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Sports And Story Words Eduhyme

Sports and storytelling might seem like two separate worlds, but they share a common thread: the power of words. In the realm of sports, athletes strive for victory, overcoming obstacles and displaying their skills on the field or court. In the realm of storytelling, words create vivid narratives, transporting readers to new worlds and experiences.

In this article, we will explore the dynamic vocabulary associated with sports and stories, highlighting how both domains capture the essence of human triumph and imagination.

Sports words in this article include:

Archery, Ball, Baseball, Baseball bat, Basketball, Dart , Dartboard, Exercise, Football, Game, Golf, Golf ball, Golf club, Helmet, Ice skate, Judo, Jump , Jump ropes, Karate, Martial arts, Medal, Mitt, Move , Olympics, Play, Racket, Ride , Run, Roller skate, Ski, Soccer ball, Sports , Stadium, Swim , Team, Tee , Tennis, Tennis racket and Throw

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Archery In archery, you shoot an arrow (using a bow), aiming at a target.
2 Ball A ball is round and fun to bounce, throw, kick, or catch.
3 Baseball Baseball is team game that is played with a ball and a bat.
4 Baseball bat  You hit a baseball with a baseball bat.
5 Basketball Basketball is a sport in which you get points for throwing a ball into a basket.
6 Dart A dart is a small, pointed object that is thrown at a target in a game.
7 Dartboard A dartboard is the target used when playing darts.
8 Exercise Exercise is very good for you.
9 Football Football is played with an odd-shaped ball in the USA.
10 Game People enjoy playing games. go When you go, you are moving.
11 Golf Golf is a sport in which a ball is hit into a series of holes using golf clubs.
12 Golf ball  A golf ball is a small ball used in golf – the ball sits on a tee in the grass.
13 Golf club  Golf clubs are used to hit a golf ball.
14 Helmet A helmet protects your head.
15 Ice skate  When you wear ice skates, you can glide across ice.
16 Judo Judo is one of the martial arts.
17 Jump When you jump, you go up and down.
18 Jump ropes  There are a lot of different ways to jump rope.
19 Karate Karate is one of the martial arts.
20 Martial arts  The martial arts include Aikido, Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and other sports.
21 Medal A medal is an award that you can wear.
22 Mitt A baseball mitt is a glove used to catch balls.
23 Move When you move, you are not still.
24 Olympics The Olympic Games began over 2700 years ago in ancient Greece.
25 Play When you play, you are having fun.
26 Racket A racket is used to hit a ball or shuttlecock in sports like tennis and badminton.
27 Ride When you take a ride, you travel on something else, like a bicycle, a horse, or other means of transportation.
28 Run Running is faster than walking.
29 Roller skate  When you wear roller skates, you can roll along the ground.
30 Ski When you ski, you glide over snow or water.
31 Soccer ball  A soccer ball is made up of pentagons and hexagons.
32 Sports Playing sports is fun and good exercise.
33 Stadium A stadium is a large building in which sports events are held.
34 Swim When you swim, you move around in the water.
35 Team A team is a group of people that work together towards a goal.
36 Tee A tee holds a ball in postion so you can hit it.
37 Tennis Tennis is a sport in which a ball is hit over a net with a racket.
38 Tennis racket  A racket is used to hit a ball or shuttlecock in sports like tennis and badminton.
39 Throw When you throw something, you use your arm to send it through the air.

Storytime words in this article include:

Act, Actor, Angel , Costume, Castle, Crown, Dragon, Emperor, Folk tales, Ghost, King, Leprechaun, Mermaid, Monster, Mummy, Ogre, Palace, Pirate , Prince, Princess, Queen, Story, Sword, Tale, Treasure chest, Unicorn , Wand and Witch

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Act When you act, you do something or perform a role.
2 Actor An actor is someone who performs a role in a play or a movie.
3 Angel An angel embodies goodness.
4 Costume People wear costumes to pretend they are someone or something else.
5 Castle A castle is a huge, fancy building where a king or queen lives.
6 Crown A crown is a fancy hat worn by kings and queens.
7 Dragon A dragon is a big, scary, fire-breathing, make-believe beast.
8 Emperor An emperor is an unelected ruler of a country.
9 Folk tales  Folk tales are stories that are passed on from generation to generation.
10 Ghost Ghosts are make-believe. Boo!
11 King A king is a hereditary ruler of a country.
12 Leprechaun A leprechaun is a makebelieve tiny person from Ireland who searches for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
13 Mermaid A mermaid is a make-believe creature who is half woman, half fish.
14 Monster Monsters are scary and makebelieve.
15 Mummy A mummy is a preserved dead body.
16 Ogre Ogres are ugly, scary and makebelieve.
17 Palace A palace is a huge house where a king or queen lives.
18 Pirate Pirates robbed ships on the high seas.
19 Prince A prince is the son of a king or queen.
20 Princess A princess is the daughter of a king or queen.
21 Queen A queen is a hereditary ruler of a country.
22 Story A story tells you about an event. It can be real or make-believe.
23 Sword A long time ago, soldiers fought with swords.
23 Tale A tale is a story.
24 Treasure chest A treasure chest is a lidded, locked box filled with valuables.
25 Unicorn A unicorn is a mythical, one horned animal.
26 Wand A wand is a thin rod that you can carry.
27 Witch A witch is a make-believe woman who has magical powers.


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