101 Answers to the Most Common IELTS Speaking Questions

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Many candidates like to read answers when they are preparing for the IELTS speaking and writing modules. The answers are intended as a guide and candidates should modify the answers to suit their own circumstances and add to them wherever appropriate.

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In other words, candidates should consider using the vocabulary and grammatical structures to help them to create their own answers.

1. Do you like advertisements?

Answer – I like certain advertisements, especially those which have cute animals in them. I think that these ads are very effective at getting products and services recognised by the public. However, I think that there are too many ads on TV, in magazines and on the streets, so generally I don’t like advertisements very much.

2. When do people usually get married in your country?

Answer – I think that people generally get married in their late twenties, but there are many people who marry much earlier – even while they are still in their teens. On the other hand, there are some people who marry in their thirties or even do not marry at all. I think that the trend in recent years has been to marry later.

3. Do you think that you are an ambitious person?

Answer – Not really. Most of my friends are much more ambitious than I am. They often set themselves goals for each year. I used to do this, but I was not good at achieving the goals, so I don’t do it now. However, some people seem to become obsessed with their ambitions and forget about enjoying life.

4. Do you often visit zoos or wildlife parks?

Answer – When I was a child, my parents used to take me to zoos and wildlife parks, but now I hardly ever go. I used to enjoy watching the different animals at zoos and wildlife parks, but now I have other interests.
I only go if any of my young relatives want to go.

5. What form of art do you like most?

Answer – My favourite is photography. I enjoy both taking photographs and looking at photos that other people have taken. For the latter, I can find some really stunning photos online or go to a gallery to see an exhibition. I particularly like looking at photographs that have been taken at strange angles or where the photographer has used filters or a computer programme to change the colours.

6. When do you ride a bicycle?

Answer – I ride a bicycle in spring, summer and autumn, as long as it is not raining or too cold or windy. In those seasons, I usually ride a bicycle to and from work. It’s usually faster than taking a bus because of the traffic jams during rush hour. Next year, there will be a subway station near my home, so might become a little lazy and go to and from work by subway rather than by bicycle.

7. Are there many birds where you live?

Answer – Yes. I can see birds in my neighbourhood all day. Most of them are sparrows, feeding on bits of food that have fallen to the ground, but occasionally there are magpies. A few of my neighbours keep pigeons and there are a few elderly gentlemen who keep birds in cages and walk with them in nearby parks. I don’t know what kinds of birds they keep.

8. What kind of presents do you get people for their birthdays?

Answer – I usually buy something that I’m pretty sure the person is interested in. For example, my father likes history, so I usually get him a history book or DVD whilst my mother likes going to the theatre, so I often get her tickets to a performance. I find it very difficult to decide what to get children for their birthdays, so I usually seek advice from their parents.

9. Who is your favourite writer?

Answer – My favourite writer is an American author named Tom Clancy. He generally writes thrillers, though he has also written non-fiction. His stories are mostly about politics, the military and spies. Of course, in his books there are plenty of heroes and villains, but sometimes the villains are partly successful, so you never quite know how the story will end. Several of his books have also been made into successful films.

10. What kind of buildings do you like?

Answer – As a general rule, I prefer older buildings to more modern ones. The main reason is because older, historic buildings usually have some nice decorative features, such as animals. In contrast, modern buildings often look quite boring and less imaginative. However, some modern buildings, like the new CCTV building in Beijing, look unusual and make me wonder how they could be built.

11. How has your life changed in recent years?

Answer – The main way in which it has changed is because I have finished high school and started university. As I now live away from my parents, I am more independent. The biggest difference is that studying at high school involved much more work whereas now I have a little more free time to develop my interests. At university there are many clubs that enable students to do this.

12. Do you like living in a city?

Answer – Generally, I prefer living in a city to living in the countryside. There are more things to do, especially with regard to entertainment. Also, the job opportunities are better, especially if you want to work for an international company. However, living in the countryside has some advantages. The air is much cleaner and I love going for walks in the countryside.

13. Is the brand of clothes important to you?

Answer – No. I really have no interest in which brand of clothes I buy. To be honest, I usually cannot see very much difference in quality between the cheap brands and the expensive ones. When I buy clothes, I want them to feel comfortable and look good. I don’t really follow fashion and so I don’t see any reason to pay the high prices that fashionable brands charge.

