable acclaim in the US.
5 Actually Truly Before you say something about somebody, make sure that you actually know the facts.
6 Adverse Unfavorable The most common adverse effects reported related to skin irritation and skin burning.
7 Advice Suggestion The salon also offers hairdressers advice on how to run their businesses better.
8 Attractive Appealing The shop was full of attractive men buying Valentine’s cards for their gorgeous women.
9 Autonomous Independent The establishment of the University as an autonomous statutory body independent of Government is supported by many provisions in the University Act.
10 Disapproval Objection Daniel pulled a face at Arthur, making clear his disapproval and dislike of Alicia’s suitor.
11 Disruptive Disturbing At an early age he began to show signs of stubborn and disruptive behavior.
12 Haphazardly arbitrarily, carelessly The locations are all thoroughly, if rather haphazardly marked.
13 Ideal Perfect The pavement managing system to identify pavement conditions is an index of 10, with 10 representing an ideal road surface.
14 Persistent Constant The processes used affect the environment and generate persistent wastes, and the products themselves may have undesirable emissions and toxic effects.
15 Wide Broad The big Canadian cut inside and, with a typically scrappy attempt, sent a deflected shot spinning wide of the left-hand post
16 Advanced Progressive The company says talks on its new development at an advanced stage.
17 Advent Arrival That does not mean that you cannot profit long-term from the advent of the Internet.
18 Advantage Benefit Against this may be made the argument that New Zealand already gains sufficient advantage from existing arrangements.
19 Agile Nimble They are so agile when they move, thanks to their abundance of elastic muscles.
20 Albeit Although Throughout this year retail sales have shown a rise, albeit a declining one, on levels of a year ago.
21 Allow Permit The scarf’s purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch.
22 Appealing Alluring The dishes above are already designed to have appealing colors for beautiful presentation, so just put them together.
23 Celebrated Renown Whenever his celebrated opera performances leave him time, Heppner tries to fit in a recital.
24 Contemporary Current It is a travelling show which builds on exhibitions held earlier to present contemporary works from both the East and the West
25 Distribute Dispense There are lots of people now employed in in big warehouses to distribute goods which would formerly have been distributed through retail outlets.
27 Encourage Inspire We hope it will encourage people who would normally not consider travelling by train.
28 Energetic Vigorous It is therefore difficult to model the energetic costs of intermittent activity using standard methods.
29 Frail Fragile He was desperately frail, too weak to move his limbs but still strong enough to let out that cry which tears at every human heart.
30 Refine Perfect Good investors continually refine their stock picking method, tweaking it here and there.
31 Worthwhile Rewarding If I can change just one person’s mind, then my speaking out will have been worthwhile.
32 Worthwhile Enhance The goal would be to improve body composition, increase muscle strength and enrich the quality of life.
33 Intensify Heighten Gradually the relationship began to intensify and, in 1991, they married.
34 Observe Notice Carefully observe someone whose gesticulation style you like.
35 Ongoing Current It is a widely held belief that continues to be a factor in their ongoing support of the war.
36 Propose Suggest Each commission will propose one candidate to fill each vacancy
37 Restore Revitalize That is why I have returned to restore my clan to its glorious position that it once knew.
38 Vital Indispensable Among other major tasks, the liver detoxifies harmful substances, purifies your blood and manufactures vital nutrients.
39 Alter Modify This lining method is a nice clean one and has the advantage of letting you alter the vest if it doesn’t fit correctly.
40 Analyze Examine Counselors try to analyze me but can’t give my parents an explanation.
41 Ancient Old My pinball skills were no longer celebrated, I was a has-been, a thing of the ancient past.
42 Annoying Bothersome He’s very annoying talking about his dogs.
43 Anticipate Predict We anticipate his moves and prepare counter-moves to exploit them.
44 Conform Adapt In any particular situation, any 18 centers will do, even if they don’t conform to this pattern.
45 Detect Notice I may be completely wrong, but I detect a faint whiff of arrogance and even racism in the Economist article.
46 Defect Wickedness The property is free from defect.
47 Ambiguous Vague He gives an ambiguous answer to his initial question.
48 Apparent Visible There has been an apparent failure to contact or evaluate some of the children concerned.
49 Arbitrary Haphazard It also meant freedom from arbitrary power, which by 1792 was being routinely identified as the power of any king.
50 Assert Declare They are conducted in order to assert authority and extend influence.
51 Astounding Astonishing This was astounding news since York is such a vibrant and thriving city.
52 Astute Perceptive , empower They are also astute at maintaining public sympathy by regularly deserting the picket lines to save lives.
53 Authorize Allow , let However, they cannot authorize projects without the approval of the appropriate ethics committee.
