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Haircut IELTS Speaking Questions Answers Eduhyme

Talking about haircut in IELTS Speaking can be a challenge, not only for the vocabulary, but also knowing what to talk about. The IELTS Speaking Module is designed to assess your English Language Speaking Skills. To ensure a good score in the IELTS Speaking Module, you must study and practice the common Speaking Question types.

Get ideas on  the sample answers below and practice to achieve your target band score. Here are some of the questions asked:

1. Do you like your current hair style?

Answer – Not really. I feel that I’m well-due for a change. I think my hair looks fine, but it’s missing some extra flare (details) to really stand out (be noticed). For example, it’s just an average brown color with a straight, medium-length cut.

2. Have you had a haircut that you didn’t like?

Answer – Countless times! I usually leave the hair salon almost in tears, even though I always fake a smile to them and leave a tip to not be rude. I can remember one time I asked for just a trim (cutting a small amount), and she cut several inches off!

3. How often do you have your hair cut?

Answer – Having split ends (when your hair breaks at the ends) is a pet peeve (something that annoys me) of mine, so I usually go about once every 2 months. I could go less, but looking at my ends makes me crazy, so I make an appointment whenever they show up (appear). Furthermore, your hair grows healthier if you trim it often.

4. When was the last time you had your hair cut?

Answer – About 3 weeks ago. I didn’t really have the extra cash for it, but I decided to do it because I had a professional photo shoot coming up, so I wanted my hair to look its best.

5. How much do you usually spend on a haircut?

Answer – Usually about $40 after a 20% tip. Unfortunately, the beauty industry is very expensive in my country, so even this ridiculous price is the lowest I can find. Because of this, it takes a toll on me (costs me a lot of money) every time I get a haircut.

6. Do you often (or, ever) change your hairstyle?

Answer – I do every so often. I sometimes switch back from dark hair to blonde hair. Actually, I had blonde, short hair for 2 years back in 2016, but now I have a medium-length chestnut brown hair style. I’m going back and forth (trying to make a decision) with going back to blonde right now!

7. What’s your favourite hairstyle?

Answer – Hmm. Well, for me, I think I look best with a medium or long hair length and a dark brown color. However, for other girls, I love a short bleach blonde hair style, maybe even mixed with some wild colors, such as pink or blue. I know I couldn’t pull it off (look good), but I still adore that edgy (uncommon) style!

8. Would you like to change the colour of your hair?

Answer – Yes! Right now it’s a chestnut brown color, but I would rather it be a deep, dark chocolate brown or maybe even a blonde color. I like it to be one extreme or the other- I don’t like the in between stage it’s in right now. The struggle is, the dark hair brings out (shows) my eyes more, but the blonde color is a change and makes me feel sassy (with attitude).

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