14. How do you get things for your collections?

Answer – Well, I collect stamps and it’s very easy to find them because so many people collect them. First of all, I can buy new stamp issues from the post office. I often get stamps from people who sell them in the market not far from my home. Occasionally, I buy stamps online, but I usually prefer not to do this because I like to see exactly what I am paying for first. Of course, my friends and relatives know I collect stamps, so they often give some to me.

15. How “computer literate” are you?

Answer – I think I’m pretty good at using the most basic programmes, like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I use these programmes regularly at work. However, I have never taken a course in using computers or computer programmes. I cannot write programmes or anything like that. Of course, I can easily use a computer to surf the Internet.

16. Have you ever thought about learning to cook?

Answer – Yes, I have. I think I should improve my ability to cook tasty, healthy food. I didn’t learn to cook at school and it wasn’t a priority at home. At university, I can eat cheaply and conveniently at the canteen, but when I graduate I think I will need to cook for myself more often. I sometimes watch cookery programmes on TV, but classes would probably be better. Nowadays, there are more and more places where you can do this.

17. What do you do to protect yourself and your home from thieves?

Answer – To protect my home from thieves, I make sure that all windows are locked before I go out and I check that I have locked the main door properly. When I am out, I carry valuable objects, such as my mobile phone and wallet, in inside pockets where it is harder for thieves to reach. I often ride a bike, so I also make sure that I leave it locked in places where there is an attendant.

18. Do you often go to cultural events?

Answer – I sometimes go to art exhibitions, as my girlfriend is very interested in them. She likes art very much, but I find that only some exhibits interest me. I don’t like going to the theatre and I have never been to the opera, though a friend went recently and told me that it was amazing, so I might go in the future.

19. Which part of your daily routine do you like best?

Answer – My favourite part of my daily routine is the evening meal with my family. We usually share in preparing the meal and talk about our days while we do so. Very often, at least one of us has a funny story to tell. Then we sit and eat together and talk about what we want to watch on TV that evening or what we hope to do the next day.

20. How often do you go dancing?

Answer – I hardly ever go dancing nowadays. When I was at university, I used to go to clubs with my friends and we’d dance there, but now when I go to a club, I just sit and chat with people. I have never been very good at it, but I enjoy watching other people having fun dancing.

21. Do you ever draw or paint now?

Answer – I never paint. I haven’t painted since I was at school, because I have absolutely no talent for it. I’m not much good at drawing either, but I do occasionally draw small diagrams to explain things to people or doodle when I’m bored. I’ve never been good at any kind of art.

22. Can you drive a car?

Answer – I learnt to drive when I was 18. I found it quite difficult, especially forcing myself to constantly check not only what I was doing but what other road users were doing. After years of practise, I now do this automatically. I think that driving a car is one of the most important practical skills for an adult to have nowadays.

23. What was your favourite subject at high school?

Answer – I loved geography, because it involved finding out about all kinds of different places around the world. We learnt about the various climates, about the vegetation and animals that lived in those climates, and about the different groups of people who live there. I also liked memorising some basic facts about countries, such as the capital cities and the currencies they use.

24. Do you generally receive more emails than you send?

Answer – Yes, I do. I write and receive emails most days, but there are some emails that I do not need to answer. In addition, like almost email users, I get many spam emails which I delete whenever I see them. I guess that, on average, I send two or three emails each day and receive twice that number.

25. What do you do to protect the environment?

Answer – I think that I do several things. First, I use public transport rather than using a car or even a taxi. Second, I keep some materials for recycling, such as plastic bottles, tin cans and cardboard boxes. There is a place near my home where I can take these recyclable items and get paid a small amount in return. I also try to use fewer chemical products when I’m cleaning my home. If you check online, you can find several natural alternatives.

26. What kind of work do members of your family do?

Answer – My father is a civil servant. He works for the Foreign Ministry in Beijing. His job is to make arrangements for foreign businesspeople who come to China to invest in our economy. He helps with hotels and transport in particular. My mother is a doctor. She works at a large hospital in my district. She specialises in treating skin diseases.