54 Deceptive Misleadingly Appearances are deceptive in these restaurants, which look like dingy pubs from the outside.
55 Determined Resolute Certainly the final score does no justice to a determined display.
56 Resilient Tenacious Children can be remarkably adaptable and are more resilient to trauma than older generations.
57 Tempt Entice Jobs that involve entertaining may tempt you to drink more than you intend.
58 Elicit Extract His name isn’t going to elicit a positive reaction – it hasn’t for over a year now.
59 Forbid Ban Environmental laws forbid alteration of the coast.
60 Petition Appeal They want the Supreme Court to overturn the decision and have submitted a petition for a writ of certiorari.
61 Relinquish Abdicate There is no evidence of her ever wishing to voluntarily relinquish the post.
62 Amaze Astonish Football’s incredible ability to throw up surprises never ceases to amaze me.
63 Baffle Puzzle Would they do a complete about-face and baffle everyone?
64 Bear Tolerate, contain, carry No one really came to that dump to eat, so she was never really that busy, but work got so monotonous that with every passing day it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to bear it.
66 Block Obstruct “The parked cars block the road and leave nowhere for anyone to pull in.” he said.
67 Blur Cloud His novels blur the boundaries between criticism and fiction.
68 Brilliant Radiant We’ll definitely keep an eye on your brilliant caree!
69 Caution Warn Rather, love, and its consequences, is seen as a valuable goal, but one to be pursued with caution and handled with care
70 Challenge Dare My uncle took up the challenge and bolted out to the rescue.
71 Delicate Fragile Of delicate health, he was constantly ill and in pain in the last ten years of his life.
72 Enhance Strengthen After all, governments are supposed to be there to enhance our quality of life.
73 Intrigue Fascinate The cabinet was a nest of intrigue.
74 Persuade Convince He did everything he could to persuade the police that he was the robber.
75 Replace Substitute This is required to replace older medicines that will eventually face competition from generic substitutes.
76 Shed Discard That could allow it to shed jobs without adding to its fixed costs.
77 Unique Rare They employed the unusual, if not unique , move of boycotting their own executive meetings.
78 Chiefly Mostly An audience consisting chiefly of women between the ages of 18 and 54
79 Coarse Rough Elderly people often describe the hard days of the past with examples of how they struggled with inadequate and coarse food.
80 Commonplace Frequent If you think buffets are commonplace and boring, just try the beverage buffet.
81 Comparatively Relatively The latest generation of drugs that are comparatively cheaper offer great promise.
82 Complex Complicated The vehicle has four wheels all connected by complex machinery that simple minds like ours can’t begin to describe.
83 Conventional Traditional Of course, conventional training wisdom doesn’t condone this.
84 Curious Peculiar She closed the door behind him and watched, curious to know who would do this.
85 Exceedingly Extremely Both teams looked exceedingly sharp even after the two and a half week Christmas break.
86 Exclusively Restrictively Do you think that this kind of expression is exclusively the product of an urban setting?
87 Immense Massive He certainly used it in the sense of destiny that is carved out by immense human efforts.
88 Indeed Truly For those who have dived upon an untouched shipwreck the experience is described as very moving indeed.
89 Rigid Stiff By being so rigid, he is unable to adapt and trust.
90 Routine Ordinary : Inside and outside the house the same routine was followed as in the previous year.
91 Sufficient Adequate These were necessary but not sufficient conditions for the end of the old regime.
92 Visible Extant She hasn’t got a bad back or broken leg or some other easily visible form of injury.
93 Appropriate Proper But it still wouldn’t be appropriate to make a big deal of the fact that I have a famous father.
94 Clarify Explain Further careful epidemiological research is needed to clarify who benefits most from such treatment.
95 Confirm Prove As for the manipulation of final salary pension, I can confirm that is true.
96 Conceal Hide They were at great pains to conceal that information from the public.
97 constantly Continually He was constantly on her mind.
98 Convenient Suitable This is timely and convenient for patrons, and it saves a great deal of staff time and attention.uiuhvhuy8dyd
99 Core Nucleus I told you again that you were the reason Adam ate the apple and its core.
100 Critical Dangerous The second younger couple was so seriously injured that they were airlifted to Hamilton General Hospital in critical condition.
101 Distort Deform By taking this stand they are choosing to deliberately distort my views.
102 Diverse Different Thus, studies of asthma in racially diverse populations appear to be warranted.
103 Prosperous Thriving An inventory taken at the time shows a very prosperous society.
104 Purposefully Deliberately He set off for the pasture with a purposeful stride.
105 Reveal Manifest, expose, display The reveal about his past is one of the greatest treats Mad Men has to offer this season.
106 Theoretical Hypothetically This is not to suggest that research is entirely dictated by theoretical concerns.
107 Scarcely Rarely She wraps one leg around the other and scarcely pauses for breath before elaborating.
108 Accelerate Hasten Biotechnology will continue to advance and its rate of advance will accelerate .
109 Crack Fracture Could the Guardian’s crack team of theatre experts give the show an instant makeover and turn its fortunes around?
110 Create Produce If these bodies are left around any longer they will create disease and bring harm to the people.
111 Creep Crawl An attempt to prevent this slow creep of costs.
112 Crush Grind No, don’t read anything into that, I don’t have a crush on my best friend, I’m not that sadly tortured, but I can admit he is cute.
