25 Common Preposition Combinations with IN

Common Preposition Combinations with IN Eduhyme English

A preposition is a word that is used to link nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words in a sentence. Prepositions show the relationship between the noun or pronoun and other words in the sentence.

Some examples of prepositions include “on,” “at,” “in,” “from,” “to,” “for,” “of,” “with,” and “about.”

Prepositions are usually placed in front of nouns or pronouns to show the relationship between the two words. For example, in the sentence “The cat is sitting on the couch,” the preposition “on” shows the relationship between the noun “couch” and the pronoun “the.”

Here are some common preposition combinations that use the preposition “in”:

1. In a hurry

  • Meaning: Rushed, hurried; short of time
  • E.g. I can’t stop now. I’m in a hurry.

2. In a lather

  • Meaning: In a state of nervousness or anxiety
  • E.g. She was in a lather because she couldn’t find her passport.

3. In a minute

  • Meaning: Within a short time, very soon
  • E.g. Clean the kitchen, your grandma’s coming in a minute.

4. In a nutshell

  • Meaning: In summary; briefly or simply
  • E.g. He had a lot to say, but his answer, in a nutshell, was no.

5. In a row

  • Meaning: Successively, one after the other
  • E.g. After making losses four years in a row, the manager knew she had to sack someone.

6. In a row

  • Meaning: Placed in a straight line
  • E.g. Bottles of every type of alcohol they had were lined up in a row behind the bar.

7. In absentia

  • Meaning: While not present; while absent
  • E.g. The defendant was convicted in absentia after fleeing during the trial.

8. In action

  • Meaning: In operation
  • E.g. Seeing a steam engine in action is increasingly rare.

9. In action

  • Meaning: In combat
  • E.g. He was wounded in action in his second tour.

10. In advance

  • Meaning: Beforehand
  • E.g. The money was paid in advance.

11. In agreement

  • Meaning: Of one mind; thinking alike
  • E.g. I am in agreement with you as far as the basic design, but not with the colour scheme you suggest.

12. In agreement

  • Meaning: Confirmatory; matching
  • E.g. The results are in agreement with the calculated figures.

13. In all honesty

  • Meaning: Honestly; in truth
  • E.g. I didn’t get a girlfriend, though in all honesty, I’m still undecided whether I really want to have one.

14. In all my born days

  • Meaning: Ever
  • E.g. I’ve never seen such an ugly man in all my born days.

15. In bed

  • Meaning: While on a bed
  • E.g. Reading in bed and breakfasting in bed are two of my three favorite activities.

16. In bed

  • Meaning: In terms of sexual prowess
  • E.g. She wasn’t kind or smart, attractive or even funny. Her only redeeming feature was that she was fantastic in bed.

17. In black and white

  • Meaning: Explicitly, in writing, clearly and without doubt or misunderstanding, without any grey areas
  • E.g. I’ll believe that when I see it in black and white.

18. In black and white

  • Meaning: Using shades of grey/gray rather than colour/color
  • E.g. This film was shot in black and white.

19. In business

  • Meaning: Ready to proceed in a desired activity
  • E.g. I finally got the vents back from the chrome shop. Now you’re in business!

20. In character

  • Meaning: Acting as the character, not as oneself
  • E.g. It was difficult to stay in character because I kept wanting to laugh.

21. In charge

  • Meaning: Having the responsibility of leading or overseeing
  • E.g. He left his daughter in charge of watching her younger sisters.

22. In charge

  • Meaning: Having the power of command or control
  • E.g. This internet browser puts you in charge of your personal settings.

23. In common

  • Meaning: Shared with one or more others
  • E.g. My cousin and I have a grandfather and grandmother in common.

24. In common

  • Meaning: Possessing similar or identical qualities
  • E.g. I hate being alone with my boss as we have nothing in common.

25. In condition

  • Meaning: Fit, healthy
  • E.g. I was not yet in condition, according to the doctors.
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