27. Do you celebrate any foreign festivals?

Answer – I buy roses for my girlfriend on 14th February – St. Valentine’s Day – and we usually go somewhere in the evening, like a restaurant. Since I’ve been at university, my friends and I and our girlfriends have had a party on Christmas Day, but I don’t think we really celebrate Christmas. It’s just an excuse to have a party rather than a celebration of anything religious.

28. How often do you watch films?

Answer – I suppose I watch films twice a week, on average. It mainly depends on how much free time I have and whether I can find a film that looks interesting. Recently, I’ve been quite busy, so I have had little time for my hobbies, including watching films. I usually watch films in the late evening. At that time, I’m too tired to do any work, so a film is a good way to relax.

29. Does anyone in your family like growing flowers?

Answer – Yes, my grandmother loves growing flowers. She also grows her own vegetables and has a few fruit trees in her garden. She lives in the countryside near Beijing and has a small plot of land around her house. I don’t know the names of the flowers, but their colours – blue, red, yellow and pink – make her little garden look very beautiful in spring, summer and autumn.

30. Who cooks the food in your home?

Answer – In the morning, we prepare our own breakfasts, as we often get up and leave the flat at different times. On weekdays, we eat lunch near work, but at weekends we generally prepare a little snack together at home. In the evenings, my mother usually cooks, but my father often does the cooking at the weekends. He likes cooking and it gives my mother a break.

31. Do you spend more of your free time with friends or family?

Answer – Well, I’m studying at university in a different place to my hometown, so I certainly spend much more time with my friends than with my family. I hardly see my family during the academic year, but they visit once or twice a year if they have time. During holidays, I go home, but I don’t spend all the time at home, because I like to travel a little. If I stayed at home for the whole of the holidays, I would still be alone most of the day as my parents both work.

32. Where can you buy fruit and vegetables near your home?

Answer – Near my home, you can buy fruit and vegetables either at the supermarket or from people who have stalls on the street. I usually buy from the stallholders because, although the produce is a little more expensive, the quality is much higher. Also, I like to think that I’m helping the small business people as they compete with larger companies.

33. Which is your favourite game?

Answer – My favourite game is Monopoly – the famous board game. I play it with friends and with family members. My mother really likes it, partly because she is a real estate agent. We usually play at weekends if we all have free time, but I sometimes play it with my friends during the week. Although I enjoy this game very much, I must admit that it can sometimes take a long time to play.

34. What can people do in the parks near your home?

Answer – Most people go to the park to walk around and chat with their friends and family, but there are plenty of other activities. Some people walk their dogs. In the mornings there are usually groups of elderly people doing tai chi. When the weather is nice, some people might sing and play musical instruments in the parks. There is a pond in one of the parks and, during the summer, I have seen a few young men playing with remote control boats on it.

35. Do you often give gifts to people?

Answer – Yes, I do. I buy gifts for my closest friends and my immediate family on their birthdays and at Spring Festival. Then I buy my girlfriend presents if I see something I think she might like. When I buy presents for people, I try to find something that will find useful. This can be a little difficult, so I often buy gifts in advance if I see something suitable.

36. How have your family and friends supported you in your plans to go abroad?

Answer – My parents have supported me mainly by suggesting where and what I might study. Of course, they will also help financially with the cost of going abroad to study. My friends have also supported me by making suggestions about where and what to study. Their advice has often been very useful as they have similar plans and know where to find the latest useful information on courses and visas.

37. Do you prefer to be with a large group of friends or a small group?

Answer – I prefer to be with a small group of friends. I find that if I go out with a large group of friends there are too many opinions about what to do, where to go and what kind of food to eat. In this situation, we often end up slitting into small groups. With small groups, you can easily find time to chat with everyone and maybe even play some simple games. The game ‘assassin’ is popular with small groups of young people at bars.

38. Is there enough to do in the evenings in your city?

Answer – Here in Beijing, there is plenty for people to do in the evenings. Young people can go to bars and clubs, whilst older people might prefer to go to the theatre. People of all ages can go to the cinema to see the latest Chinese and Hollywood films. Other people might prefer to go to the gym in the evenings. However, most museums and art galleries are not open in the evenings, so people who like them usually have to go during the daytime.