113 Cultivate Grow Farmers grow loose flowers in open fields, but cultivate cut flowers under controlled conditions.
114 Dictate Impose What’s important is that we not try to dictate to companies how they run their labor policies in this country.
115 Distinguish Discriminate Pinker suggests that our love of music may have developed out of a similar evolutionary need to distinguish different sounds.
116 Flaw Defect After a few days of use I can’t flaw the actual display at all.
117 Harvest Gather Strict and complex regulations control all aspects of the harvest and production.
118 Mirror Reflect The young man saw himself in the mirror behind the bar.
119 Obtain Gain I had to obtain permission from her father.
120 Particle Fragment He agrees without hearing the least particle of evidence.
121 Settle Colonize They rely heavily on international agreement to settle problems.
122 Transport Carry The story is a family affair against a backdrop of dirty dealings in the underground transport system.
123 Accurate Precise Police say the weapon used in the shootings was likely an assault rifle or a hunting rifle, accurate up to 650 meters.
124 Classify Arrange And if allowed, they will classify the documents for 100 years
125 Currency Money No claim had been made during the currency of the policy
126 Deep Thorough She was taking very little bites of food and looked very deep in thought.
127 Dense Thick As it turns out, your ears are particularly dense with these pressure points.
128 depend on Trust It all depends on you.
129 Dim Faint Eventually I could make out a dim figure ahead of me
130 Display Exhibit The display of wealth is the most important way to show a superior position in society.
131 Export foreign sales The other is an initiative to boost the export of renewable energy technologies to developing countries.
132 Gigantic Enormous Over at the machinery section, farmers gazed longingly at some of the latest gigantic tractors.
133 Impressive Imposing His achievement is all the more impressive given the in limitations of the chosen media.
134 Lasting Enduring He was not able to establish a lasting dialogue with the United States at that point, however.
135 Treasury Bank Any excess money is stored in gold or silver in the country’s treasury and saved for times of war.
136 Uniform Consistent I quickly change into the uniform shirt front-end assistant manager Patrick loaned me; I didn’t want to wear it out on the street.
137 Vibrant Trembling Her voice was vibrant and rich as before, but with a strange seriousness that she had not expected.
138 Distinct Definite There are two separate and distinct conditions for the exercise of the discretion created by that provision.
139 Dominant Major One dominant suppressor was identified among the 112 suppressors characterized.
140 Drab Prostitute, slut, drowsy, ashy We captured nine drab males and nine bright males from each site.
141 Dramatic Emotional Then I guess he was always a dramatic kid, he did a really impressive dyeing scene.
142 Elaborate Complex This travel involves elaborate planning and discussions about eating.
143 Exceptional Phenomenal Ted was a remarkable and exceptional man, who just happened to also live for 106 years.
144 Hazardous Dangerous Hairdressing is one of the occupations most hazardous to the skin.
145 Minuscule Tiny Some snakes, such as pythons, retain tiny leg bones, which may be visible as minuscule claws at the base of the tail.
146 Prime Best Outstanding Cuts with the choice label have less fat than prime , and select cuts even less.
147 Rudimentary Basic When I first got into it, the visual language of television animation was very, very rudimentary
148 Sensitive Delicate The perianal area can be highly sensitive to perfumes, soaps, clothes, fabrics, dietary intake and superficial trauma.
149 Superficial Shallow They were treated for smoke inhalation and superficial burns.
150 Terrify Frightening He increasingly tries to terrify them rather than reassure them.
151 Vigorous Strong We are committed to a healthy and vigorous debate at the state level in which the people decide, not judges.
152 Dormant Asleep , sleeping, silent The plant sets fruit between July and September and it becomes dormant in early October.
153 Amenity Convenience The prospects of severely congested streets, increased health problems and loss of amenity in the city are real concerns.
154 Destroy Ruin They forget to tell you of this pain, the kind that will eventually overwhelm and destroy you.
155 Disperse Circulate We had such hot weather and there wasn’t a lot of wind to disperse it.
156 Dwelling House Many residents of the settlement strive to make their dwellings habitable
157 Element Component However, if a proton is added to the hydrogen atom, a new element , helium is created.
158 Elementary Primary Finally, at the base of the educational pyramid, were the parish schools, providing a one-year elementary course.
159 Eliminate Delete If we could eliminate stress, would we eliminate a lot of disease?
160 Emphasize Highlight I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to pay attention to your body.
161 Encircle Surround While I was washing up the coffee cups I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist and a head lean on my shoulder.
162 Erratic Inconsistent Her blood pressure resumed its former erratic pattern.
163 Exaggerate Overstate No one dragged their rivals to the court; there were very few exaggerated claims.
164 Mention Remark In its defense, the book does very briefly mention these events on an earlier page.
165 Pier Dock The shops weren’t as good, there were no amusement arcades and no pier or beach.
166 Prevalent Commonplace One of the most prevalent crimes in wide-open areas like Wiltshire is theft from cars.
167 Release Free The cinema release is planned for next year.
168 Benefit Assist He has spent his entire political career fighting every significant environmental program that would benefit our nation.
