150+ Word Roots, Their Meaning and Examples

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The following table lists the most common word roots, their meanings, and examples of words with those roots. There are more than 150 roots here, but don’t be intimidated by the length of this list. To learn these roots, try breaking the list down into manageable chunks of ten to 20 roots and memorize them section by section.

Some of these roots many already be familiar to you—you use words with these roots every day!

1 ac, acr sharp, bitter acid, acute, acrimonious
2 act, ag to do, to drive, to force, to lead agent, enact, agitate
3 ad, al to, toward, near adjacent, adhere, allure
4 al, ali, alter other, another alternative, alias, alien
5 am love amiable, amity, enamor
6 amb to go, to walk ambulatory, preamble, ambush
7 amb, amph both, more than one, around ambiguous, ambivalent, amphitheater
8 anim life, mind, soul, spirit unanimous, animosity, equanimity
9 annui, ennui year annual, anniversary, perennial
10 anthro, andr man, human anthropology, android, misanthrope
11 apo away apology, apocalypse, apotheosis
12 apt, ept skill, fitness, ability adapt, adept, inept
13 arch, archi, archy chief, principal, ruler hierarchy, monarchy, anarchy
14 auto self automatic, autonomy, automaton
15 be to be, to have a certain quality befriend, bemoan, belittle
16 bel, bell war rebel, belligerent, antebellum
17 ben, bon good benefit, benevolent, bonus
18 cad, cid to fall, to happen by chance accident, coincidence, cascade
19 cant, cent, chant to sing chant, enchant, recant
20 cap, capit, cipit head, headlong capital, principal, capitulate
21 cap, cip, cept to take, to get capture, intercept, emancipate
22 card, cord, cour heart encourage, cardiac, discord
23 carn flesh carnivore, reincarnation, carnage
24 cast, chast cut caste, chastise, castigate
25 ced, ceed, cess to go, to yield, to stop exceed, concede, incessant
26 centr center central, concentric, eccentric
27 cern, cert, cret, crim, crit to separate, to judge, to distinguish, to decide ascertain, critique, discern
28 chron time chronic, chronology, synchronize
29 cis to cut scissors, precise, incisive
30 cla, clo, clu shut, close closet, enclose, preclude
31 claim, clam to shout, to cry out exclaim, proclaim, clamor
32 cli, clin to lean toward, bend decline, recline, proclivity
33 cour, cur running, a course recur, incursion, cursory
34 crat, cracy to govern democracy, autocracy, bureaucracy
35 cre, cresc, cret to grow creation, increase, increment
36 cred to believe, to trust incredible, credit, incredulous
37 cryp hidden crypt, cryptic, cryptography
38 cub, cumb to lie down succumb, incubate, incumbent
39 culp blame culprit, culpable, exculpate
40 dac, doc to teach doctor, indoctrinate, docile
41 dem people democracy, epidemic, pandemic
42 di, dia apart, through dialogue, diatribe, dichotomy
43 dic, dict, dit to say, to tell, to use words predict, dictionary, indict
44 dign worth dignity, indignant
45 dog, dox opinion dogma, orthodox, paradox
46 dol suffer, pain condolence, indolence, dolorous
47 don, dot, dow to give donate, endow, endow
48 dub doubt dubious, indubitable, dubiety
49 duc, duct to lead conduct, induct, conducive
50 dur hard endure, durable, obdurate
51 dys faulty, abnormal dysfunctional, dystopia, dyslexia
52 epi upon epidemic, epigram, epigraph
53 equ equal, even equation, equanimity, equivocate
54 err to wander err, error, erratic
55 esce becoming adolescent, coalesce, acquiesce
56 eu good, well euphoria, eulogy, euthanasia
57 fab, fam speak fable, famous, affable
58 fac, fic, fig, fait, feit, fy to do, to make fiction, factory, feign
59 fer to bring, to carry, to bear offer, transfer, proliferate
60 ferv to boil, to bubble fervor, fervid, effervescent
61 fid faith, trust confide, fidelity, infidel
62 fin end final, finite, affinity
63 flag, flam to burn flame, flammable, inflammatory
64 flect, flex to bend deflect, reflect, flexible
65 flu, flux to flow fluid, fluctuation, superfluous
66 fore before foresight, forestall, forbear
67 fort chance fortune, fortunate, fortuitous
68 fra, frac, frag, fring to break fracture, fraction, infringe
69 fus to pour infusion, diffuse
70 gen birth, creation, race, kind generous, genetics, homogenous
71 gn, gno to know ignore, recognize, incognito
72 grad, gress to step progress, aggressive, digress
73 grat pleasing grateful, gratitude, ingratiate
74 her, hes to stick cohere, adherent, inherent
75 (h)etero different, other heterosexual, heterogeneous, heterodox
76 (h)om same homogeneous, homonym
77 hyper over, excessive hyperactive, hyperextend, hyperbole
