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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Present a written argument to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic:

"Advertisements of toys and fast foods are obstacles to children’s physical and mental development, and, at the same time, cause loss of time and money of parents."

Today’s TV is full of commercials both for adults and children. These adverts are supposed to attract people’s attention toward the target product. It’s certain that they work, but, perhaps, they work a little too much on the younger viewers. I believe toy and fast food adverts profusely affect the overall development of young ones, and, also, harm parents in many ways.

It is known that children are not matured enough to always distinguish fiction from reality, especially when the imaginary images are so colourful and vividly projected like it is done in today’s media. It has been noticed and identified that fast food adverts are making today’s children more and more inclined to adopting low-nutritional value snacks as main food items. As result, their health has been deteriorating over all.

Toy commercials, on the other hand, affect the children on a more subtle ground. While it is acceptable that young ones play with toys for intellectual development and for indulging into the colourful world of imagination, it is undeniable that the over-blown adverts tend to fuse reality and fiction. As a result, in the real world, when actual challenges of society and academia are to be dealt with, children may lack rational responsibility. This is of course solely the effect of toy commercials. Also, it must not be forgotten that deserting the play ground for the playpen will and does have dire consequences on the children physiological growth.

With children not being parallel to the established line of development, parents have to pay for their disarraying. Because of the negative effect of toy and fast food advertisements, parents lose substantial amounts of money simply buying objects and food items of no concrete or nutritional value. Less obviously, because of being lesser healthy, children these days have higher possibility of falling ill, which is a matter of massive expenses, of money, time and serenity.

To conclude, it must be said that while commercials of toys and fast foods cannot be stopped, they must be properly graded for ensuring harmlessness to our children and their parents.