169 Blind Unaware The blind covering the reception window was firmly down.
170 Broaden Enlarge Efforts to broaden classical music’s appeal.
171 Burgeon Thrive The Vietnam anti-war movement began to burgeon in 1965.
172 Conspicuously Noticeably Construction, however, was a conspicuous exception to the general good news
173 Demand Insist The nonsmokers could demand what they wanted in exchange for their rations.
174 Endorse Support Why do consumers care if celebrities endorse a product?
175 Enormous Tremendous It’s an enormous pressure he shoulders with good grace and a sense of responsibility.
176 Entirely Thoroughly The action takes place almost entirely in his house, and on a ruined wall overlooking a lake.
177 Erode Deteriorate That could erode overall confidence in the economy and undermine the spending and investment needed to get it moving.
178 Evaporate Disappear This gets the oil hot enough to evaporate any moisture.
179 Recover Retrieve It can take many years to recover from the death of a loved one.
180 Reportedly Rumored She’s reportedly unhappy about the article.
181 Shift Switch You’ll learn not to get distracted when the car is about to shift into top gear.
182 Suffer Endure France will no longer suffer the existing government.
183 Dignitary Notable One of our guys rolled his oversize truck on a residential street in front of a visiting dignitary .
184 Crucial Critical Everyone was aware that those games weren’t crucial, and it was just the group stage.
185 Elude Evade The most important thing to do now was to second guess their pursuers and elude capture.
186 Evident Apparent That flaw was evident in the first half yesterday but was rectified almost immediately.
187 Exhaust Deplete Designed with smokeless exhaust diesel engines aided by gas turbines, air pollution is kept minimal.
188 Extensive Comprehensive The Marine Institute has just completed an extensive refurbishment at its facilities.
189 Face Confront Example: Her smile faded slowly as she saw her father’s face turn serious.
190 Facet Aspect Isn’t this a normal facet of business daily life?
191 Hero Idol She’s as strong and likable a female character as Davy is a male hero , making this a perfect bookend to book one.
192 Inaccessibility Remote How many sales have you missed because the work is inaccessible?
193 Obvious Evidently He’d seemed astounded, but poor Ryan had been making himself painfully obvious.
194 Predictable Expectedly They observe all the rules and expect others to do likewise, and can be very predictable.
195 Solve Resolve He is hoping to work with others such as the town council to try to solve the problem in various ways.
196 Suitable Appropriate The big supermarkets could do more to suggest suitable wine and food partnerships.
197 Extremely Extra This is an extremely difficult thing to do.
198 Ample Sufficient Her ample body became a sign of financial abundance afforded by the upper class.
199 Arid Dry The arid land of this autonomous republic supports a nomadic lifestyle.
200 Avoid Avert If enough people avoid the place of the robbery or the assault, the problem will go away.
201 Defy Resist It is in the nature of disaster to defy representation.
202 Enact Legislate The French Revolution was an attempt to enact his ideas.
203 Even Equitable They were also level in the table and the game looked like an even match.
204 Feign Simulate The next day I decide that I can probably safely show up at anytime and feign having made an appointment.
205 Fertile Rich The lake, however, has become a fertile subject of debate for joggers and authorities, who blame each other for the decaying of the water body.
206 Freshly Recently At the moment, with the scandal freshly broken, everyone seems to be blaming everyone else.
207 Function Role These factors are a function of sampling effort and sampling strategy.
208 Fundamental Essential Some theoretical issues and fundamental material problems remain, however.
209 Indiscriminate Arbitrary Both areas were crowded and the results were indiscriminate casualties.
210 Selective Discriminating However, at the research level there’s no alternative to a proper selective process.
211 Spacious Expansive The rooms are spacious and five have balconies with spectacular mountain views
212 Withstand Tolerate In so far as possible, the houses will be designed to withstand earthquakes.
213 Durable Sturdy He also wears durable yet comfortable black nylon pants and thick sneakers.
214 Favor Support The fact is that conservative voters favor conservative politicians.
215 Gain Attain I’m angry that a company is out there selling my personal information for monetary gain.
216 Generate Create The Austrians have voted not to generate electricity from nuclear power stations.
217 Halt Stop She had pressed the bell indicating that she wanted the bus to halt at the next stop where she would disembark.
218 Handle Manage Its lack of depth makes it more difficult each year to handle the newer, larger and deeper vessels plying the southern African route.
219 Harbor Shelter Ports that usually average 30 to 35 ships in harbor , now have 60 to 65.
220 Harmful Unhealthy We must protect children from potentially harmful material
221 Insignificant Meaningless Never believe that you are too insignificant to make a difference
222 Mysterious Baffling A young artist has created a mysterious object in a box for a corporate assignment.
223 Perilous Dangerous If they did not, the situation may be even more perilous.
224 Postpone Delay You observe and store up what you need, but you know, always, that you’re escaping something, postponing the inevitable.
