How Do You Say The Numbers and Symbols?

Numbers and Symbols

Numbers and symbols play a significant role in written communication, aiding in conveying precise information and adding clarity to our messages. However, knowing how to properly express numbers and symbols can sometimes be confusing, especially when dealing with various styles and formats.

In this article, we’ll explore the common conventions for expressing numbers and symbols in written language.

1. 2006 was the company’s most profitable year since 1994.

2. The advantage of Internet banking is that you can check your account 24/7.

3. Despite a rigorous advertising campaign, demand has only risen by 0.8% in the last two months.

4. We’re meeting in his office at 3:45 this afternoon.

5. Your flight for Zurich leaves at 1800 from Logan International Airport.

6. I expect to be back in the country on June 30.

7. Our next range of products will be released on 10/3.

8. She completed the test in a record 27½ minutes.

9. ¾ of all our employees think the canteen food could be improved.

10. The new desk measures exactly 6ft. x 3ft. x 3ft.

11. Is this printer really only $1.99?

12. Oh, sorry sir, that’s a mistake. The sticker should say $100.99.

13. And that computer doesn’t cost $120.75. It actually costs $1120.75.

14. Please quote reference ACB81 – 25/B.

15. Our new telephone number is (212) 909-7940.

16. For more information, call 1-800-528-4800.

17. Alternatively, ring 1-800-AXP-1234.

18. The emergency telephone number in the U.S.A. is 911. In the U.K. it’s 999. In Australia it’s 000.

19. To access the information you require, press the # key, followed by the 0 key, and finally the * key.

20. He earns a salary of over $200K a year! In fact, he’s making so much money that he plans to retire in his mid-50’s.

21. We have invested over $6M in new technology.

22. The union held a ballot to see if the workers wanted to strike. The result was 2:1 in favor.

23. My email address is

24. Hi Todd. GR8 news on the promotion. I’m really 🙂 for you! CUL8R for a celebratory drink?

25. He drives to work in a big, fuel-guzzling 4×4.

26. The Denver Deadbeats won the match against the Washington Washouts by 2:0. In the game
against the Los Angeles Layabouts the following week, they tied 3:3.

27. At the last census, the population of the country was 37,762,418.

28. It’s important to send your 1099 form to the IRS on time.

29. This book is © Rawdon Wyatt, 2007.

30. The “Ultimafone®” has just won a “Product of the Year” award.

Correct Answers:

  1. 2006 = two thousand (and) six (some people also say twenty oh six) / 1994 = nineteen ninety four
  2. 24/7 = twenty four seven (= 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  3. 0.8% = zero point eight percent
  4. 3:45 = three forty five, or quarter of four*
  5. 1800 = eighteen hundred (hours)
  6. June 30 = the thirtieth of June or June thirtieth
  7. 10/3 = the third of October / October third (in the USA) or the tenth of March / March the tenth (in the UK). Alternatively, you could say the third of the tenth
  8. 27½ = twenty seven and a half
  9. ¾ = three quarters or three fourths
  10. 6ft. x 3ft. x 3ft. = six feet by three feet by three feet**
  11. $1.99 = one dollar ninety nine (or one dollar and ninety nine cents)
  12. $100.99 = one hundred dollars ninety nine (or one hundred dollars and ninety nine cents)
  13. $120.75 = one hundred twenty dollars seventy five (or one hundred twenty dollars and seventy five cents) / $1120.75 = One thousand, one hundred twenty dollars seventy five (or one thousand, one hundred twenty dollars and seventy five cents)
  14. ACB81 – 25/B = ACB eighty one dash (or hyphen) 25 slash (or stroke) B
  15. (212) 909-7940 = two one two, nine oh nine, seven nine four oh or area code two one two, nine oh nine, seven nine four oh
  16. 1-800-528-4800 = one eight hundred, five two eight, four eight oh oh
  17. 1-800-AXP-1234 = one eight hundred, A X P, one two three four
  18. 999 = nine nine nine / 911 = nine one one / 000 = triple oh
  19. # = pound / 0 = zero / * = star
  20. $200K = two hundred thousand dollars / mid-50’s = mid-fifties
  21. $6M = six million dollars
  22. 2:1 = two to one (when talking about odds and ratios)
  23. = at Snailmail dot com
  24. GR8 = great / 🙂 = happy / CUL8R = see you later (informal abbreviations and emoticons*** such as these are commonly used in text messages, notes, and email)
  25. 4×4 = four by four (a vehicle with four-wheel drive, also called a 4WD or SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle)
  26. 2:0 = two zero / 3:3 = three all
  27. 37,762,418 = thirty seven million, seven hundred sixty two thousand, four hundred eighteen
  28. 1099 = ten ninety nine (this is a document that people in the USA send to the IRS – the US tax department – that gives details of the money they have earned during the year other than their salary)
  29. © = copyright (the material cannot be copied without permission)
  30. ® = registered (the name is registered, and cannot be used by another company for another product)
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