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Eduhyme.com brings an interesting list of toys and games vocabulary for kids. You can begin your journey to adding English related names to your vocabulary by carefully reading through this section.

Toys and Games words in this article include:

Archery, Backgammon, Ball, Balloons, Baseball, Baseball bat, Basketball, Blocks, Brush, Bubbles, Cards, Chalkboard, Checkers, Circus, Clay, Clown, Coloring book, Comic book, Computer, Connect-the-dots, Costume, Crafts, Crayons, Crossword puzzle, Dance, Dart, Dartboard, Dice, Disc, Doll, Dollhouse, Dominoes, Doodle, Drawing, Easel, Exercise, Fireworks, Fishing rod, Football, Game, Golf, Golf ball, Golf club, Ice skate, Illusion, Nternet, Jack-in-the-box, Jack-o’-lantern, Jacks, Jigsaw puzzle, Jog, Jokes, Joystick, Judo, Juggle, Jump ropes, Kaleidoscope, Karate, Kite, Knitting, Magazine, Magnet, Martial arts, Mask, Maze, Mitt, Nursery rhyme, Oil painting, Olympics, Origami, Paintbrush, Painting, Palette, Palindrome, Pen pal, Photo, Pinwheel, Play, Project, Puppet, Puzzle, Racket, Radio, Rhyme, Riddle, Robot, Rocket, Rocking horse, Roller skate, Seesaw, Ski, Slide, Snowman, Soccer ball, Sports, Stadium, Sword, Tangram, Team, Teddy bear, Tee, Telescope, Television, Tennis ,Tennis racket, Tent, Tepee, Tic-tac-toe, Toys, Train, Treasure chest, Vacation, Wagon