225 Promote Boost The European Commission is actively encouraging member states to promote the early teaching of languages.
226 Reject Refuse Never leave a popular classmate stranded with a social reject for group projects.
227 Substantial Significant I went in thinking I’d have something light at noon and then eat a substantial meal later.
228 Conscientious Meticulous It is very refreshing to see that there may be an ability to refuse to pay a levy for a reason relating to conscientious or religious grounds.
229 Convey Communicate It’s in the way we engage in small talk and mobilize our facial expressions to convey interest and sympathetic sentiments.
230 Encompass Include Learning environments, therefore, must remain interesting and encompass a variety of teaching strategies.
231 Expansion Growth The software industry’s expansion plans have triggered a real estate boom in the city.
232 Heighten Intensify Turning points separate the acts, change the course of the story and often heighten the drama by raising the stakes.
233 Inadvertent Carelessly There are two separate issues here: deliberate copying and stealing of information, and inadvertent copying and leaking.
234 Inevitable Unavoidable She made the inevitable cup of tea.
235 Infancy Beginning All their children died in infancy , perhaps from childhood infections so easily treated today.
236 Miraculous Astonishingly The Lions are showing signs, but nothing miraculous will happen in this one.
237 Retrieve Recover If possible, use all the types of birds the dog may retrieve in the future.
238 Systematically Methodically These are really issues of practical and systematic approaches to primary care.
239 Unlikely Doubtful It is possible but highly unlikely that he could compel his victim to attend the trial.
240 Unwarranted Unjustified I reiterate to the House that this bill is unnecessary, unwarranted , and dangerous.
241 Zenith Apex The sun was well past the zenith.
242 Highlight Outstanding He views that season as the highlight of his career.
243 Agitate Disturb If you’re going to agitate a person by getting them to eat certain foods, I think you’ve not given them a quality experience.
244 Confidential Secret We worked very hard to keep any information that they provide us confidential.
245 Delighted Elated We are both delighted to be playing our football in England and it has happened because of hard work.
246 Discreet Cautiously He jumps in his chair at a discreet cough immediately beside him.
247 Document Proven There is online archived material to view and printable worksheets to help children document their work.
248 Gradually Steadily The situation gradually improved.
249 Influence Penetration Local interests did not need formal representation to exert effective influence over officials.
250 Inordinate Affect She testified that the project was creating an inordinate amount of paper work, far in excess of the norm.
251 Instantly Immediately The box fell apart instantly and the whole content of the box slid out onto my desk and onto the floor.
252 Intentionally Inherent I wasn’t sure if it was intentionally funny or not.
253 Intrinsic Overwhelm These systems are inseparable and intrinsic to the problem of designing a school.
254 Inundate Saturate This site could more effectively control floods and would not inundate park land.
255 Involve Include This result does not involve any unconstitutional border crossing by the court.
256 Nominal Moderate If a nominal charge was introduced to defray the cost, I don’t think too many people would complain.
257 Presumably Supposedly At least if we were all locked in, we presumably didn’t have to be Houdini to get out.
258 Absurd Ridiculous The taxi driver was complaining to them, about their rather absurd behavior and making him wait the whole day.
259 Abuse ill usage There is a lot of abuse , robbery, corruption, crime and theft of our wealth.
260 Allocation Distribution My account immediately showed that I had no discs at home and was awaiting allocation from their warehouse.
261 Balanced Equalized After incubation on ice for 45 minutes, the cells were washed twice in a balanced electrolyte solution.
262 Conservation Protection It exposes students to research that addresses issues of conservation and management of wildlife populations.
263 Fallacious Incorrect However, most of his evidence is in the form of specious and fallacious arguments.
264 Feasible Possible This last idea seemed the best to me – and the most feasible to try and achieve as well.
265 Lack Shortage There is no lack of entertainment aboard ship.
266 Limber Flexible It will not only help you develop a more lithe and limber body, it will improve your strength training as well.
267 Means Methods Arts programs are one means of achieving that goal.
268 Narrow Thin The roads are very narrow , and the drivers are very aggressive.
269 Preconception Bias At once the preconception was shattered, and once the mental image was lost, it could not be easily restored.
270 Robust Energetic She is a pleasantly robust woman of modest means, patriotic in convictions, guileless in manner
271 Steady Constant He replied rather quickly as he tried to keep the ship steady.
272 Swift Fast It was a messenger, mounted on a slim and swift chestnut horse.
273 Antiquated old-fashioned The antiquated system of temporal note keeping needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
274 Coherent Logical In fact I was more coherent about the general approach than I can remember being.
275 Develop Evolve If I could have my own darkroom, I’d develop my own film and print my work myself.
276 Fabricate Invent Only master craftsmen could design and fabricate such a product.
277 Investigation Probe Probably at any one time, there is a politician under investigation , or on trial or in prison.
278 Normally Typically According to friends was behaving normally up to the day she disappeared.
279 Notice Observe No one around this school ever noticed him or paid much attention if they did notice .
280 Notion Concept I had no notion of what her words meant.
281 Novel original This is not to say that this campaign has not produced any novel ideas; they have just been lost in the flood.
