Hardware Related Vocabulary Exercises With Answers


For individuals interested in technology or pursuing careers in fields like computer science, engineering, or information technology, having a solid understanding of hardware-related vocabulary is crucial. Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer system or electronic device.

The below mentioned exercises aims to strengthen your hardware vocabulary by providing a comprehensive set of terms commonly used in this domain.

Exercise 1 – Choose the best verb.

1. To turn on the computer, __________ the “Start” button.

a. touch
b. press
c. switch

2. The printer has __________ of ink.

a. finished
b. ended
c. run out

3. Unfortunately, my scanner isn’t __________ at the moment.

a. working
b. going
c. doing

4 Please __________ the CD ROM.

a. insert
b. introduce
c. inject

5. The projector isn’t working because it isn’t __________.

a. plugged
b. plugged in
c. plugged into

6. The batteries in my digital camera are nearly dead. They need __________.

a. to change
b. exchanging
c. changing

7. I have to __________ a computer screen for eight hours a day.

a. see
b. look at
c. watch

8. Switch off your computer, and __________ it from the wall socket.

a. de-plug
b. unplug
c. non-plug

9. I turned off the photocopier and ___________ the plug.

a. pulled out
b. extracted
c. took away

10. __________ any key to continue.

a. Kick
b. Smash
c. Hit

11. The mouse moves on a __________.

a. mouse mat
b. mouse carpet
c. mouse table

12. TV and computer screens are usually measured in __________.

a. feet
b. miles
c. inches

13. Before you start work, __________ the height of your chair

a. adjust
b. change
c. rearrange

14. To get sound from your computer, plug in a pair of __________.

a. loudhailers
b. loudspeakers
c. loud voices

15. The computer is connected to the telephone line via a __________.

a. module
b. modem
c. mod

16. You can increase the functions or performance of a computer with an __________.

a. extension card
b. exploding card
c. expansion card

17. Mobile phones and PDAs can communicate with computers via __________.

a. Bluebeard
b. Blueberry
c. Bluetooth

18. There’s a spare __________ in the workstation…

a. electric hole
b. power point
c. electrical opening

19. …so you can plug in your mobile phone __________.

a. charger
b. power
c. electrification

20. SD cards can be read in a computer’s __________.

a. storage reader
b. memory reader
c. card reader

Correct Answers:

  1. b
  2. c
  3. a
  4. a
  5. b
  6. c
  7. b
  8. b
  9. a
  10. c
  11. a
  12. c
  13. a
  14. b
  15. b
  16. c
  17. c
  18. b
  19. a
  20. c

Exercise 2 – Choose the best adjective.

1. Oh dear. I pressed the __________ button.

a. incorrect
b. wrong
c. false

2. I can’t use my mobile phone. The battery’s __________.

a. over
b. flat
c. exhausted

3. The battery isn’t completely flat, but its very __________.

a. down
b. short
c. low

4. My video camera is very __________.

a. easy to use
b. uncomplicated
c. obvious

5. My new computer has a very __________ processor.

a. quick
b. high speed
c. fast

6. The X19 notebook computer features a very __________ design.

a. compact
b. little
c. small

7. Keeping files on paper is __________ solution.

a. an old-tech
b. a past-tech
c. a low-tech

8. Keeping files on a computer database is a __________ solution.

a. new-tech
b. now-tech
c. high-tech

9. My new PDA is the __________ model.

a. latest
b. newest
c. most modern

10. In our office, we’ve set up a __________ network.

a. wire-free
b. no wires
c. wireless

11. A call from New York to Tokyo is __________ distance.

a. far
b. long
c. faraway

12. I don’t think this printer is __________ with my computer.

a. compatible
b. connectable
c. suitable

13. My laptop is only 3 centimetres ___________.

a. thick
b. tall
c. wide

14. The screen on my laptop isn’t very __________.

a. light
b. white
c. bright

15. In three or four years, my new computer will probably be __________.

a. old fashioned
b. behind the times
c. obsolete

16. When you connect this to your computer, it will work immediately. It’s __________.

a. plug and go
b. plug and play
c. plug and use

Correct Answers:

  1. b
  2. b
  3. c
  4. a
  5. c
  6. a
  7. c
  8. c
  9. a
  10. c
  11. b
  12. a
  13. a
  14. c
  15. c
  16. b

Exercise 3 – Choose the best word.

