Find The Word Which is Different From The Rest – Practice Test Questions

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In each question below five words are given, marked with A, B, C, D and E, four of which are alike in some respect, i.e., they have something in common, only one word is different from them, i.e. it does not belong to the category to which the other four belong.

Find out the word which is different from the rest.

  1. (A) Hut
    (B) Shed
    (C) House
    (D) Apartment
    (E) Capital
  2. (A) Kite
    (B) Rat
    (C) Bird
    (D) Dog
    (E) Cockroach
  3. (A) Apple
    (B) Berry
    (C) Grapes
    (D) Potato
    (E) Mango
  4. (A) Ink
    (B) Pen
    (C) Pencil
    (D) Brush
    (E) Quill
  5. (A) Star
    (B) Sky
    (C) Cloud
    (D) Rain
    (E) Moon
  6. (A) Water
    (B) Milk
    (C) Ghee
    (D) Butter
    (E) Curd
  7. (A) Jupiter
    (B) Earth
    (C) Moon
    (D) Mars
    (E) Venus
  8. (A) Boat
    (B) Ship
    (C) Yacht
    (D) Steamer
    (E) Sea
  9. (A) Mother
    (B) Brother
    (C) Sister
    (D) Wife
    (E) Daughter-in-law
  10. (A) Rink
    (B) Court
    (C) Arena
    (D) Ground
    (E) Farm
  11. (A) Fall
    (B) Tumble
    (C) Skip
    (D) Topple
    (E) Slip
  12. (A) Cotton
    (B) Wool
    (C) Fur
    (D) Beard
    (E) Eyebrow
  13. (A) Bangladesh
    (B) China
    (C) Japan
    (D) Pakistan
    (E) Sri Lanka
  14. (A) Cricket
    (B) Table tennis
    (C) Football
    (D) Hockey
    (E) Tennis
  15. (A) Eyes
    (B) Ear
    (C) Nose
    (D) Pancreas
    (E) Skin
  16. (A) Sorrow
    (B) Anger
    (C) Weep
    (D) Love
    (E) Fear
  17. (A) November
    (B) December
    (C) January
    (D) October
    (E) August
  18. (A) Committee
    (B) Council
    (C) Panel
    (D) Cabinet
    (E) Secretary
  19. (A) Sun
    (B) Moon
    (C) Wood
    (D) Gas
    (E) Coal
  20. (A) Trust
    (B) Confidence
    (C) Truth
    (D) Assurance
    (E) Belief
  21. (A) Honesty
    (B) Morality
    (C) Anxiety
    (D) Behaviour
    (E) Weight
  22. (A) Silver
    (B) Callous
    (C) Button
    (D) Gritty
    (E) Brass
  23. (A) Bird
    (B) Aircraft
    (C) Radar
    (D) Rocket
    (E) Kite
  24. (A) Rose
    (B) Lotus
    (C) Jasmine
    (D) Tube rose
    (E) Dahlia
  25. (A) Kolkata
    (B) Mumbai
    (C) Patna
    (D) Guwahati
    (E) Chandigarh
  26. (A) Libra
    (B) Saturn
    (C) Mars
    (D) Pluto
    (E) Uranus
  27. (A) M.K. Gandhi
    (B) J.V. Stalin
    (C) Laxmi Bai
    (D) Abraham
    (E) Indira Lincoln Gandhi
  28. (A) Echo
    (B) Resonance
    (C) Tone
    (D) Ear
    (E) Note
  29. (A) Bull
    (B) Camel
    (C) Buffalo
    (D) Goat
    (E) Cow
  30. (A) Asteroids
    (B) Meteors
    (C) Comet
    (D) Meteorites
    (E) Cirrus
  31. (A) AC
    (B) BD
    (C) CD
    (D) DF
    (E) EG
  32. (A) ZA
    (B) YB
    (C) XC
    (D) UD
    (E) VE
  33. (A) DAB
    (B) OPL
    (C) TIM
    (D) PEN
    (E) QUC
  34. (A) Oprs
    (B) FgHi
    (C) AcDe
    (D) KlMn
    (E) PvWx
  35. (A) IkLn
    (B) SuVx
    (C) GiJl
    (D) PqrT
    (E) DfGI
  36. (A) AktF
    (B) TbnP
    (C) OqrS
    (D) EjcM
    (E) UbtK
  37. (A) ABBC
    (B) XYYZ
    (C) UWWX
    (D) RSST
    (E) MNNO
  38. (A) PQRT
    (B) DEFH
    (C) LMNP
    (D) RSTU
    (E) BCDF
  39. (A) HIKL
    (B) LMPQ
    (C) DEGH
    (D) RSUV
    (E) KLNO
  40. (A) ONLK
    (B) JIGF
    (C) SRQP
    (D) UTRQ
    (E) FECB
  41. (A) KJLM
    (B) NMOP
    (C) QRUT
    (D) HGIJ
    (E) JIKL
  42. (A) OPMN
    (B) JIKL
    (C) FEGH
    (D) RQST
    (E) DCEF
  43. (A) JLKM
    (B) FHGI
    (C) PRQS
    (D) IJKL
    (E) ADCE
  44. (A) KLLM
    (B) GIIJ
    (C) PRRS
    (D) TVVW
    (E) OQQR
  45. (A) AAEEII
    (B) BBFFJJ
    (C) OORRVV
    (D) MMQQUU
    (E) PPTTXX
  46. (A) CAT
    (B) RAT
    (C) FAT
    (D) EAT
    (E) HAT
  47. (A) APPLE
    (B) DEAR
    (C) MOON
    (D) FEAR
    (E) LETTER
  48. (A) RTSK
    (B) ADGH
    (C) MOQR
    (D) TXSI
    (E) NUBP
  49. (A) FFGH
    (B) GGIR
    (C) KKLM
    (D) OOPQ
    (E) BBCD
  50. (A) RQPO
    (B) UTSR
    (C) EDCB
    (D) JIHG
    (E) NMOP
  51. (A) APPLE
    (B) OUT
    (C) ERROR
    (D) POT
    (E) IMAGE
  52. (A) PUkZ
    (B) LPiT
    (C) FoMD
    (D) WKaS
    (E) TMSe
  53. (A) CHM
    (B) HMR
    (C) RWB
    (D) DIN
    (E) LPU
  54. (A) LEVEL
    (B) UNCLE
    (C) FATHER
    (D) READ
    (E) PEAR
  55. (A) D12E
    (B) A24B
    (C) P19Q
    (D) E10F
    (E) K16L
  56. (A) KT29
    (B) PM25
    (C) BN16
    (D) FD49
    (E) CK36
  57. (A) E5
    (B) H8
    (C) L12
    (D) B7
    (E) P16
  58. (A) W
    (B) X
    (C) V
    (D) T
    (E) B
  59. (A) q
    (B) h
    (C) d
    (D) t
    (E) k
  60. (A) B21A
    (B) D43C
    (C) F56E
    (D) H87G
    (E) I98H