282 Opposition Resistance It was supported by the government, opposition , big businesses and trade unions.
283 Record Register If a person is so close minded that they would not want to listen to our music because of the record label that we are on, so be it.
284 Relate Communicate He also holds that events that are causally related must be related under some strict law
285 Suspect Speculate It’s not a bad idea but I suspect it’ll take a crisis such as a property crash to make people change their habits.
286 Unbiased Objective At least it means we can enjoy impartial unbiased commentary from now on.
287 Varied Diverse His work was highly varied , but he became best known for his ingenious use of scrap material.
288 Accentuate Emphasize I am keen to accentuate the positives and there are many if we care to look for them.
289 Disguise Conceal A few years back baseball caps were used to disguise someone’s appearance.
290 Finance Fund The problem stems from a change in the way public finance is handled.
291 Initiate bring in A potential initiate is hardly going to stumble upon a support group this small.
292 Innovation Novelty Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization
293 Narrate Relate Sometimes, stark images can speak for themselves and even narrate untold stories.
294 Nevertheless Nonetheless Warm, arid and scented it may have been, but it was an irritant nevertheless .
295 Occasionally Sometimes Very occasionally the condition can result in death.
296 Omit Neglect This story was omitted from last week’s paper due to a technical error.
297 Outlandish Bizarre Many of your more bizarre or outlandish schemes will come to fruition.
298 Overcome Conquer She’s been able to overcome so many adversities.
299 Partially Somewhat The work partially fulfills the function of a historical swn memoir.
300 Pass Approve All drivers have to do to pass each other safely is to stay on their side of the road.
301 Portray Depict His rich experience in the field helps him portray each character better year after year.
302 Submit Propose It is in that context that we submit that it cannot be, in effect, whose hair this was.
303 Decline Decrease In recent years, his health began to decline but his serene and tranquil nature never deserted him.
304 Gather Collect She paused to gather her breath and leaned against the wall puffing.
305 Motion Move The plaintiff brought a motion for an order dismissing the action without costs.
306 Partisan Biased It is not unheard of for countries to put aside partisan differences in the national interest, usually when the enemy is at the gates.
307 Pattern Habit Now, if I can stay awake until tonight I might just be able to get back into a regular pattern again.
308 Phenomena Events Early retirement is a relatively new phenomenon in Britain
309 Philanthropic Humanitarian Service learning often relies on a notion of volunteerism, charity or philanthropic effort.
310 Placid Calm The sea was so calm and placid on top but underneath, it was as busy as a train station.
311 Plentiful Abundant My duck was the best I have tasted: tender meat with crispy skin, and, to top it all, plentiful.
312 Reaction Response He suffered a severe reaction to the nuts.
313 Rhythm Pulse It took him awhile to get back to sleep, but finally he did, and I watched him, listening to the strong rhythm of his heart.
314 Scenic Picturesque Her first impressions on arrival were the scenic beauty, the lovely animals and the freshness of the air.
315 Shallow Superficial We swam to the shore and in every shallow we stopped.
316 Shelter Protected The week after she died, we received a phone call to transport the animals to the shelter.
317 Vanishing Disappearing A million years before a mass extinction event, the corals vanish , more or less.
318 Account Arithmetic The fact that in typical sized prints the difference is vanishingly small is of no account.
319 Archaic Ancient He retained archaic word choices and used footnotes to explain the meanings of those words.
320 Hasten Accelerate A couple of undistinguished losses hastened the end of his career.
321 Hue Color Each one was simple or complex, and each had its own hue , and shade.
322 Illustration Picture It’s a clear illustration of the problem.
323 Inactive Idle In patients with inactive disease, levels fell to those of controls.
324 Intricate Complex Even more seriously, this is a play full of the most intricate , knotty, compacted language.
325 Magnitude Dimension The brightness increases as magnitude lowers.
326 Oblige Require Photos of interest would be most welcome so if you can oblige please do.
327 Overlook Disregard A lot of people may overlook him now, but they’ll be sorry in the long run.
328 Poll Vote the ruling party won 24 seats, narrowly topping the poll.
329 Position Location They have a different social position to ordinary rank and file union members.
330 Practical Functional The disputes were usually about small things, some of which had no actual ramifications in the practical application of Jewish law
331 Predominant Principal The color you choose will be determined by the predominant color of the room.
332 Prompt immediate, instant, urgent The public and the media would criticize the police if no prompt action were taken.
333 Analogous Similar to While information may be analogous to facts, knowledge is what the body makes of these facts.
334 Approximately Around It’s approximately a year ago.
335 Compel Obliged They may compel a witness’s attendance at court by issue of a summons.
336 Formidable Overwhelming It was an emphatic victory and formidable testimony to his talent and determination.
337 Intrusive Annoying I am satisfied that this is the least disruptive and intrusive order I can make that is consistent with the child’s best interests.