1. After 6pm, calls cost 20p __________ minute

a. for one
b. per
c. each

2. You can’t use a mobile in a cave because there’s no __________.

a. network
b. connection
c. power

3. I need to charge up my mobile phone battery. Have you seen my __________?

a. charger
b. recharger
c. charging machine

4. When you send a text message, the __________ function can help your write it more quickly.

a. predicting text
b. predictive text
c. text predictor

5. In the car, it’s safer to use a __________ phone.

a. handless
b. no hands
c. hands-free

6. If you don’t want to dial a number by mistake, turn on the __________.

a. keypad locker
b. keypad lock
c. locker of keypad

7. Which network has the lowest __________?

a. call charges
b. call costs
c. call expenses

8. My pay-as-you-go account __________ is about £7.

a. balance
b. level
c. amount

9. My average call __________ is about two minutes.

a. time
b. length
c. duration

10. We’re a long way from the nearest __________.

a. broadcaster
b. antenna
c. transmitter

11. So the __________ is very weak.

a. sign
b. signal
c. transmission

12. I’ll call her on my______

a. mobile phone
b. cell phone
c. moving phone
d. cellular phone

13. A mobile phone can’t work without a___________

a. SIM card
b. sim card
c. sim chip
d. similar card

14. Don’t forget to send me_________

a. a text message
b. a text
c. an SMS
d. a phone message

15. When I arrive, I’ll______________

a. text you
b. textualise you
c. send you an SMS
d. send you a text

16. When you pay by credit card, your card is __________.

a. swooped
b. swiped
c. swapped

17. A laptop computer with a screen you can write on is called a __________.

a. tablet PC
b. table PC
c. flat screen PC

18. An image on TV or computer screen is made up of thousands of __________.

a. points
b. pixels
c. bits

19. You can draw directly onto a computer screen with a __________.

a. bright pen
b. light pen
c. pixel pen

20. A camera connected directly to the internet is called __________.

a. an internet camera
b. a web watcher
c. a webcam

21. The woman in the photo is wearing a __________.

a. headpiece
b. headphone
c. headset

22. She talks to customers on the telephone all day. She works in a __________.

a. telephone centre
b. call centre
c. talking centre

23. Scanners, printers and webcams are __________.

a. extras
b. peripherals
c. externals

24. Add extra USB __________ to your computer….

a. ports
b. doors
c. windows

25. ______ with a USB __________.

a. centre
b. point
c. hub

26. ADSL is also known as __________.

a. wideband
b. broadband
c. longband

27. I want to get a __________ ADSL modem.

a. quick-speed
b. fast-speed
c. high-speed

28. The internet is much faster with a broadband connection than with __________.

a. dial-up
b. phone-up
c. call-up

29. With a wireless router, you can __________ your broadband connection with other users.

a. divide
b. combine
c. share

30. This wire’s too short. I need an __________ cable.

a. extended
b. extension
c. extender

31. You can connect a USB plug to a PS/2 port by using __________.

a. an adaptor
b. a bridge
c. a connector

Correct Answers:

  1. b
  2. a
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c
  6. b
  7. a
  8. a
  9. c
  10. c
  11. b
  12. c
  13. d
  14. d
  15. b
  16. b
  17. a
  18. b
  19. b
  20. c
  21. c
  22. b
  23. b
  24. a
  25. c
  26. b
  27. c
  28. a
  29. c
  30. b
  31. a

Exercise 4 – Fill in the Blanks

  1. Laptops are powered by batteries or _______________.
  2. Mains electricity is converted to lower voltage by a_______________.
  3. A _______________ protects electronic equipment from damage caused by power _______________.
  4. If you remove the cover from a computer, make sure you _______________ the electricity _______________. Otherwise, you may get an electric _______________.
  5. The computer is cooled by a _______________. This prevents the processor from _______________.
  6. The data and applications on your computer are stored on the _______________.
  7. To run this application you need at least 50MB of _______________ on your hard drive.
  8. My computer’s hard drive has a _______________ of 120GB.
  9. Do you like this CD? I can _______________ you a copy if you want.
  10. The opposite of “Insert the DVD” is “_______________ the DVD”.
  11. I can’t eject the CD. I think the _______________’s stuck.
  12. Digital cameras usually store pictures on a memory _______________ or a memory _______________.
  13. To go back one space, hit the _______________.
  14. To change to capital letters, press the _______________.
  15. To change the capital letters permanently, hit the _______________.
  16. To insert a tabulation, press the _______________.
  17. To activate the “Ctrl” functions, press the _______________.
  18. To activate the “alt” functions, hit the _______________.
  19. To stop the computer doing something, you can press the _______________.
  20. Select the text you want to remove, and hit the _______________.
  21. Please _______________ your password.
  22. It took me two hours to _______________ all that text.
  23. A keyboard is a _______________ device.
  24. Do you have a _______________? No. I have a special _______________. It’s better for my arms and back.
  25. ______________ to see pages above.
  26. ______________ to see pages below.
  27. To select text, ______________ the left button, and move the mouse pointer.
  28. If you use a mouse for many hours every day, you can get ______________ in your fingers.
  29. With a laptop computer, plug in a mouse, or use the ______________ in front of the keyboard.
  30. To play some games, you need to use a ______________ instead of a mouse.
  31. To move up and down a page, you can ______________ the mouse wheel.
  32. This mouse doesn’t have a ball. It’s an ______________ mouse.
  33. One click of a mouse button is called a ______________ click.
  34. Two clicks of a mouse button are called a ______________ click.
  35. When the ink runs out, you have to change the ____________.
  36. ____________ cartridges can be ordered online.
  37. To change the cartridge, you have to lift the ____________.
  38. The printer is connected to the computer ____________ a USB cable.
  39. The printer is ____________ paper. ____________ the paper tray.
  40. I think some paper is ____________ inside the printer.
  41. My printer keeps getting jammed. I think there’s a problem with the paper ____________.
  42. Shall I print this ____________ in colour or black and white?
  43. “Black and white” is also known as ____________.
  44. If there’s a problem with the print quality, perhaps the ____________ need cleaning.
  45. Can your printer do ____________ printing?
  46. To ____________ means to put all the pages into the correct order.

Correct Answers:

  1. mains electricity
  2. transformer
  3. surge protector / spikes
  4. disconnect / supply / shock
  5. fan / overheating
  6. hard drive
  7. free space
  8. capacity
  9. burn
  10. eject
  11. drawer
  12. card / stick
  13. backspace key
  14. shift key
  15. caps lock key
  16. tab key
  17. control key
  18. alt key
  19. escape key
  20. delete key
  21. enter
  22. key in
  23. data input
  24. standard keyboard / ergonomic keyboard
  25. scroll up
  26. scroll down
  27. hold down
  28. repetitive strain injury
  29. touchpad (or mouse pad)
  30. joystick
  31. roll
  32. optical
  33. single
  34. double
  35. cartridge
  36. replacement
  37. cover
  38. via
  39. out of / reload
  40. jammed
  41. feed
  42. out
  43. mono
  44. printheads (or print nozzles)
  45. double-sided (or two-sided)
  46. collate
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