39. Did you have a lot of contact with your grandparents when you were a child?

Answer – Yes, it was very common for me to spend weekends and holidays with my grandparents. We used to go out for walks. I remember one of my grandmothers tried to teach me the names of various wild flowers while the other taught me how to sew and knit. My grandfathers were keen on making models, so I would learn to make model aircraft from them.

40. When do you experience happiness in everyday life?

Answer – Most often I experience happiness when I listen to or watch comedy shows. When I go to the gym, I listen to radio comedy shows while I am exercising. It helps to take my mind off the exercise and makes time go faster. In the evenings, I like to watch a comedy while drinking a beer. I also experience happiness when I am with fun people, such as my friends when we go to a bar together.

41. What would you like to change about your eating habits?

Answer – My work schedule is not fixed, so I often eat at different times each day. Someone told me that this is unhealthy, but I don’t know if that’s really true. Anyway, I would prefer to eat at more regular times. Also, I’m one of those people who finds it very hard to resist little treats, like chocolate. I don’t eat too many of them but I think I could try harder.

42. Are there any historical sites in your hometown?

Answer – Yes, London has numerous historical sites. The ones I would most recommend are the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum. The Tower is a castle near the River Thames and you can see the crown jewels there. Buckingham Palace is world famous as the London residence of the Royal Family. The British Museum is famous for its collections of valuable historical items from all over the world.

43. Did you have other hobbies when you were younger?

Answer – Yes, when I was a child I had quite different hobbies to now. I used to play sport very often. I enjoyed football, swimming and athletics. I also used play board games with my friends quite often, but I rarely play them now. One hobby that I still have is collecting stamps. I’ve got a really big collection after all these years.

44. If you could go to any foreign country for a holiday, where would you go?

Answer – I would love to go to India. Like China, it is developing really quickly and I would like to see some of the changes that are taking place. I love Indian food and would really like to try it there to see how it compares to what I have eaten outside India. I would also like to see some of the historical buildings there, such as the Taj Mahal.

45. How much does a hotel room in your city cost per night?

Answer – Obviously, it depends on the quality and location of the hotel. There are some cheap hotels quite near the centre for about $50. These have small, clean rooms with a bathroom, so they are very good for people who don’t have big demands. In the centre of the city, there are five star hotels that will charge you at least $150. However, the facilities there are very nice and the rooms are larger.

46. When you were a child, did you do any housework?

Answer – Yes, I had to do quite a lot of household chores when I was a kid. The simplest job was taking out the rubbish. Sometimes, I would cut the grass in the garden. Sometimes, I had to help with the laundry and cleaning the floors. Actually, I enjoyed doing housework and even got paid for doing it occasionally.

47. Do you prefer indoor activities or outdoor ones?

Answer – I prefer outdoor activities, but only when the weather is nice. During the summer, I enjoy cycling, hiking and canoeing. Living in the countryside makes it easy to participate in these activities. I like being surrounded by nature and these activities are great ways of keeping fit. When it is cold or raining, I prefer to stay indoors and watch TV or read a book.

48. How has the Internet changed your life?

Answer – I think I am similar to most people in that I find the Internet a great way to get information. It is so much better than going to different places to find things out. In that way, it has been useful for my studies and my work. If I want to buy something, like a new mobile phone, I can use the Internet to compare products and see what other people think of them. I also find the Internet has made me more interested in keeping up with the news.

49. Have you ever been a member of a fitness club?

Answer – Yes, I was a member of my university fitness club while I was a student. It was very cheap to join and the club was well-equipped. I used to go there almost every day. However, since I graduated, I haven’t been a member of a fitness club. Perhaps I should join one because I think I’m putting on a little weight.

50. Do many foreigners speak your native language?

Answer – I think there are three main groups of foreigners who speak my native tongue. The first are people who have come to my country to study or to work. These people come from all over the world from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The second group of people is the descendants of past emigrants. These people have learnt the language from their parents by speaking it at home. The third group consists of people who were born in my country, but have taken citizenship of other countries. Clearly, they learnt the language as children as native speakers.