338 Periodically Sometimes It is the periodical publication of the professional society of newspaper editorial writers.
339 Prone Inclined to The devices are meant to make voting easier, more efficient and less prone to error.
340 Prophetic Predictive The majority occur in the prophetic genre where often these words have a symbolic meaning of blessing or judgment.
341 Proportion Dimensions She has also attracted the biggest proportion of male viewers to her channel.
342 Readily Freely Second hand office furniture is readily available and can easily be given a new lease of life.
343 Reliance Dependably The only thing that changes is the increasing reliance on computer technology.
344 Reluctant Hesitatingly He was a reluctant reader.
345 Renown Prominence Her pamphlets on faith and Christian living were gaining renown.
346 Sacrifice Concession This has been accomplished in the faithful obedience of the Lord Christ Jesus and His propitiatory sacrifice
347 Triumph Achievement Nevertheless, I do get a sense from the trailer of a resounding triumph and victory when all is said and done.
348 Afford cause , entail , bring It was taking up more time than he could afford.
349 Contaminate Pollute If not properly disposed of, these substances can contaminate ground water.
350 Discernible Detectable Each pebble was clearly discernible.
351 Flourishing Thriving The year 2003 is shaping up to be a banner twelve months for the flourishing world of the genre small press.
352 Maintain Preserve Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God?
353 Mediocre Average The first story was great and the others various degrees of mediocre to all right.
354 Negligible Insignificant A spokesman for the county council said only one sign was to be moved at a negligible cost.
355 Parallel Similar It’s an absolutely extraordinary situation which has no parallel in any other Western democracy.
356 Peculiar Strange The young woman thought this style of dress very peculiar and abnormal.
357 Potent Powerful Instead they can have very real and potent social and political effects.
358 Remarkable Exceptional I love all the little things the company did to make the product remarkable .
359 Scatter Dispersed There was only a small scatter of other caravans and motorhomes when we arrived.
360 Solid Steady I think of it as arising from pain fibers that are not mucosal but deeper in hollow organs or in solid masses.
361 Tedious Wearying We might even find it a bit tedious to keep reading about it in the papers.
362 Somewhat Little You’re away from the stage by some margin and in this case the music seemed somewhat far off.
363 Briefly Concisely I will briefly summarize some of the main areas of law that are relevant to this case.
364 Circulate Distribute We go to a restaurant and eat, and circulate to chat with other locals, trying to make a plan.
365 Consistently Dependably Finally, science moves forward because scientists seek to develop logically consistent theories.
366 Exhibit Display She was invited to exhibit at several French museums.
367 Found Establish He was okay, but you’ve seen found pieces and discarded tat turned into art before.
368 Improperly Inappropriately During the festive season, injuries result from improper use of fireworks.
369 Infrequently Rarely She had not spoken to her parents in years and contact with her sisters was sporadic and infrequent.
370 Isolated Secluded The latter state of mind seemed totally understandable given his isolated existence.
371 Overtly Openly That he avoided overt references to modernity was something the public, shy of change, appreciated.
372 Profoundly Significantly Those assumptions are important because they so profoundly define us.
373 Sharply Quickly I just wore sharp clothes, and whenever anyone asked who was I supposed to be, I told them and smiled.
374 Situated Located Their flat was most conveniently situated.
375 Subsequently Afterwards He was subsequently arrested by a heroic Garda and some members of the local community.
376 Unmistakable Indisputable They offer unmistakable evidence that summer is, at last, on its way.
377 Chaotic Disorganized In the chaotic world of war and its aftermath, it’s hard to distinguish between good and bad.
378 Characteristic Typical Here he has met some setbacks, but with characteristic determination he is going to try again.
379 Controversial Debatable The project has become highly controversial due to the history and sensitivity of the site.
380 Exemplify Symbolize The people he’s working with exemplify a distinct trend in the new population.
381 Gratify Satisfying All he saw in me was a way to gratify his greed and voracity.
382 Interpret Clarify What is the language from which you are going to interpret?
383 Launch Initiate Two European-owned companies plan to launch new ships this year as well.
384 Legitimate Authentic Yet you very rarely see them in legitimate theatre.
385 Particular Specific He was particular about what sort of food should be mentioned
386 Radiant Bright The physical parameters, relative humidity, and mean radiant temperature were also calculated.
387 Ridge Crest The roof was unusual due to the relative heights of the eaves and the ridge.
388 Span Cover Her mouth seemed to spread the entire span of her head.
389 Spontaneous Instinctive They just do it, and it’s beautiful and creative and spontaneous.
390 Stream River He noticed a stream of fresh blood flowing down the covers of the bedspread and onto the floor.
391 Striking Remarkable His striking hair often attracts the attention of the ladies.
392 Apathy Indifference So far, however, they have not been able to rouse their compatriots from their apathy.
393 Demonstration Display That would be a visible demonstration of your affection
394 Ingredients Elements Whereas the first two were components of metals, salt was considered an essential ingredient of living bodies.