78 id one’s own idiom, idiosyncrasy, ideology
79 ject to throw, to throw down eject, dejected, conjecture
80 join, junct to meet, to join joint, junction, juxtapose
81 jur to swear jury, perjury, abjure
82 lect, leg to select, to choose election, select, eclectic
83 lev lift, light, rise elevator, lever, alleviate
84 loc, log, loqu word, speech dialogue, eloquent, loquacious
85 luc, lum, lus light illustrate, lucid, luminous
86 lud, lus to play illusion, elude, allude
87 lug, lut, luv to wash lavatory, dilute, deluge
88 mag, maj, max big magnify, magnitude, magnanimous
89 man hand manual, manufacture, manifest
90 min small minute, diminish, minutiae
91 min to project, to hang over prominent, imminent, preeminent
92 mis, mit to send transmit, remit, intermittent
93 mon, monit to warn monitor, admonish, remonstrate
94 morph shape amorphous, metamorphosis, anthropomorphic
95 mort death immortal, morbid, moratorium
96 mut change mutate, immutable, permutation
97 nam, nom, noun, nown, nym rule, order economy, taxonomy, autonomy
98 nat, nas, nai to be born native, nascent, renaissance
99 nec, nic, noc, nox harm, death innocent, noxious, innocuous
100 nom, nym, noun, nown name nominate, homonym, nominal
101 nounc, nunc to announce announce, pronounce, denounce
102 nov, neo, nou new novice, novel, neophyte
103 ob, oc, of, op toward, to, against, completely, over object, obstruct, obsequious
104 omni all omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient
105 pac, peas peace pacify, appease, pacifier
106 pan all, everyone panorama, pandemic, panacea
107 par equal par, disparate, parity
108 para next to, beside parallel, paragon, paradox
109 pas, pat, path feeling, suffering, disease passionate, antipathy, apathetic
110 pau, po, pov, pu few, little, poor poverty, pauper, impoverish
111 ped child, education pediatrician, encyclopedia, pedantic
112 ped, pod foot pedestrian, expedite, impede
113 pen, pun to pay, to compensate penalty, punishment, penance
114 pend, pens to hang, to weigh, to pay depend, compensate, pensive
115 per completely, wrong perplex, permeate, pervade
116 peri around perimeter, peripheral, peripatetic
117 pet, pit to go, to seek, to strive compete, petition, impetuous
118 phil love philosophy, philanthropy, bibliophile
119 phone sound telephone, homophone, cacophony
120 plac to please placid, placebo, complacent
121 ple to fill complete, deplete, plethora
122 plex, plic, ply to fold, to twist, to tangle, to bend complex, comply, implicit
123 pon, pos, pound to put, to place expose, component, juxtapose
124 port to carry import, portable, importune
125 prehend, prise to take, to get, to seize surprise, apprehend, reprisal
126 pro much, for, a lot proliferate, profuse, proselytize
127 prob to prove, to test probe, probation, reprobate
128 pug to fight repugnant, pugnacious, impugn
129 punc, pung, poign to point, to prick point, puncture, punctilious
130 que, quis to seek inquisitive, conquest, query
131 qui quiet quiet, tranquil, acquiesce
132 rid, ris to laugh riddle, ridiculous, derision
133 rog to ask interrogate, surrogate, abrogate
134 sacr, sanct, secr sacred sacred, sacrament, sanction
135 sal, sil, sault, sult to leap, to jump assault, insolent, desultory
136 sci to know conscious, science, omniscient
137 scribe, scrip to write scribble, prescribe, circumscribe
138 se apart separate, segregate, seditious
139 sec, sequ to follow consequence, sequel, obsequious
140 sed, sess, sid to sit, to be still, to plan, to plot subside, assiduous, dissident
141 sens, sent to feel, to be aware sense, sentiment, dissent
142 sol to loosen, to free dissolve, resolution, dissolution
143 spec, spic, spit to look, to see perspective, speculation, circumspect
144 sta, sti to stand, to be in place static, obstinate, steadfast
145 sua smooth suave, persuade, dissuade
146 tac, tic to be silent tacit, reticent, taciturn
147 tain, ten, tent, tin to hold detain, sustain, tenacious
148 tend, tens, tent, tenu to stretch, to thin extend, tension, tenuous
149 theo god, religion atheist, theology, apotheosis
150 tract to drag, to pull, to draw attract, detract, tractable
151 us, ut to use abuse, utility, usurp
152 ven, vent to come, to move toward convene, venture, intervene
153 ver truth verdict, verisimilitude, veritable
154 vers, vert to turn revert, aversion, versatile
155 vi life vivid, vigorous, vicarious
156 vid, vis to see evident, survey, visionary
157 voc, vok to call vocal, advocate, equivocate
158 vol to wish volunteer, volition, benevolence


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