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The topics in IELTS Speaking Exam are always about something familiar to you, such as “What you do”, “How are you? etc.

You should not speak too quickly or too slowly. It is also important to have good intonation and stress. You will not get a high score if you are too hesitant and have too many pauses when you speak, although a few pauses to collect your thoughts are fine.

Try not to speak too quickly, either. Rapid speech often indicates a lack of cohesion in what you are saying and severely affects the rhythm and flow of your speech.

Below is the list of few IELTS Speaking Questions by Mark Allen in Flowers category:

Question – Do you like flowers?

Answer – Yes, I like flowers. They’re so beautiful and varied, and some have a wonderful scent, too. The world would be a little more boring without their cute faces and lovely scents.

Note: Yes. They are pretty and smell nice. They cheer me up and make the place look nice and cheerful.
I don’t really like flowers. They die if you don’t take care of them and I’m forgetful. They are pretty though and smell nice.

Question – What is your favorite flower?

Answer – My favorite flowers change with the kind of mood that I am in. If I am happy I like carnations; if I feel romantic I like roses.

Note: I love lilacs. I’m addicted to their fragrance.

I’m partial to daisies. They’re so cheerful and happy and not too expensive. They last a long time – Sometimes two weeks.

Question – What are the occasions when people send or recieve flowers?

Answer – Usually people send flowers when it’s a special occasion, such as when a friend has a birthday, or graduates from school, or has a new baby, or opens a new business, or gets promoted or married.

Question – What flowers have special meaning in China?

Answer – You know if you asked my mom, she could answer that question, she is a florist. I never really was that interested in which flower goes on which day. I think roses go to someone who is in love. Peony is kind of the national flower and it represents prosperity and fortune.

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