Important Prepositional Phrases and their Meaning

Prepositional Phrases Eduhyme

Prepositions are an essential part of the English language, allowing us to express relationships between words, phrases, and clauses. When combined with nouns or pronouns, they form prepositional phrases. These phrases provide crucial information about location, time, direction, and more.

In this article, we will delve into the world of prepositional phrases, understanding their structure, functions, and how they can enhance your language skills.

1 At once soon without delay
2 At home in skilled
3 At random aimlessly
4 At the latest at the latest by
5 At heart /At bottom heartily
6 At the top of one’s voice loudly
7 At all hazards despite all difficulties
8 At last / At length lastly
9 At enmity with enmity
10 At a stretch continuously
11 At the eleventh hour at the last moment
12 At dagger’s drawn at enmity with
13 At a loss fearful /afraid
14 At sixes and sevens not in order
15 At hand near
16 At the point of of nearest
17 At any rate / At any cost /At all cost any how
18 At stake in danger
19 At variance with opposite to
20 At all nothing(not any)
21 At all events even if
22 At a time in one time
23 At times sometimes
24 At large free
25 At the same time that very time
26 At the instance of– by provoked of
27 At first in the beginning of
28 At no time never
29 At least minimum
30 At arm’s length to keep away
31 At best maximum
32 At one’s bit’s end don’t know what to do and what not to do
33 At beck and call to be obedience
34 By far in great extent
35 By virtue of / By means of /By dint of with the help of
36 By leaps and bounds to make progress rapidly
37 By fits and starts irregularly (not continuously)
38 By all means with all efforts
39 By no means in no way
40 By and by after sometimes
41 By the by in course of talking
42 By hook or by crook in any way (whether right / wrong way)
43 By chance all of a sudden
44 By fair means or foul in right or wrong way / any how
45 By return of post returning post
46 By and large as a whole
47 By the way in course of talking
48 By nature naturally
49 By fair means in proper way
50 By way of with a view to
51 For want of in lack of
52 For good / For ever for all time
53 For fear of to be afraid of
54 For the sake of for anyone / anything
55 For the time being for a little time
56 For nothing of no use
57 For instance for example
58 From head to foot from top to bottom
59 From bad to worse in worsen condition
60 From door to door from one door to another
61 From time to time sometimes
62 From the bottom of one’s heart heartily
63 In the long run at last
64 In favour of in side of
65 In front of before / just ahead
66 In lieu of in stead of
67 In order to for anything/ anyone
68 In quest of in search of
69 In short in brief
70 In vain of no use
71 In no way not in any case
72 In the hope of as hoped
73 In case if
74 In course of during
75 In detail in large way
76 In no time very soon
77 In spite of despite of
78 In teeth of in comparison with
79 In time not late
80 In connection with about anything
81 In defence of to save/ protect
82 In consideration of with a view to
83 In view of with a view to
84 In proportion to in the ratio of
85 In respect of regarding
86 In the face of in front of
87 In point of according to
88 In a fix to be afraid/puzzle
89 In a nutshell in brief
90 In full swing with full effort
91 In regard to regarding
92 In the dark unknown
93 In the nick of time in proper time
94 In stead of in the place of
95 In vogue in fashion
96 In accordance with according to
97 In all respects in all the way
98 In full complete
99 In fact really
100 In the mean time in middle of .
101 In any case in any circumstances
102 In force in action
103 In good faith to believe
104 In hot haste/ In a hurry soon/ without delay
105 In an instant in a moment
106 In the wake of as a result of
107 In name only not in action
108 In cold blood with cruelty/ knowingly
109 In office on chair
110 In season and out of season in good and bad days
111 In case of in the situation of
112 In defiance of to disobey
113 In honour of in respect of
114 In keeping with similar with
115 In the eye of in view of
116 In place of in stead of
117 In one’s good book to be graceful
118 In the twinkling of an eye in a moment
119 In the interest of for the benefit of
120 In the name of to use the name of others
121 In order that so that
122 In the end at last
123 In one’s mind’s eye insight of
124 In fault guilty
125 In hand in cash
126 In the hands of to give to others
127 In black and while in written
128 In due course during
129 In search of in quest of
130 In broad day light in day time
131 Of no avail in vain/ for nothing
132 Of late recently
133 Of course really
134 Of the opinion with a view of
135 Off and on not continuous
136 On account of because of
137 On the contrary opposite of
138 On the alert to be cautious
139 On brick of at the edge of
140 On hand in possession of
141 On the eve of on the occasion of
142 On credit/account to repay after sometime
143 On an average average
144 On good terms in friendship
145 On the other hand the other side
146 On time on fixed time
147 On and on continuous
148 On the verge of at the edge of
149 On the whole keeping all the things in consideration
150 On no account not in any case
151 Out of question impossible
152 Out and out completely
153 Out of pocket without money
154 Out of form not in performance
155 Out of the way in wrong way
156 Over head and years in very much
157 Over and above besides
158 Over and over again again and again
159 To the last farthing with every coin
160 To his face before
161 To the utmost as much as possible
162 To the point appropriate
163 Up to the mark satisfactory
164 Ups and downs success and failure
165 Up and down forward and backward
166 Up and doing active
167 Up hill task difficult work
168 Under one’s very nose in the presence of / before
169 Under consideration under process
170 Under lock and key safe
171 Under the nose of before
172 With regard to regarding
173 With a view to with the purpose of
174 With reference to regarding
175 With might and main with full energy/efforts
176 With an eye to with a view to
177 With respect to regarding
178 With a vengeance to unexpected limit/very much
179 With the help of by the assistance of
180 Without fail without doubts


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