51. What do you find easy about learning English?

Answer – Unlike many of my compatriots, I find the pronunciation is really easy. Most of the English sounds are the same in my language and English, so don’t have to learn many new ones. The really difficult sound for me is ‘th’. I think I’ve got it right now, but it took a lot of practise.

52. How did you become interested in football?

Answer – When I was a kid, I used to go to watch football matches with my friends. It was very exciting! Also, football was on TV most weekends and often during the week. There were also lots of articles about football matches and players in the newspapers and my friends and I used to compete to see who knew the most or who got the news first.

53. Do you prefer to write letters or emails?

Answer – I definitely prefer writing emails. I love using computers and my handwriting is not very clear. Moreover, it’s also just so much simpler to use email. You sit at home or in a café with a wireless connection, type your message and send. It’s also easy to write a draft and save it for editing later.

54. Which magazines do you read?

Answer – I love football, so I read a magazine called ‘Football Weekly’. It usually has about 100 pages and it is in colour. There are a lot of advertisements in the magazine. Some of the ads are for football related products, but others are not. There are many articles, including interviews with footballers and managers, discussions of football tactics and, of course, reports on matches from around the world.

55. Do you pay more attention to local, national or international news?

Answer – I pay more attention to local news. I only buy a local newspaper and don’t read news articles online very often. I find the national and international news too complicated. Besides, the local issues are the ones that affect me most, so I think I should pay more attention to them.

56. How did you meet most of your friends?

Answer – I think I met most of my friends the same way as other people – through study and work. I still have a few friends from secondary school, but more from university. As I have only been working for a short time, the friends I have met through work are not as close as those I met through my studies. I also have a very good friend that I met at a bar one evening. We just started chatting and have been close ever since.

57. Have you kept anything from your childhood to remind you of it?

Answer – In my parents’ house in the countryside, there is one room where we keep lots of old things in boxes. A few of those boxes contain things from my childhood, but I haven’t kept anything specific from my childhood to remind me of it. I’m not even sure what is in the boxes, but probably some photographs, toys and perhaps even some clothes.

58. Are there any museums or art galleries where you live?

Answer – As I live in a large city, there are many museums and art galleries and there are a few in my area. Two of the best museums are the History Museum which has things like old coins and pottery, and the Science and Technology Museum, which has a few old cars, old machines and some strange inventions that people don’t use now. I don’t know the art galleries very well, but the Modern Art Gallery has some interesting paintings and sculptures.

59. At what times of day do you like to listen to music?

Answer – I like listening to music at any time of the day, but I most often listen to it when I am travelling to and from my university and in the evenings while I am surfing the Internet and checking my email. I like listening to music while I am walking or using public transport because it takes my mind off the journey.

60. Did you learn to play a musical instrument when you were a child?

Answer – Yes, I did. I learnt to play the piano because my parents thought it would make me smarter and more cultured. I’m not sure it worked! When I was a little older, I started learning to play the guitar as well. I thought that guitar players looked cool. When I was a student, I took my guitar with me to bars and some of the owners gave me free beer or food and even paid me a little money to play.

61. Is your family name a common one in your country?

Answer – Yes, my family name is quite common, especially if you include the different variations of my family name. There are even some famous people who share my family name, but I don’t think we are related! I think that the most common family names in my country are Smith, Jones, and Brown.

62. Do you think your neighbours have a similar lifestyle to you?

Answer – I doubt it. My neighbours on the left side are an old couple and the ones on the right side are a little older than me and have children. I hardly ever hear them going out in the evenings and, as far as I know, we don’t share any hobbies. The old couple are retired, so my working lifestyle must be completely different to theirs. The only thing our lifestyles have in common is that we prefer cooking to going out to restaurants. I often hear them in their kitchens.

63. Does the news affect your life very much?

Answer – I think it does sometimes. It seems to affect my working life more than my personal life. I work for an investment company, so we have to keep an eye on the news for developments that could affect businesses, such as the recent financial problems in the Euro zone. However, I did notice some recent stories that will affect me. The prices of water, gas and electricity will increase, which affects everyone who uses those resources.

64. Which kind of articles or features interest you the most?

Answer – Oh, I am definitely most interested in articles about famous celebrities, such as singers and actors. I love reading about their private lives, especially about who they are dating and which relationships have ended. Of course, I want to know which actors are making new films and which singers are making new albums too. Some of my friends like to read similar information about sports stars, but I’m not so interested in them.