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Archery In archery, you shoot an arrow (using a bow), aiming at a target.
2 Backgammon Backgammon is an ancient board game played with tiles and dice.
3 Ball A ball is round and fun to bounce, throw, kick, or catch.
4 Balloons Balloons are rubber sacks that are filled with air or other gases.
5 Baseball Baseball is team game that is played with a ball and a bat.
6 Baseball bat  You hit a baseball with a baseball bat.
7 Basketball Basketball is a sport in which you get points for throwing a ball into a basket.
8 Blocks You can build things with toy blocks.
9 Brush A brush is used to paint, clean, or groom.
10 Bubbles It is fun to blow soap bubbles!
11 Cards Some people play games with cards.
12 Chalkboard You can write with chalk on a chalkboard.
13 Checkers Checkers is a two player game that is played on an 8 by 8 square game board.
14 Circus A circus is a traveling show that has acrobats, clowns, and animals.
15 Clay Potters make beautiful things out of clay, like mugs, plates, and bowls.
16 Clown Clowns are people who dress up in funny clothes and try to make you laugh.
17 Coloring book  You can color the pictures in a coloring book.
18 Comic book
A comic book is a book whose story is told in colorful pictures and some words.
19 Computer You are using a computer right now.
20 Connect-the-dots When you do a connect-the-dots puzzle, you make a picture.
21 Costume People wear costumes to pretend they are someone or something else.
22 Crafts Crafts are fun, artistic activities.
23 Crayons Crayons are colorful wax sticks that are used for drawing.
24 Crossword puzzle  A crossword puzzle has interlocking words that you guess from clues.
25 Dance When you move your body rhythmically, you are dancing.
26 Dart A dart is a small, pointed object that is thrown at a target in a game.
27 Dartboard A dartboard is the target used when playing darts.
28 Dice Dice are cubes with numbers on each side that are used in games. A single one is called a die.
29 Disc A compact disc contains a lot of encoded information, like computer games or music.
30 Doll Dolls are toys that look like tiny people.
31 Dollhouse A dollhouse is a tiny house for dolls.
32 Dominoes Dominoes is a game played with tiles that have numbers on them.
33 Doodle A doodle is a quick drawing done with little thought.
34 Drawing A drawing is a picture of something.
35 Easel Some artists draw at an easel.
36 Exercise Exercise is very good for you.
37 Fireworks Fireworks are beautiful explosions in the sky that people send up for a celebration.
38 Fishing rod  People use fishing rods to catch fish.
39 Football Football is played with an odd-shaped ball in the USA.
40 Game People enjoy playing games.
41 Golf Golf is a sport in which a ball is hit into a series of holes using golf clubs.
42 Golf ball  A golf ball is a small ball used in golf – the ball sits on a tee in the grass.
43 Golf club  Golf clubs are used to hit a golf ball.
44 Ice skate  When you wear ice skates, you can glide across ice.
45 Illusion An illusion is something that tricks your eyes.
46 Nternet The Internet is a group of connected computers. You are surfing the Internet right now!
47 Jack-in-the-box A jack-in-the-box is a toy that can surprise you!
48 Jack-o’-lantern A jack-o’-lantern looks scary when it’s lit up!
49 Jacks Jacks is a traditional children’s game.
50 Jigsaw puzzle To put a jigsaw puzzle together, you match shapes.
51 Jog Jogging is good exercise.
52 Jokes Do you know any good jokes?
53 Joystick A joystick is used to play some computer games.
54 Judo Judo is one of the martial arts.
55 Juggle It takes good coordination to juggle.
56 Jump ropes  There are a lot of different ways to jump rope.
57 Kaleidoscope A kaleidoscope is a device that makes beautiful, colorful patterns.
58 Karate Karate is one of the martial arts.
59 Kite You can fly a kite on windy days.
60 Knitting Sweaters and socks are made by knitting.
61 Magazine A magazine is published periodically.
62 Magnet A magnet attracts things made of iron.
63 Martial arts  The martial arts include Aikido, Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and other sports.
64 Mask A mask covers your face.
65 Maze Getting through the passages of a maze is tricky.
66 Mitt A baseball mitt is a glove used to catch balls.
67 Nursery rhyme  Nursery rhymes are simple rhymes that most children enjoy.
68 Oil painting An oil painting is a picture made using oil paints.
69 Olympics The Olympic Games began over 2700 years ago in ancient Greece.
70 Origami Origami is the art of folding paper into beautiful shapes.
71 Paintbrush A paintbrush is used to paint things.
72 Painting A painting is a picture made using paints.
73 Palette A palette holds an artist’s paints.
74 Palindrome A palindrome is a word, phrase or number that reads the same forwards or backwards. Some palindromes are: the name Bob, the number 101, and the phrase, “Madam, I’m Adam.”
75 Pen pal A pen pal is a faraway friend you write to.
76 Photo A photo, or photograph, is a picture taken with a camera.
77 Pinwheel A pinwheel is a toy that whirls around when you blow on it.
78 Play When you play, you are having fun.
79 Project A project is a task that accomplishes something. Crafts projects are fun to make.
80 Puppet A puppet is a doll that you put your hand in, making it move.
81 Puzzle Puzzles can be confusing but fun.
82 Racket A racket is used to hit a ball or shuttlecock in sports like tennis and badminton.
83 Radio A radio lets you hear broadcast music and talk shows.
84 Rhyme Words that rhyme have endings that sound the same, like cat and hat or kite and light. ?
85 Riddle A riddle is a question that is a puzzle or a joke.
86 Robot A robot is a mechanical worker.
87 Rocket A rocket is a machine that propels itself into space.
88 Rocking horse  Children can rock on a rocking horse.
89 Roller skate  When you wear roller skates, you can roll along the ground.
90 Seesaw Seesaws go up and down.
91 Ski When you ski, you glide over snow or water.
92 Slide A slide is a playground toy that you climb up on and then slide down. You can go very fast on a slide.
93 Snowman Snowmen are figures made from snow. They melt when the weather gets warm.
94 Soccer ball  A soccer ball is made up of pentagons and hexagons.
95 Sports Playing sports is fun and good exercise.
96 Stadium A stadium is a large building in which sports events are held.
97 Sword A long time ago, soldiers fought with swords.
98 Tangram A tangram is a traditional Chinese puzzle that can be made into many shapes.
99 Team A team is a group of people that work together towards a goal.
100 Teddy bear Teddy bears are fun to cuddle.
101 Tee A tee holds a ball in postion so you can hit it.
102 Telescope A telescope is a optical device that makes faraway objects appear closer and larger, allowing us to see distant objects in space.
103 Television A television is a machine that receives pictures and sounds. People watch and listen to shows on television.
104 Tennis Tennis is a sport in which a ball is hit over a net with a racket.
105 Tennis racket A racket is used to hit a ball or shuttlecock in sports like tennis and badminton.
106 Tent A tent is a temporary shelter made of fabric.
107 Tepee A tepee is a house made by some Native Americans.
108 Tic-tac-toe Tic-tac-toe is a game for two players. The winner has to get three marks in a row. tongue twister Tongue twisters are hard to say!
109 Toys We play with toys.
110 Train A train has an engine that pulls railroad cars along a track.
111 Treasure chest  A treasure chest is a lidded, locked box filled with valuables.
112 Vacation A vacation is a time of rest or a change of everyday activities.
113 Wagon You can pull things in a wagon. Yo-yo A yo-yo is a round toy that goes up and down on a string

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