100 Most Commonly Used One Word Substitution

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One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. This single word simplifies the full meaning of many words at a time. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word.

This Technique is very useful when you want a healthy conversation and obviously, this will improve your conversation to a newer level.

This article is very helpful for various competitive exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, RRB, Insurance and Bank exams.

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The commonly used one word substitutions are:

  1. Invisible – That can not be seen.
  2. Infallible – That never fails
  3. Inaccessible – That cannot be easily reached
  4. Insomnia – The condition of being unable to sleep
  5. Incantation – Special words that are spoken or sung to have a magic effect
  6. Incandescent – Very bright or full of strong emotions
  7. Immoral/amoral – Outside the limits of morality, without moral quality
  8. Inventory – List of articles and their description
  9. Inexhaustible – That never tires out
  10. Inevitable – That cannot be avoided
  11. Genocide – The killing of a race of people
  12. Germicide – The killing of germs
  13. Inaudible – That cannot be heard
  14. Veteran – A person who has a long experience of any occupation
  15. Incendiary – That cause fire or violence
  16. Mountebank – A person who tries to trick people, especially in order to get their money
  17. Inalienable – Incapable of being transferred
  18. Inanimate – Not endowed with life
  19. Ingrate – Unthankful person
  20. Insurmountable – That cannot be defeated of overcome.
  21. Intestate – Person dying without making or leaving a will
  22. Quack – A person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge or skills
  23. Apiary – A place where bees are kept
  24. Aquarium – A place where fishes are kept
  25. Armoury – A place where guns are kept
  26. Aviary – A place where birds are kept
  27. Asylum – A place of refuge and safety
  28. Archives – A place where government records are kept
  29. Auditorium – A place where audience sit
  30. Bindery – A place where books are bound
  31. Burrow – A dwelling place of an underground animal
  32. Implacable – That cannot be pacified
  33. Invincible – That which cannot be conquered
  34. Impregnable – That cannot be seized
  35. Cardiologist – The doctor who specializes in heart diseases
  36. Herpeticide – The killing of snakes
  37. Matricide – The killing of one’s mother
  38. Infanticide – The killing of one’s infant
  39. Inexpressible – That cannot be expressed in words
  40. Inexplicable – That cannot be explained
  41. Incorrigible – That cannot be corrected or reformed
  42. Incurable – That cannot be cured
  43. Indisputable – That cannot be denied or questioned
  44. Indelible – That cannot be removed
  45. Incredible – That cannot be believed
  46. Dermatologist – That doctor who specializes in skin diseases
  47. Geriatrician, Gerontologist – The doctor who specializes in diseases of old age
  48. Gynecologist – The specialist who treats the medical conditions and diseases of women
  49. Neurologist – The doctor who specializes in nerve diseases
  50. Obstetrician – The specialist who helps during delivery of babies and takes care of mother during and immediately after the period of her pregnancy
  51. Ophthalmologist – The doctor who specializes in eye diseases
  52. Otologist – The doctor who specializes in ear diseases
  53. Orthopedist – The doctor who specializes in treating persons with bone problems
  54. Dentist – The specialist who looks after out teeth
  55. Optician – One who sells optical equipments
  56. Optometrist – One who measures our vision
  57. Angler – One who fishes with a rod (As a hobby)
  58. Amanuensis – One who writes down one’s dictation
  59. Agnostic – One who believes that nothing can be known about god or of anything except material thing
  60. Antiquarian – One who studies, collects or sells things of the past
  61. Bibliophile – A lover of books
  62. Cynic – One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow Perren
  63. Conscript – A person who is forced by law to become a soldier
  64. Conservative – One who believes in keeping thing as they are
  65. Complacent – One who is completely self satisfied
  66. Cobbler – One who mends shoes
  67. Conjurer – A person who does clever tricks which appear magical
  68. Centenarian – One who is hundred years old
  69. Carnivorous – One who lives on flesh
  70. Colleagues – Persons who work in the same department of an office
  71. Coquette – A girl or woman who flirts
  72. Cannibal – One who eats human flesh
  73. Cosmopolitan – A person who regards the whole world as his country
  74. Connoisseur – One who has special skill in judging art, music, taste etc
  75. Censorious – One who is always finding faults
  76. Contemporary – One living at the same time as another
  77. Convalescent – One who is recovering from illness
  78. Chauffeur – One who drives a motor car
  79. Chandler – A person or shop who sells equipment for ships
  80. Demagogue – A leader of the people who can sway his followers by his oratory
  81. Diffident – Shy, timid, unwilling to face a situation
  82. Egocentric – One who looks at everything from a personal point of view
  83. Emissary – A person sent to a mission
  84. Eaves dropper – One who secretly listens to the talk of others
  85. Effeminate – A man who is womanish in his habits
  86. Epicure – One devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking
  87. Exile – One who is banished from his home or his country
  88. Fishmonger – One who deals in fish
  89. Funambulist – One who walks on ropes
  90. Fatalist – One who believes in fate
  91. Feminist – A person who is devoted to the welfare of women
  92. Fiance – One engage to be married
  93. Fugitive – One who runs away from justice or the law
  94. Gourmet – A connoisseur of food and drink
  95. Gullible – Simple and easily deceived
  96. Geologist – One who studies rocks and soils
  97. Glutton – One who eats too much
  98. Hawker, Pedlar – One who travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles
  99. Harbinger – A person or thing that goes before and announces the coming of something
  100. Hedonist – One who believes that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life
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