65. Do noisy people bother you?

Answer – Yes, they do. I’m very lucky because my neighbours are very quiet. This means I can do a lot of studying at home and find it easy to relax there. I live in a city, so some noise is inevitable, especially the sound of traffic. Where I study, there is a lot of noise, but it’s not because the people are noisy – it’s because there are so many people in a small space.

66. What kind of numbers do you need to remember?

Answer – I don’t need to remember many numbers. I must remember the PIN for my bank card, so I can use the ATM. There are lots of other numbers I use, like phone numbers and dates of people’s birthdays, but I have those written down and stored in my mobile phone and computer, so I don’t need to remember them. Oh, I have to remember the number for my bicycle lock!

67. Which outdoor activities would you like to take up?

Answer – I would love to take up some extreme sports, like bungee jumping. That would be so cool! I’m not sure where I can do it, but I suppose I could check online. I wanted to do it when I was younger, but my parents refused to let me have a go. Now, I’ve left home, so I think I can decide for myself. I’d also like to try snowboarding, but I live in the south and there is no snow.

68. Do you prefer family parties or parties with friends?

Answer – I prefer parties with friends. Sometimes, at family parties, it can be a little difficult to be yourself, because family members often expect you to behave in certain ways and to say certain things. Friends, on the other hand, are much more tolerant of what you say and do. Generally, I find that this makes parties with friends more fun than those with family members.

69. Is there anything you dislike about pets?

Answer – There are two things I dislike about pets – some pets anyway. First, they often don’t smell too good and secondly they sometimes make a lot of noise. Of course, this is not true of all pets. Fish are very quiet and an aquarium only smells if it not cleaned properly.

70. Do you think it would be interesting to be a professional photographer?

Answer – Yes, I think it would be. There are different kinds of professional photographers. I would like to one who takes photographs of natural scenery, because it involves quite a lot of travel and I find nature so beautiful and interesting. It might be interesting to be a wedding photographer, but I think that it might be difficult sometimes because some people are very demanding.

71. Do you often visit places of natural beauty?

Answer – No. I would like to, but I live in a city and have a lot of work at the moment. When I was a child, I used to go cycling in the countryside, but now Beijing has expanded and what was countryside is now urban. However, if I have a week or two holiday from work, I like to travel to places of natural beauty in my country or abroad, especially to places with mountains, waterfalls and lakes.

72. Do you often make plans for the future?

Answer – I often make plans for the very near future. So, for example, when I wake up, I plan my day in my mind while eating breakfast. However, my plans for the longer term are vague. I think it is difficult to make long term plans because so many things can change. I might even decide to change the plan completely if I have a new idea.

73. What things do you own which you find particularly useful?

Answer – Like many people, I have electronic items like a mobile phone and a laptop that I find very useful for keeping in touch with friends and family and for finding information and for my work. However, there are a few less hi-tech items that I have which are very useful too. For example, I have a lot of books connected with my job and these are full of information that I use almost every day. I also have an exercise bike which I find very useful for keeping fit.

74. Have you ever returned to see your primary school?

Answer – Yes, I have. I went back last year to see what the school was like. The buildings were basically the same, but the classrooms seemed brighter than I remember and were full of interesting posters. One of my old teachers is now the head of the school. Most of the teachers are so young. I’m sure the teachers were older when I was there.

75. Would you like to have a garden?

Answer – I would love to. If I had a garden, I would grow wild flowers and vegetables in it. I would also buy some simple garden furniture – plastic chairs and a table – so that in summer I could sit outside and read a book or invite some friends over for a chat and some snacks. Houses with gardens are very expensive, so I will have to save for a long time.

76. Is public transport expensive where you live?

Answer – No, it’s really very cheap. Here in Beijing, bus journeys usually cost 1 rmb, but only 0.4 rmb if you use a pre-paid travel card. Longer bus journeys can cost more. A journey on the subway costs 2 rmb, which is actually less than in the past. It used to cost 3 rmb. Trains and buses to other towns and cities are also quite cheap, but the new fast trains are a little expensive for many people.

