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Vehicle and Transportation Words Eduhyme Vocabulary

Vehicle and Transportation vocabulary words is a huge advantage when leaning to speak English. This can prove useful in a variety of situations such as talking about how to prefer to get to and from work or school as well as being hugely advantageous when asking about public transport options. This is also useful vocabulary to have when thinking about the conversations surrounding travel and holidays.

Full list of words from this list:

Airplane, Ambulance, Anchor, Automobile, Bicycle, Blimp, Boat, Bulldozer, Bus, Cab, Camper, Canoe, Car, Caravel, Cart, Conestoga wagon, Covered wagon, Dump truck, Engine, Engine, Fire truck, Funnel, Fuselage, Garbage truck, Helicopter, Hot-air balloon, Hull, Jet, Jet engine, Junk, Kayak, Keel, Landing gear, License plate, Lifeboat, Limousine, Mayflower, Minivan, Motorcycle, Oar, Paddle, Plane, Porthole, Propeller, Prow, Railroad tracks, Ride, Rocket, Sail, Sailboat, School bus, Ship, Steamshovel, Submarine, Tail, Tanker, Taxi, Tire, Tow truck, Tracks, Tractor, Traffic light, Train, Truck, Trunk, Tugboat, Unicycle, Van, Vehicle, Wagon, Wheel, Wheelbarrow, Wheelchair, Yacht and Zeppelin

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Airplane Airplanes fly in the sky.
2 Ambulance An ambulance takes sick people to the hospital.
3 Anchor An anchor is a heavy metal device that holds a ship in place.
4 Automobile An automobile is a car.
5 Bicycle A bicycle has two wheels, a handle bar, and pedals.
6 Blimp A blimp is is a balloon-like airship that floats in the sky.
7 Boat Boats float in the water.
8 Bulldozer A bulldozer is a large tractor that moves earth.
9 Bus A bus is a large vehicle that can take many passengers to places.
10 Cab Cab is another word for taxi
11 Camper You can travel and sleep in a camper.
12 Canoe A canoe is a small boat.
13 Car You can travel in a car.
14 Caravel The caravel is a large sailing ship that was first made in Portugal in the late 1400’s. Many world explorers used caravels.
15 Cart A cart is a wheeled vehicle that is pulled or pushed by an animal or a person.
16 Conestoga wagon US pioneers used Conestoga wagons pulled by oxen or horses to move their belongings westward. They are also called covered wagons or prairie schooners.
17 Covered wagon  US pioneers used covered wagons pulled by oxen or horses to move their belongings westward. They are also called Conestoga wagons or prairie schooners.
18 Dump truck A dump truck is a truck that can carry and then dump its load (like gravel or soil). A dump truck toy is a great in a sandbox.
19 Engine The engine of a train pulls the railroad cars along the track.
20 Engine The engines of an airplane propel it through the air. Englines also power other vehicles, like cars.
21 Fire truck Fire fighters on a fire truck help put out fires.
22 Funnel The funnel is the smokestack of a ship or a train.
23 Fuselage The fuselage is the main body of an airplane.
24 Garbage truck  A garbage truck picks up garbage and hauls it to the dump.
25 Helicopter A helicopter is a flying machine. It is kept in the air by a sideways propeller on top.
26 Hot-air balloon  Hot-air balloons float through the air.
27 Hull The hull is the main body or frame of a ship.
28 Jet A jet is a very fast, powerful airplane.
29 Jet engine A jet engine is a powerful motor that propels a jet plane.
30 Junk A junk is a traditional Chinese sailing ship made of wood.
31 Kayak A kayak is a small boat with an opening in the center for a person.
32 Keel The keel is the bottom of a ship.
33 Landing gear  The landing gear of an airplane is the set of wheels used during landing and takeoff.
34 License plate  Every car has a license plate that tells you where it’s from.
35 Lifeboat A lifeboat is a small boat that is kept on a larger ship; it is used in emergencies.
36 Limousine A limousine is a very long, fancy car.
37 Mayflower The Mayflower was the name of the ship in which the 102 Pilgrims sailed from England to what is now Massachusetts, on the northeastern coast of the USA. The Pilgrims landed on December 11, 1620.
38 Minivan A minivan is a small van.
39 Motorcycle A motorcycle has two wheels and can go fast!
40 Oar An oar is used to row a boat.
41 Paddle A paddle is an oar for rowing a small boat.
42 Plane Planes are machines that fly in the sky. People ride in them.
43 Porthole A porthole is a window in a ship.
44 Propeller A propeller is a device with blades that is turned by an engine; it makes boats (and some airplanes) move.
45 Prow The prow is front part of a ship.
46 Railroad tracks  Trains run along railroad tracks.
47 Ride When you take a ride, you travel on something else, like a bicycle, a horse, or other means of transportation.
48 Rocket A rocket is a machine that propels itself into space.
49 Sail A sail is a large piece of strong fabric that catches the wind and propels a boat or sailboard through the water.
50 Sailboat A sailboat is a boat that has sails and is powered by the wind.
51 School bus A school bus carries children to and from school.
52 Ship A ship is a very large boat.
53 Steamshovel A steamshovel is a machine that digs large holes and can move dirt.
54 Submarine A submarine is a vessel that can travel underwater and carry people.
55 Tail The tail is the rear section of an airpane.
56 Tanker A tanker is a truck that carries liquids, like milk or gasoline.
57 Taxi People pay a taxi driver to drive them places.
58 Tire A tire is an air-filled covering for a wheel. Cars, bicycles, and many other vehicles use tires.
59 Tow truck  A tow truck is a strong truck that can pull cars and other trucks when they cannot move.
60 Tracks Trains run along railroad tracks.
61 Tractor A tractor is a powerful vehicle that can pull a plow or other farm tools.
62 Traffic light A traffic light directs traffic safely. Green means go, yellow means prepare to stop, and red means stop.
63 Train A train has an engine that pulls railroad cars along a track.
64 Truck A truck is a vehicle that can carry big loads.
65 Trunk The trunk is the large compartment in the back part of a car.
66 Tugboat A tugboat is a sturdy boat that guides large boats in and out of harbors.
67 Unicycle A unicycle is a vehicle with one wheel that is moved by pedals.
68 Van A van is a truck used to haul people and things from one place to another.
69 Vehicle A vehicle moves people and things from one place to another.
70 Wagon You can pull things in a wagon.
71 Wheel A wheel is a circular object that rotates around its center.
72 Wheelbarrow A wheelbarrow is a small cart with one wheel and two handles.
73 Wheelchair A wheelchair is a chair on wheels that handicapped people can use to get around.
74 Yacht A yacht is a very nice small ship.
75 Zeppelin A zeppelin is a metal-framed, motorized balloon-like airship that floats in the sky.

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