Symptoms & Common Illnesses – Complete the Conversations

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In the realm of healthcare, effective communication between doctors and patients is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Understanding symptoms and recognizing common illnesses are fundamental aspects of this process.

Complete these six conversations between doctors and patients by writing in the name of the illness.

1. What seems to be the trouble?

My eyes and my nose are running all the time.
I feel terrible.
When did this begin?
At the beginning of July.
It’s probably just __________

2. What’s the problem?

It’s my son. He’s got a rash and swelling in his armpits.
Does he have a fever?
Hmm. He may have _____________

3. How are you feeling?

I’ve got this terrible cough.
And after I cough I make a noise when I try to breathe.
Sounds like _____________

4. How are you today?

Oh, not very well. I’ve got a cough and a terrible cold.
Do you have a fever?
Umm, yes I do.
It’s probably a touch of ____________

5. What’s the problem?

It’s my daughter. She’s got a fever and this swelling.
Where’s the swelling?
In her throat.
It could be ______________

6. So, what can I do for you?

It’s the twins. They’re covered in these dreadful red spots.
Are they experiencing any itching?
Yes, they are.
It may be ________________


  1. hay fever
  2. German measles
  3. whooping cough
  4. flu
  5. mumps
  6. chickenpox

In each of these conversations, doctors assess the symptoms described by patients to identify the underlying illnesses. Recognizing common symptoms and matching them with corresponding illnesses is crucial for providing appropriate medical care.

Effective communication between doctors and patients ensures a smoother path to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

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