Correct Answers and Explanations:

  1. (E) Capital is the city while others are dwelling places.
  2. (A) All the others are animals.
  3. (D) Only grows in the underground.
  4. (A) It is the medium while others are instruments.
  5. (D) Only drops in the earth.
  6. (A) Others are milk products.
  7. (C) Only the satellite while others are planets.
  8. (E) All the others are vessels.
  9. (B) All the others are woman relatives.
  10. (E) All the others are connected with games.
  11. (C) All the others are ways of falling down.
  12. (A) All the others have hair contents.
  13. (C) All the others are neighbouring countries of India.
  14. (B) The only indoor game.
  15. (D) The only internal organ of the body.
  16. (C) It is the expression while others are emotion.
  17. (A) Only month with 30 days.
  18. (E) Only single person while others are functioning bodies of certain members.
  19. (B) All the others can be used as fuel.
  20. (C) All the others are sort of faiths.
  21. (E) The only physical aspect.
  22. (A) All the others have double letters.
  23. (C) Radar can not fly.
  24. (B) The only water flower.
  25. (D) Others are capital city.
  26. (A) It is not a planet.
  27. (B) All the others are assassinated.
  28. (D) All the others are properties of sound.
  29. (D) All the others have humps.
  30. (E) It is the cloud others are heavenly bodies.
  31. (C) Every alternate letter is taken to make the pairs. But in (C) two consecutive letters are taken.
  32. (D) Here except (D), all the pairs consist of one letter from the end and one letter from the beginning.
  33. (B) Except (B) all the other groups have vowels in the middle.
  34. (A) Except (A) each group contains two capital and two small letters.
  35. (D) Except (D) all the others have capital and small letter in alternates and also the sequence of letters.
  36. (B) Except in (B), each group of letters starts with a vowel.
  37. (C) Except in (C), first two letters of all the other groups are consecutive.
  38. (D) Only group where the last two letters are consecutive.
  39. (B) Only group where double letters are skipped.
  40. (C) Only group where no letter is skipped.
  41. (C) Only group where sequence of letters are not there.
  42. (A) Only group where sequence of letters are different.
  43. (E) Only group where letters are not consecutive.
  44. (A) Only group where first two letters are consecutive.
  45. (C) Pattern should be OO(PQR) SS(TUV) WW.
  46. (D) Others have one vowel.
  47. (A) Only group begins and ends with vowel.
  48. (A) No vowel is there. Others have one vowel.
  49. (B) In others no letter has been skipped.
  50. (E) In others letters are consecutive from backward.
  51. (D) Only word starts with a consonant.
  52. (A) In all the other groups vowels are in small letters.
  53. (E) In all other groups four intervening letters are skipped.
  54. (B) Only word starts with a vowel.
  55. (C) In all the other groups numbers are divisible by 2.
  56. (A) In all the other groups numbers are a perfect square, e.g. 5 2 = 25, 4 2 = 16, 72 = 49 and 6 2 = 36.
  57. (D) In all the other groups exact position number of the alphabet series is given along with the letters.
  58. (E) All the other letters are formed by straight lines, whereas B is formed by curved lines.
  59. (A) Except all the other letters having a tail upward, in A(q) the tail is downward.
  60. (C) In all the other groups position numbers are given according to the alphabetical sequences. But in ‘C’ it is just reversed, i.e., instead of ‘F65E’ it is ‘F56E’.
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