Six Common Mistakes in IELTS Preparation

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Preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) can be a challenging endeavor. It requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses various language skills and test-taking strategies. Unfortunately, many test-takers fall victim to common mistakes that hinder their performance on... Read more

130 Common Grammar Mistakes in English

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Mistakes and students go together. Otherwise, pupils would be teachers. English – a language of few infallible rules – is fertile land for blunders, which we have been listening to and committing for years. Also Read: 1. Accused of Correct... Read more

100 Common Mistakes of Spelling, Usage, Grammer and Punctuation

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This article is for writers who want to avoid the most common errors of written English without spending a lot of time looking things up. The list of 100 spelling, usage, and punctuation errors does not include every possible mistake,... Read more