77. Did you listen to the radio when you were younger?

Answer – Yes, I used to listen to it most days, especially whilst I was doing my homework. Some people might find that distracting, but I didn’t. I listened to radio shows that played contemporary pop music. On Sunday evenings, there was a radio show lasting two hours which had the top 40 hits, played down from number 40 to number 1. That was my favourite show.

78. Which time of the year is rainiest where you live?

Answer – Definitely the winter. It doesn’t rain every day, but it does most days. Usually the rain is not very heavy and falls in the afternoon or evening. During the summer, it doesn’t rain much. I guess it rains about once a week. However, if it rains, it rains very heavily. Sometimes it rains all day.

79. How important is reading for you?

Answer – I love reading, so it’s very important to me. I have to do a lot of reading for my job, but I also do a great deal of reading in my free time. I enjoy reading books and usually carry a book with me when I go out. I find that a good book keeps me occupied while I’m commuting or if I have to wait for some people to arrive at a meeting. I also like reading news stories on the Internet. I usually read them each morning while I have a cup of coffee.

80. What kind of restaurants are near your home?

Answer – I’m very lucky to have several good restaurants near my home, serving a wide variety of different cuisines. There’s a Chinese restaurant which specialises in spicy Sichuan food. Then there’s an Indian restaurant. I love curry! There’s a very expensive Japanese restaurant. They have an ‘all you can eat’ buffet available in the evenings. I usually only go there on special occasions.

81. Do you think you will study science in the future?

Answer – I doubt it. My job doesn’t involve science, so I don’t need to learn anything about it. I like reading articles about new scientific developments, like biotechnology, and I read a book about the history of scientific development once in a while. To be honest, I wasn’t really very interested in science even when I was studying it at school.

82. Would you like to live in a seaside town?

Answer – I certainly would. In fact, I’ve been looking at the possibility of moving to a seaside town in the near future. I love the sound of the sea and I think that coastal areas are very beautiful. I like cliffs and sandy beaches, so if I lived in a seaside town I would prefer one that had both nearby.

83. What are the seasons like where you live?

Answer – Where I live, the summers tend to be quite hot – usually about 30 degrees – while the winters are a little cold – perhaps around freezing. However, if it is windy, the winter temperatures can be much lower. It’s not very wet where I live and most of the rain falls in winter. Spring and autumn have very changeable weather. It’s almost impossible to predict what a day will be like when you look out of a window in the morning.

84. What subjects did you study at secondary school?

Answer – I studied a wide variety of subjects at secondary school. As we got older, we could choose some subjects and drop others. At first, we all had English, maths, the three sciences – biology, chemistry and physics – French, geography, history, handicrafts and P.E. Later, I dropped biology and chemistry, but added economics and Spanish. During my last two years at secondary school, each student only studied four or five subjects. I did geography, history, economics, English and maths.

85. What kinds of shops are near your home?

Answer – I live in an area where there are still many small shops and no large ones. There are two small supermarkets, a fruit and vegetable shop, a newsagent’s, a ladies’ clothes shop and a shoe shop. These shops stock everything that people need for their everyday lives. The nearest large supermarket is about half a hour’s walk away – or a short bus ride or car journey.

86. Are there any sports you would like to try?

Answer – I would love to try table tennis. It looks like a very fast game, so I have been a little afraid of trying it. I don’t want to look silly when I miss the ball with the paddle. I know a few people who play this game, but they are quite advanced players. I don’t know of any teachers in my area.

87. Have you ever played for a sports team in a competition?

Answer – Yes. When I was at school, I played on the football team. Actually, I was usually one of the substitutes, so I rarely played a full game. Each school year, we took part in the city league. As a rule, we didn’t do very well and finished near the bottom of the league table. The simple fact is that we weren’t very good!

88. Are there opportunities for people to swim where you live?

Answer – Yes, there are two swimming pools in my area. One is a public swimming pool. It is cheap to go to, but usually very crowded. Actually, it has two pools – a small, shallow one is for parents with small children. The other swimming pool is in a hotel. It is only supposed to be for hotel guests, but it is possible to sneak in by pretending to be a guest. The pool is hardly ever crowded. There are usually just a few people there.