395 Involuntary Automatically It is an important matter if more people are requiring involuntary admission.
396 Marvel Wonder It’s a technological marvel and will give computer gaming a whole new meaning.
397 Measurable Assessable The question of making it tangible and measurable really is key.
398 Moderate temperate , mild He aim was always to hollow out the more moderate party and supplant it.
399 Odd Strange We had the odd drink together but we didn’t glam around
400 Reflection Image Maria stood admiring her own reflection in the full length bedroom mirror.
401 Supposed Presumably I suppose she assumed I would bust into tears again at any moment.
402 Sustain Consistent She has a decent voice, but it was her sustain on the more difficult notes that really impressed.
403 Symbol Marks Better yet, make it the universal symbol for the Red Cross regardless of nationality.
404 Synthesis Combination They identified genetic mutations that disabled specific steps in the synthesis of a complex molecule.
405 Tangible Concrete That feeling of heaven, that bliss, had disappeared, leaving an almost tangible sense of absence.
406 Tightly Firmly For increased efficiency, you may have a tendency to fasten your laces very tight .
407 Aggravate Irritating The minutes slowly tick by; the woman is getting aggravated.
408 Amusement Diversion We gave our new dictionary a work out to the amusement of the staff.
409 Conceivably Possibly I confess I didn’t find it especially exciting, but others conceivably might
410 Convert Alter The owner plans to convert the building into apartments.
411 Curative Healing It never suggests that adultery is a curative for a diseased relationship.
412 Debilitate Weakening The troops were severely debilitated by hunger and disease.
413 Deplete Consume Like other farmed fish, they consume fishmeal which depletes wild stock.
414 Finite Limited We do not know for sure whether the Universe is finite or infinite.
415 Perceive Observe No two persons can ever, in this sense, perceive the same item: nothing at all is publicly perceptible.
416 Security Safety He has ensured security of tenure for those whom he has backed.
417 Toxic Poisonous You should avoid toxic substances and chemicals at work and at home.
418 Tranquility Peacefulness People have long fled to the mountains in search of fresh air and tranquility .
419 Trap Retain I shall henceforth keep my trap shut about the food.
420 Undeniable Absolutely It is undeniable that Christianity has shaped European history.
421 Underestimate Miscalculated I wish people wouldn’t underestimate me, or my strength, or my weakness.
422 Acknowledge Admit He called her name but she refused to acknowledge him.
423 Assimilate Incorporate Children find it easier to assimilate new information when it is presented within the structure of a story.
424 Assortment Selection Children find it easier to assimilate new information when it is presented within the structure of a story
425 Caliber Quality Any bullet will pass through it, even a .22 caliber bullet.
426 Condensed Summarized As if the knots and tangles of my twisted psyche could mesh with her intricate synaptic network of condensed neural convolutions.
427 Contradictory Inconsistent It suggests to the outsider that he must have been exceptionally vague, and probably contradictory.
428 Disregard Ignore The most serious evidence of this disregard for content is the movie itself.
429 Precious Cherished pent my time doing chores and praying, leaving precious little time for friendships.
430 Prominent Renowned Frank was prominent in the community life of the region and was widely known throughout the district.
431 Requisite Demanded A Salient Editor needs to have a strong vision, and the requisite traits to make that vision a reality.
432 Unravel Separate They were attempting to unravel the cause of death.
433 Vague Unclear When it came to direct actions, the group discussions became purposely vague.
434 Vast Huge The roads that they’re building at vast expense.
435 Volume Quantity The title poem, which concludes the volume , poses a series of questions about perspectives.
436 Charisma Appeal He has tremendous charisma and stage presence.
437 Clever Astute I saw nothing original or clever or ingenious about this film
438 Convince Ensure It’s a simple one, but it’s one of those scams that convince people because they want to believe it.
439 Endure Persevere They now endure the lowest living standards on earth.
440 Forfeit Penalty It did not mean that statutory authority to discharge into the sewage works became forfeit upon proof of a nuisance.
441 Precarious Hazardous As I looked down from my precarious position next to a pile of honey on top of the Aga, I noticed two things.
442 Severe Intense These are very serious and grave matters which call for severe punishment.
443 Sporadic Erratic The situation is easing, although sporadic fresh outbreaks are still occurring.
444 Superior Exceptional The school prided itself upon its policy of providing a superior education.
445 Wanton Reveler Yet we never understand why she lives her life as such a wanton woman.
446 Weak Ineffective I felt too weak to move, and too tired to care.
447 Widespread Extensive There is a widespread belief that the government should do more to encourage saving.
448 Wisdom Insight It was the voice of a male, speaking with wisdom behind the simple words.
449 Witticism Humor Don smiled at this witticism.
450 Woo Attract Not wanting to break their cover they took turns to woo the unwitting woman.

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