89. Were your teachers strict?

Answer – Most of my secondary school teachers were strict, but a few were not. Generally, I liked the strict teachers, because they made sure we learned the material well. Because of this, I found that I could do the homework faster and have more free time in the evenings. If any students were disruptive, the teacher would simply send them out of the class and the rest of us would continue learning.

90. How often do you make or get calls?

Answer – I usually make and get phone calls every day, but not very many. I usually get about twice as many calls as I make. Most of the calls are work-related. I almost always uses text messaging to contact people for social reasons, because then they can reply when they are free or when they know their plans. Of course, sending texts is much cheaper too!

91. Do you often talk about television programmes with other people?

Answer – Yes, I do. I like watching reality TV shows and so do most of my friends. We often talk about them when we are together – at lunch or having a coffee. We talk about the crazy things that the people have said or done and we discuss the clothes that the ladies wear. There are so many reality TV shows nowadays that there is always something new for us to talk about.

92. Do you always wear a watch?

Answer – No, I rarely wear a watch. I generally use my mobile phone to see what tie it is. However, I do wear a watch on special occasions, especially if I’m going to a social event or to a function and switch my mobile phone off. I think that a nice watch makes a man look elegant.

93. Which types of transport do you use most often?

Answer – I most often use my bicycle and the bus. I use my bike for short journeys. I like it because it gives me the chance to do some exercise at the same time. However, I don’t use it when it is raining or it looks like it might rain. I use buses for longer journeys or when I’m going to a meeting with clients. I don’t want to arrive at meetings after a sweaty bike ride!

94. Do you ever read books, magazines or newspaper articles about travel?

Answer – I read newspaper articles about travel online at least once a week. I like to see which locations might make suitable holiday destinations for me. The newspaper articles are very useful because they provide tips on places to visit and things to do. However, they usually only refer to more expensive accommodation options, so I have to do a little research online to find out about cheaper possibilities.

95. Do you like people coming to visit you at home?

Answer – I’m afraid I don’t. I much prefer to meet people – like my friends – at a cafe, bar or restaurant. If people come to visit me at home, I feel that I have to keep the place especially tidy. In addition, they might come at inconvenient times, while I am busy doing something else or perhaps preparing to go out.

96. Is the weather ever unusual where you live?

Answer – In recent years, there has been some unusual weather. One summer we had a big dust storm, which left everything covered with sandy dust from the desert. It lasted a whole day and I was very lucky that I did not have to go out at all that day. Last winter, we had a terrible blizzard. It snowed all day and the wind was howling. Again, I didn’t need to go outside, luckily.

97. How many weddings have you been to?

Answer – I have only been to two weddings in my life. The first was when I was a teenager. I remember being very bored. The second was when a friend from school got married. That wedding was much more fun. I didn’t get drunk, but I drank most of the day and ate a lot of delicious food. I met some really nice people I had never met before as well as some old friends.

98. Which is your favourite part of the weekend?

Answer – My favourite part of the weekend is Saturday evening. On Friday evenings, I am often too tired to go out with my friends to a bar, but by Saturday evening I am refreshed. There’s no work on Sunday, so I can stay out very late. I generally spend Saturday evenings with my friends. There are a few bars we enjoy going to. Sometimes we meet for a meal beforehand.

99. What do you find difficult about writing in English?

Answer – I always worry about making too many grammar mistakes when I write in English. I know that my English grammar will never be perfect, but too many mistakes – especially basic ones – can create a very bad impression on the reader. I almost always reread my writing to check for mistakes. If it is especially important, I do this twice or ask someone else to check it too.

100. What industries are there in your country?

Answer – There are several important manufacturing industries in my country. The biggest are car manufacturing, electronics, clothes and textiles, and heavy machinery. Together, these industries employ about half the working population and make up most of our national exports. In recent years, there has been more competition from abroad, but the companies have improved their efficiency to deal with this.

101. What would you like to change about your home town?

Answer – I would like there to be better sports facilities in my home town. At the moment, there are some sports facilities, but they are old and often do not cater for younger people who prefer different sports to those that were popular in the past, such as basketball and tennis. It would certainly be expensive to construct the new facilities, but I think that the investment would be worth it as people would participate more often in sport and the construction would create some jobs.

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